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Affordable Best Cities in Poland for International Students

Last Updated on March 5, 2022 by Unwana Akpan

There are three popular or best cities in Poland for international students that I want us to look at today, they are very affordable to live in and study abroad in Poland.

Poland, a very strong country in Central Europe is rich in culture and tourist attractive features. It has a very stable economy, which makes it enticing to foreign students. Studying in Poland is quite promising and very affordable for non-nationals. Official language is Polish, but the country uses same currency as its counterpart European nations which is the Euros.

Presently, the country has much to offer in tourism; it has good land topography and beautiful cities. They have fine beaches like that of Baltic Sea, the Masurian lake district, Tatra mountain etc.

Cost of living in Poland is comfortably low if it is  compared to other countries of Europe. The people there are welcoming to strangers, they don’t pose any threat.

Cheap Best Cities in Poland for International Students

1. Warsaw as a Best City in Poland for International Students

This number one city is the country’s capital, almighty Warsaw. It is the biggest city in Poland. Warsaw is located around the country’s middle belt and encompassing river Vistula. The world war 2 took a bad toll on the city’s structures calling for a reconstruction after the war. The capital of Poland is obviously a very beautiful city with many institutions of higher learning.

One of Warsaw’s olden districts close to the river Vistula was chosen as UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the complete reconstruction of the lost city to be like the original city before it was destroyed.

There are many residential and tourism skyscrapers in Warsaw; they include – Zlota which is a living abode for many citizens and foreigners, and deco-inspired palace of culture and science established in 1955.

A lot of institutions you study with in Warsaw, including highly-ranked ones across Europe. You will like studying in this best city in Poland as an International student; very affordable to live in. Some of the universities that are located in Warsaw are; the University of Warsaw, and Warsaw University of Technology, these schools feature in any QS world university rankings yearly.

2. Kraków as a Best City in Poland for International Students

This city was a one-time capital of Poland for 5 centuries. It is the second largest and best city in Poland for international students. It is strikingly beautiful and popular among visitors to Poland because of it culture, economy and institutions.

It looks like it is one of those cities in Poland that has it collection of history; medieval town square, Gothic Wavel Castle and art-nouvea style gathered by artisans.

Krakow has upto twenty universities and colleges in which about half is public and the rest private. Jagiellonian university is a top ranked institution in Krakow.

3. Łódź as a Best City in Poland for International Students

Lodz is also in the heart of Poland, but to South-West of Warsaw; it is the 3rd largest city in Poland for international students. Lodz seems to incorporate the culture of industrialisation into the lively city.

For science and management students or even many other fields when it comes to industrial experience, Lodz could be a plus. The city was once into producing textiles till they nicknamed it Polish Manchester. What that meant I do not know, lol. Presently, the city has lost it past glory but still maintains it business-like way of operations due to international ties created during it reign, and because it is also close to the country’s capital.

Features that are fancied by most residents and tourists are perfectly chosen galleries and entertainment centers and commercial streets, longest in history. It is home to top ranking universities in Europe including the University of Lodz.

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