Stanford University Full Review; Scholarships, Rankings and Tuition Fees

Stanford university is one of the top schools in USA, highly rated and very reputable. We will take you round their popular scholarships, tuition fees, programs offered, rankings and how to apply for admission.

Explore Study Eagles’ Review of Stanford University; Scholarships, Tuition Fees and Rankings

Programs offered at Stanford University

Please for all programs offered at this university and requirements for admission, visit the program page.

Stanford University Rankings Worldwide

Stanford University is ranked very high because of its prestige, academic excellence, and money. USNews ranks Stanford University to be 5th National University in USA, and Niche ranks it to be first in USA, and Times ranks it to be third in the whole world! This is not surprising because Stanford University is a well-known university which has produced many successful alumni including Nobel Laureates, Presidents, and SEOs.

  • World University Rankings 2020 –  4th
  • US Rankings 2020               –     7th
  • World Reputation Rankings 2020 – 3rd

How to Apply

Stanford is committed to enrolling a student body that includes students from around the world. The interactions among students with different backgrounds and experiences create a dynamic environment in which to learn and live. Find out requirements and Apply today!

You need to fill out several documents to be eligible Stanford University Scholarships for international students. First, you need to fill out the Common Application to apply for admissions.

Second, you need to fill out the financial aid documents for financial aid. You need to fill out the CSS Profile and ISCOF. For more information about these documents, go to How to File CSS Profile and How to File the ISCOF.

Scholarships and Aids at Stanford University

Stanford has a limited amount of financial aids for international students. International students needing assistance must make that indication on the admission application. Applicants who are admitted with eligibility for aid will be awarded assistance from institutional funds based on their family financial circumstances. Find out more by visiting the link above. You can still check this review of 118 study abroad scholarships for international students.

About Stanford

Stanford university is Located 35 miles south of San Francisco and 20 miles north of San Jose, Stanford University is in the heart of Northern California’s dynamic Silicon Valley, home to Yahoo, Google, Hewlett-Packard, and many other cutting-edge tech companies that were founded by and continue to be led by Stanford alumni and faculty. Nicknamed the “billionaire factory”, it is said that if Stanford graduates formed their own country it would boast one of the world’s largest ten economies.

Covering 8,180 acres, Stanford has one of the largest university campuses in the US, with 18 interdisciplinary research institutes and seven schools: the Graduate School of Business; School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences; Graduate School of Education; School of Engineering; School of Humanities and Sciences; Law School; and School of Medicine.

Stanford University was founded in 1885 by California senator Leland Stanford and his wife, Jane, to “promote the public welfare by exercising an influence in behalf of humanity and civilization”. The couple’s only child had died of typhoid, and their decision to build a university on their farm was intended as a memorial. From the start the university was non-sectarian, co-educational and affordable, teaching both the traditional liberal arts and the technology and engineering that was shaping the new America at the time.

Fast forward more than a century, and Stanford counts 19 Nobel laureates within its community and is regularly ranked among the top three universities in the world. Nicknamed “The Farm” from the days when horses roamed there, Stanford’s campus is now a thriving community of more than 11,000 creative and accomplished people from around the world. Nearly all undergraduate and 60 per cent of graduate students live on campus, so it is hardly surprising that student life is rich and diverse, with over 625 organized student groups.

Sport is popular, with students, faculty and staff enjoying state-of-the-art recreational facilities and wellness programs. Stanford students compete in 36 varsity and 32 club sports, including baseball, football, basketball, and squash. Sports teams are referred to as the “Stanford Cardinal”.

Stanford also has a rich tradition of fostering creativity and the arts: there is a vibrant campus arts district and two world-class museums which host regular exhibitions.  Eight dining halls, a teaching kitchen and organic gardens provide the campus community with healthy, sustainable meals. The close-knit communal nature of life on campus has even given rise to “Stanford speak”, a special language only spoken on campus.

Tuition Fees at Stanford

Stanford University’s tuition is very high for domestic and international students. Since it is a private university, it charges the same amount for both. The average tuition is $48,987 per year and room and board is $15,115 per year. This is very expensive for most students even though their parents might be rich. Take a look at the breakdown.

Tuition CategoryTuition
Graduate 11-18 units$17,493
Graduate 8,9,10-unit rate$11,370
Each graduate unit above 18$1,166
Graduate Engineering 11-18 units$18,635
Graduate Engineering 8,9,10-unit rate$12,110
Each graduate Engineering unit above 18$1,242
Graduate School of Business (M.B.A. program—first year)*$24,354
Graduate School of Business (M.B.A. program—second year)*$23,530
School of Medicine (M.D. Program)*$20,078
Law School$20,725
GSB & Law Joint Program**$21,685
Permit for Services Only (PSO)$5,291
Permit to Attend (PTA)***$5,291
TGR (Terminal Graduate Registration)$3,411
Medical School Research Rate$3,411


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