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Best Medical Schools in Argentina, Very Affordable

Last Updated on June 5, 2024 by Unwana Akpan

Apply to the best medical schools in Argentina. It can be a unique and intriguing experience to study medicine in Argentina. Unlike other countries, Argentina’s medical education is highly centralized, with the University of Buenos Aires leading all others. If you look outside of the number one institution, though, there is still diversity.

In Argentina, medical school is taught entirely in Spanish, hence proficiency in the language is required. Despite the fact that there are no entrance exams or requirements for medical school, knowing Spanish is the sole true qualification for studying medicine in Argentina.

Best Medical Schools in Argentina, FAQ

Is it expensive to study medicine in Argentina?

There are both public and private medical schools in Argentina, with the state schools being the more prestigious. All high school graduates are required by law to be allowed to attend public schools without paying tuition. Private institutions, on the other hand, will charge tuition, which varies from school to school.

How can you get admission to medical school in Argentina?

By legislation, universities are not allowed to make admission difficult by requiring onerous entrance exams. Due to this, admission into medical schools in Argentina is significantly easier than in other nations.

How long does medical school take in Argentina?

In Argentina, medical school typically lasts six years, with some programs reaching seven years. Before you can graduate from medical school, you must also complete 8 months of unpaid community service.

Top Medical Schools in Argentina

1. University of Buenos Aires Faculty of Medicine

The University of Buenos Aires has the best medical school in Argentina, according to any ranking. There are four rounds to their medical program.

The content of the first year of study and the admission cycle into all university departments are covered by the common basic cycle.

  • The biomedical cycle – essentials of medicine
  • The clinical cycle – a continuation of essentials of medicine along with practical study in university hospitals or in hospitals associated with the faculty
  • The annual rotating internship cycle – carried out entirely in hospital teaching units.

2. National University of La Rioja Medical School in Argentina

Located in the region of La Rioja, this university offers a six-year full-time medical degree. This is a free public university devoted to teaching and research.

3. University of Salvador School of Medicine

The University of Salvador is a private Jesuit university in Buenos Aires that was founded in 1958. It has a huge student population, with 20,000 undergraduates and 8,000 graduate students enrolled as of 2012.

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Salvador is one of Argentina’s leading medical schools, offering a six-year medical degree.

4. University of Mendoza School of Medicine

The University of Mendoza is an Argentine private non-profit university located in Mendoza. It has a School of Medicine that specializes in clinical medicine, nursing, surgery, clinical pathology, and other fields. It was founded in 1959.

The medical school here is five years long, including a year of mandatory final practice. Students rotate between the main specialties in their final sixth year (internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, gynecology, primary care and rural primary care).

5. National University of Cuyo Medical School Argentina

The University of Cuyo, the largest university in Mendoza province, has 12 academic schools, including the School of Medicine. It takes six years to complete a medical degree here.

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