Best Dental Hygienist Schools in Arizona with Tuition Fees

We conducted research to find the best dental hygienist schools in Arizona with colleges, and universities, as well as the dental health programs they offer.


Every student and aspirant wants to choose a certain career to study at the tertiary level with the best chance of landing a well-paying job. However, when it comes to picking a degree of study, every person has preferences.

In actuality, graduates in the fields of engineering and medicine are probably more likely to find job sooner than other graduates. Dental hygiene is a great career with better development potential when it comes to fields in medicine.

The dental hygienist colleges in Arizona provide a selection of dental hygiene programs from which to pick if you are an international student hoping to pursue a profession in oral health. Each program’s coursework is created to provide you with the finest possible education, training, and experience in dental care.

The qualifications to become a certified dental hygienist in Arizona have also been covered in detail in this page.

Best Dental Hygienist Schools in Arizona – Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

Who is A Dental Hygienist?

A qualified health professional with knowledge of preventive oral health is a dental hygienist. Dental hygienists only focus on maintaining good oral health. They provide their patients a variety of therapeutic services, including the application of fluoride and sealants, as well as the treatment of dental disorders.

In terms of the preventive treatment they provide, dental hygienists are crucial to the healthcare system.

What is the Job of a Dental Hygienist?

Patients receive preventive oral care from a dental hygienist. A dental hygienist’s duties include teaching patients how to maintain good oral hygiene and providing fluoride and sealants, to name a few.

Dental hygienists can apply periodontal dressings and deliver anesthesia during dental surgery as licensed health professionals. Dental hygienists have the option of working independently or with dentists. Each U.S. state has rules governing what medical services a dental hygienist is permitted to provide.

Why Should I Become a Dental Hygienist in Arizona?

Based on career opportunities and average income, becoming a dental hygienist in Arizona has advantages.

According to the Office of Employment and Population Statistics figures maintained by the Arizona Department of Administration, there are now over 3,630 dental hygienists working in the state. The employment outlook is positive, and in the ten years leading up to 2020, employment is expected to expand by 16%.

What are the License Requirements to Become a Registered Dental Hygienist in Arizona?

In order to work as a dental hygienist in Arizona, you need to;

  • possess a dental hygiene degree that has been granted recognition by the American Dental Association’s Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA)
  • write the Western Regional Examining Board (WREB) and state Jurisprudence Exam, or the National Dental Hygiene Board Examination (NDHBE), and pass them

In the state of Arizona, dental hygienists are permitted to perform prophylaxis, root planning, scaling, closed subgingival curettage, and inspection of the oral cavity and surrounding structures to collect clinical data for simple diagnosis. They are also permitted to administer local anesthetics and nitrous oxide.

In Arizona, dental hygienists can also expose and analyze dental radiographs, establish case histories, and perform periodontal screening.

For local anesthetic and oxide analgesia, Arizona has a distinct certification requirement.

What is the Salary of Dental Hygienists in Arizona?

The average compensation for dental hygienists in the US is probably quite high.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that dental hygienists in Arizona will make an average yearly salary of $84,930 and an hourly wage of $40.83 in 2020. In Arizona, there are more dental hygienist jobs in the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottdale region.

10 Best Dental Hygienist Schools in Arizona with Tuition Fees

The review of 10 best dental hygienist schools in Arizona with tuition fees and other information.

1. Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff

  • Acceptance Rate: 82%
    In-State Tuition: $11,896
    Out of State Tuition: $26,642
    Accreditation: CODA

A public research university known as Northern Arizona University is situated in Flagstaff, Arizona. One of the oldest universities in Arizona, the University was founded in 1899. At the moment, Northern Arizona University is home to more than 25,000 undergraduate students and 5,900 Bachelor’s degree candidates.

Eight colleges make up Northern Arizona University, which grants 130 undergraduate degrees, 100 graduate degrees, and other academic credentials.

In Arizona, the University is ranked first among dental hygiene colleges and universities.

The school has the greatest dental hygiene curriculum in the state and is one of Arizona’s top universities for dental hygienists. A bachelor’s degree in science in dental hygiene is available at Northern Arizona University, and it can be earned in just two years.

The only dental hygiene program in Arizona offering a Bachelor of Science in dental hygiene is provided by Northern Arizona University.

You must finish at least 55 credits of prerequisite coursework in the program in order to receive this degree.

2. Phoenix College, Phoenix

  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
    In-State Tuition: $2,079
    Out of State Tuition: $7,854
    No Application Fee
    Accreditation: CODA

Phoenix College is one of the oldest community colleges in the United States. It is a small-scale public institution that was founded in 1920. Arizona’s Phoenix is the location. There are 2,224 undergraduate students and 10,959 total students enrolled in the Hispanic serving university.

Phoenix College is ranked second among Arizona’s top dental hygienist colleges and universities among those offering the program.

The dental hygiene program at Phoenix College is an Associate in Applied Science. The goal of the program is to provide an ideal dental health experience. Phoenix College will confer a dental hygiene Associate in Applied Science degree on you once you have completed the program.

