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University of Toronto Acceptance Rate

Last Updated on April 22, 2022 by Unwana Akpan

University of Toronto acceptance rate for international students; the history of the university is narrated, and if you are satisfied with their acceptance rate, you will definitely also get to know how to apply for admission.

How Easy or Difficult Can it be to Get Admission into the University of Toronto Canada- Find Out Acceptance Rate

Depending on the number of students applying and the space available, acceptance rates at certain universities can be very high or very low. It may also be attributed to the school’s norm, let’s take a look at what you can expect from the University of Toronto, but let me take the history of the university said before then.

University of Toronto Acceptance Rate – International Students

I am glad that you are familiar with the Toronto University history examination. Find out if you stand a chance of being accepted at all before considering studying at a certain school, particularly famous ones. Often, you need to know the acceptance rate of the university.

The University of Toronto’s acceptance rate is more promising if you seek out other colleges in the same group as the University of Toronto. Their average acceptance rate is 45.7 percent over a period of 5 years. Only take your studies seriously, you’re going to get rusticated if not.

Note; Do not apply to this university if you are not ready to study, since it is easier to be accepted than it is to graduate.

About University of Toronto, Canada

In Canada and also the rest of the world, UofT is a public university that is very popular. It’s a really research-oriented thing. As one of the pioneer institutions in Canada, it was founded in 1827.

The University of Toronto makes it a consistent practice to rank in the country, not only top, but most of the time, number 1 according to some world university ranking websites, it is still among the first 50 universities worldwide. This is a school that has great reputation in research and innovations.

11 colleges make up university of Toronto, Canada. These colleges are allowed to control their admission processes as they deem it fit.

Satellite campuses of University of Toronto exist in Mississauga and Scarborough; they are just 2. The two campuses have what it takes to maintain students’ welfare  and go about academic activities separately; none is affecting the running of the other.

University of Toronto happens to be the only one in North America allowing satellite campuses to operate without interference; except when situation warrants. The 2 campuses put together offer about 700 undergraduate programs and 200 postgraduate programs, with the students’ population amounting to 65,000.

The university has reputation for sports activities; both football and ice hockey has seen their students to many international competitions.

The school likes to admit foreign students, making them more popular among international students from various countries across the world.

About 20% of the student’s population is made up of foreign students from about 170 countries worldwide. Of course they admit more of their nationals too, but high acceptance rate for international students is exhibited by this institution when compared to others in the country.

They have the third biggest library for students after Harvard  and Yale university. UofT is a school with the interest of the students at heart. Their library holds a collection of over 10 million books.

Many students who may be interested in exploring the city of Toronto, have access to many cultural, educational and financial edifices.

University of Toronto as earlier said is always top 1 in Canada, a little slide in ranking can’t take it below first 3 positions. Even with all these reputations, the school is one of the cheap schools in Canada for international students.

According to global ranking platforms with emphasis on research and innovations, UofT has been a leading university in the world. It has research achievements in fields like engineering, sciences etc, but Engineering is the most outstanding of them all.

University of Toronto Notable Alumni

UofT has a very rich alumni structure; their graduates are easily employed in many industries and important economic sectors of many countries worldwide. Some of them graduate and become self-made or self employed and even top business people. Some prominent people like Canadian prime ministers, supreme court judges and governors graduated from this university.

Prominent names in the school’s alumni list include; William Lyon Mackenzie King (one-time Prime Minister that served the longest tenure in Canada), Julie Payette (29th Governor General), Frederick Banting (inventor of insulin treatment) Roberta Bondar (First female astronaut in Canada), Ted Rogers (Businessman), Caterina Scorsone (celebrity actress) etc.

University of Toronto Acceptance Rate – How to Apply for Admission

Please read my article on full review of University of Toronto, Canada, for more information on rankings and applications. You will be directed to the school’s official website as well.

You can also find out how to study for free in Canada; review of free tuition colleges in Canada you can apply to.

University of Toronto (Rotman) Class of 2022 MBA Profile

Let us now discuss the University of Toronto’s acceptance rate after being familiar with the university’s admissions process. In comparison to other prestigious Canadian universities, the University of Toronto has a 43 percent acceptance rate. This is primarily due to the university’s acceptance of a large number of domestic and international students throughout its campuses, making the admission process more competitive. Let me now introduce the classes of 2021 and 2022;

  • School Toronto                     (2021)                Toronto (2022)
    Estimated incoming rate       334                     295
    Acceptance rate                    43%                     43%
    Average GMAT                      658                      699
    Median GMAT                       670                      670
    GMAT Range                     500 – 780            560 – 760
    Average Undergraduate GPA 3.5                      3.5
    Median Undergraduate GPA NA                      3.3
    GPA Range                           NA                     3.0 – 4.0
    Percent with GRE 9% –
    Female Students                 36%                      42%
    Minority Students                NA                       NA
    International Students         51%                      58%
    Countries Represented        49                         44

University of Toronto Admission Process

Candidates with a minimum 3.7 GPA are eligible to apply to the University of Toronto’s programs. The application process for international and domestic students may differ. You can apply as an international student using the OUAC 105 application form if you are not currently residing in Canada, have never studied in Canada, and are not applying to any other Ontario university.

The university charges an application fee of $220 (11,660 INR). The application process begins in the fall, just prior to the commencement of the school year in which you wish to enroll. The months of January and February are typically when admissions registrations begin.

English Proficiency Test Scores

Several English language examinations are accepted by the University of Toronto for admission. The university’s minimal scores for several English proficiency examinations are listed below.

  • IELTS requires a minimum score of 6.5.
  • For writing, the TOEFL total accepted score is 100+22.
  • The minimal overall score for both the Cambridge assessment C1 (advanced) and C2 (Proficiency) examinations is 180.

Documents Required

To begin, when applying for a program at the University of Toronto, you must submit essays, a SOP for Canada, English proficiency test scores, two letters of recommendation, and your CV. Aside from these basic documents, you must also provide transcripts for all of the courses you have already taken, both in electronic and physical form.

University of Toronto Acceptance Rate – FAQs

1. Which are some of the best courses offered by the University?

According to the QS 2020 World University Rankings, some of the University of Toronto’s courses are in the top ten in the world. These are the courses in question;

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Public Health
  • Management
  • Automation and Control

2. How many campuses does the university have?

St. George, Mississauga, and Scarborough are the three campuses of the University of Toronto.

3. How much does it cost to study at U of T?

The cost is largely determined by the course and campus you wish to attend. There are also some other costs, such as incidental fees, educational supplies, and lodging costs. An undergraduate course costs between $45,800 and $50,800 (24,80,000 and 27,50,000 INR), whereas a postgraduate degree costs between $7,000 and $22,640 (3,80,000 and 12,26,000 INR).

4. Are there any scholarships offered by the university?

If you meet the University of Toronto’s acceptance rate, you can apply for one of the many scholarships available for various programs. The following is a list of some of the scholarships that are available;

  • Future Leaders Admission Scholarship
  • Rosalind Murray Bradford Scholarship
  • TAIE Excellence Award
  • Women’s Association of the Mining Industry of Canada Wood Scholarship
  • Patricia and Peter Shannon Wilson Undergraduate Research Prize
  • Trendhim Scholarship
  • Rhodes Scholarship
  • U of T Scholars In-course Awards
  • International Scholarship (Indian and U.S.A students are automatically considered for this prestigious scholarship)

As a result, we hope that this blog has given you a better understanding of the University of Toronto Acceptance Rate. If you want to study a program at the University of Toronto, contact the specialists at Leverage Edu, and we’ll help you choose the proper course and prepare an attractive application that will get you shortlisted by the university.

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