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10 Tips for Learning English Faster

Last Updated on March 15, 2023 by Unwana Akpan

Here are the 10 tips for learning English faster. There is no magic spell that can be woven nor a secret potion anyone can take to become a pro at speaking a language. The only path to learning is patience, dedication, and consistency. Your hard work will certainly pay off with time if you do not relent on your oars.

Learning how to speak and write fluent English requires regular practice and time. You must register for English tuition officially or informally (online or with a loved one who is a pro) to achieve practical coaching that will ensure success in no time. There isn’t any goal that is impossible to attain and there is no such thing as an “unachievable prospect” in life.

Never allow your fear to be a stumbling block towards your breakthrough in life. Your career begins from the point where you surrender all your time to learn new things. I will take you through the strategies you must apply whether you are a novice or a bit conversant with the English language.

Read on as I unravel 10 tips for learning English faster

1 Dedicate Time for Practice

Hard work is the key to success in every aspect of our lives as humans. If you have enrolled for English tuition, take your classes seriously and be passionate about completing assignments and projects. Otherwise, if you are not in a formal setting to learn the language, you still need to create time for practice in your spare time.

The availability of online studies has made it a lot easier to learn these days. You could either study by yourself or sign up for special training featured either by institutions or private instructors. You will find free online materials and resources for your personal use if you cannot afford the premium services.

2 Keep Reading

Read any material you lay your hands on to enhance your learning speed. It could be a novel, magazine, or even the instruction manual of your mobile devices. Provided it is written in English, keep reading! You are likely to find a diverse choice of vocabulary in such different varieties of resources.

The internet is another medium where you can learn English faster. The Google app has in store a large arsenal of information that will aid your learning process. You are free to search for strange words you come across and find answers that will illustrate them better than a dictionary. Also, there are free offline dictionaries you can download to give you reference points anytime you stumble on new words.

3 Speak More

Verbal communication is the best way to convey thoughts and knowledge to people you interact with. If you limit yourself to reading and writing only, you may find it difficult to learn fast. However, most social media platforms have made it difficult for verbal communication to be reinforced in our daily interactions.

Try as much as possible to engage in voice or video calls instead of typing your thoughts via messenger applications all day. Enroll in online classes that will involve speaking lessons after listening to your coach deliver his speech. Understanding English is not enough but you must learn to speak as well.

4 Discover your Inspiration

Your reason for learning the English language will inspire you to get absorbed in the process. It could be to land a new job, to bag a degree, or just to fit into the society of native English speakers when you travel abroad. Your motivation could be due to any of those reasons, but that will keep you dedicated and more involved.

5 Make it Fun

All work without play will make you dull. Fashion fun activities into your learning structure and you will find it more interesting to study harder. You can play board games like scrabble where you spell words while having fun. There are also computer games that involve your participation in puzzles where you will have to locate hidden words until you complete the game.

You can engage in informal spelling bee competitions where you will be expected to spell certain words correctly to earn points. It could be between you and your loved ones just to boost your knowledge and further perfect your skills in the English language.

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6 Remember Structure

If you are a beginner, you do not need to worry about the grammatical errors you may encounter when you start your learning journey. Just speak and forget any mistakes you may make to give you that much-needed confidence. However, as you become advanced gradually, you must take note of your spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. The English language is bound by a solid structure that must be adhered to at all times. You can use online tools like Grammarly which can check for your grammar. This will help you to improve faster.

7 Adhere to Idiomatic Rules

Most people have found it convenient to use the web in searching for word definitions online. Remember there are rules in the English language that guide specific word translations such as preposition placements, auxiliary verbs, and idiomatic expressions. If you need to translate from your native language to English, you cannot achieve a meaningful sentence by looking up word-for-word. On the other hand, Translating from English to your native language may sound a bit better if you do it the same way.

8 Keep a Diary

Save your progress in your English tuition activity as you forge ahead. It could be in a customized folder on your electronic gadgets or in a jotter manually written. Record any new vocabulary with its definition and synonyms. You could even form simple sentences using any new word you come across for further understanding. This will improve your writing skills as well as give you a diary to consult during your free time.

9 Consistency is the Key

Generally, if you must achieve a set goal in life, you must be consistent and accountable for it. Learning English also requires that just like learning any other subject or course. You can set aside 20 minutes of your time daily to learn the language as long as you will be consistent. Achieving your goal does not depend on the length of time but on how regular your practice is daily.

10 Never Give Up!

Every new skill you are set to acquire can become too difficult or monotonous as much as you try. There is no such person who is a natural speaker unless it is their mother tongue. Keep practicing and you will get better at it. Remember Rome was not built in a day.

To conclude on tips for learning English faster

I will recommend you give yourself enough time and put in extra effort to make all the suggestions work positively for you.

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