3. Mesa Community College, Mesa

  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
    In-State Tuition: %2,070
    Out of State Tuition: $7,854
    No Application Fee
    Accreditation: CODA

A small public college; Mesa Community College was founded in 1965 and is situated in Mesa, Arizona. Mesa Community College, one of Arizona’s dental hygiene schools, is the biggest of the ten community colleges in the Maricopa County Community College System, which is also the biggest community college district in the US in terms of enrollment.

At Mesa Community College, there are around 26 distinct subjects in which students can obtain degrees and certificates. Liberal Arts and Science, Health Professions and Related Programs, General Studies and Humanities, and Physical Sciences are some of the college’s most well-liked academic offerings. Dental Hygiene/Hygienist and Dental Support and Allied Professions are included under Health Professions and Related Programs.

An Associate in Applied Science in dental hygiene is available at Mesa Community College; it is approved by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). You will be qualified to sit for the written and practical tests required by most states for licensing after completing this program.

4. Pima Community College, Tucson

  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
    In-State Tuition: $2,142
    Out of State Tuition: $7,458
    No Application Fee
    Accreditation: CODA

With a community college system made up of five campuses, Pima Community College is a public institution that provides services to the Tucson metropolitan area. The college was founded in 1969 and has a total enrollment of over 19,000 students. It operates on a semester-based academic calendar.

The associate degree is the highest degree available at Pima Community College, one of the dental hygienist schools in Arizona. The Best Dental Hygienist Colleges & Universities in Arizona list places Pima Community College at number four.

Pima Community College offers a two-year Associate in Science degree in dental hygiene. Dental radiology, pain management, periodontology, oral morphology, and clinical dental hygiene are among the subjects included in the program’s curriculum.

5. Rio Salado College, Tempe

  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
    In-State Tuition: $2,070
    Out of State Tuition: $7,854
    No Application Fee
    Accreditation: CODA

In Tempe, Arizona, there is a public community college called Rio Salado College. The college was founded in 1978 and is a component of the district for community colleges in Maricopa County. Rio Salado is placed sixth in Arizona’s Best Dental Hygienist College & Universities among dental hygienist schools and universities.

The highest degree offered by the college is an Associate in Applied Science in dental hygiene. This program’s coursework is meant to provide you with cutting-edge dental health knowledge. Additionally, students from Arizona are the only ones who can enroll in Rio Salado College’s dental hygiene program.

6. Mohave Community College, Kingman

  • Acceptance Rate: 109%
    In-State Tuition: $2,112
    Out of State Tuition: $6,972
    No Application Fee
    Accreditation: CODA

One of the smallest dental hygienist schools in Arizona is Mohave Community College. a 1970-founded public community college located in Kingman, Arizona. There are additional campuses for Mohave Community College throughout Mohave County, in places including Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, and Colorado City.

Mohave Community College offers an Associate in Applied Science degree in dental hygiene. Every general education course must be passed with a grade of “C” or higher and a GPA of 2.8 or greater in order to meet the prerequisite.

You must obtain credits in courses including dentistry, dental X-ray, infection monitoring, clinical procedure, dental specialist knowledge, dental management, and dental material in order to graduate with this degree.

7. Carrington College, Mesa

  • Acceptance Rate: 55%
    No Application Fee
    Accreditation: CODA

With 590 undergraduate students, Carrington College is one of Arizona’s smallest dental hygienist schools. Carrington College, which is based in Mesa, Arizona, is ranked seventh among Arizona’s best dental hygiene colleges and universities.

The dental hygiene associate’s degree program at Carrington College is available. You will acquire all the knowledge and experience required for a lucrative career in dental health with this two-year Associate of Science degree in dental hygiene.

On the college’s official website, you can find additional information about this dental hygiene program as well as the deadline for applications.

8. Fortis College, Phoenix

  • Acceptance Rate: 100%

In Phoenix, Arizona, there is a private for-profit institution called Fortis College.

Fortis College is placed eighth among dental hygienist colleges and universities in the list of the Best Dental Hygiene Colleges & Universities in Arizona.

A two-year Associate degree in dental hygiene is available at Fortis College. The best clinical training and expertise will be provided by this dental hygiene program if you wish to pursue a profession in dentistry in the state of Arizona.

Visit the school’s official website to learn more about this program and to find out when the application process do close.

9. Brookline College, Phoenix

  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
    No Application Fee

A little private for-profit college called Brookline College is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The 10-month dental assisting program at Brookline College is one of the dental hygienist schools in Arizona.

Dental radiography, preventative dentistry, anatomy, and dental specialties are among the courses offered in the curriculum.

Visit the college’s website to learn more about this 10-month dental assisting program.

10. The Midwestern University, College of Dental Medicine, Glendale

Among Arizona’s top dental hygiene programs, Midwestern University offers a first-rate learning environment for its students.

You have a higher chance of developing the best dental career at Midwestern University. This institution offers a four-year Doctor of Dental Medicine curriculum.

The university’s website has further details about this program.

In Conclusion

Numerous dental hygiene programs are offered by the best dental hygienist schools in Arizona, and Northern Arizona University also offers a bachelor’s degree in science. Future job prospects are greater for those pursuing careers in oral health. Please feel free to explore other articles, link to us and share this guide on social media.

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