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How do paraphrasing tools assist Research Students?

Last Updated on June 13, 2022 by Unwana Akpan

Writing a research paper involves gathering the truly relevant content, pulling out the most important facts, and then rewriting the facts in your own style to make it stand out. To create an exceptional piece of a research paper, writers must exercise care to rephrase the existing material as there are always chances of falling into trap of plagiarism. Here comes the online rephrasing tools to help students out.

Rephrasing the research papers and thesis is not easy. It requires smart work to avoid duplication issues. To avoid errors and save time, it is best not to rewrite a research paper manually, especially if you are not native to that particular language.

Use online paraphrasing services to write papers as there are plenty of free tools available online for students and researchers.

In this article, we are discussing all paraphrasing tools and how they assist research students.

What Is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is the process of giving existing ideas and facts a new perspective and stating them in your own words.

The process involves altering and replacing the existing words with their most suitable synonyms or alternative words without changing the sense of content. It needs to be carefully done and give credit to the original author when it is due to avoid plagiarism accusations.

However, you may take assistance from online tools to rephrase old material when you have no time to do it yourself.

Use a paraphrasing tool to write research work

University students need to write their own research papers and thesis to complete their master’s or Ph.D. degrees. They are allowed to conduct deep research and gather material using books, online websites, journals, magazines, and other resources.

If you have time, you can effortlessly rewrite a research paper by yourself. On the other hand, an online rewriting tool is always there to rephrase a paper for you in less time. Using the online paraphrasing tools not only ensures the originality of text but also boosts the readability and quality of content overall.

An online paraphrasing service is the most efficient to get the work done on time without errors and plagiarism. Using this tool is cost-free while it still allows you to alter the text between lines where required.

It takes up the original text as input and as soon as you click on generate button, it starts rewriting and comes up with the fresh content look in a matter of no time.

How paraphrasing tools help students to write research papers

If you’re stuck in the middle of your research paper or any other writing assignment, you can use these tools to generate original content. Here are some reasons why you should take advantage of paraphrasing tools:

Huge Database of Synonyms

Paraphrasing tools are software available online. These tools provide a huge database of synonyms for any given word or phrase. These tools have huge databases of words with meanings, definitions, and example sentences.

The user just needs to enter the word or phrase and click on paraphrase, which will provide hundreds of related words with their meanings and examples. The user can select any word or phrase without having to invest much on it.

 Rearrange sentence structure

This is another important feature of paraphrasing tools. Students can rearrange sentences in their papers according to their choice so that they get unique content for their papers.

They don’t need to copy from other sources but can make use of these tools for rewording as well as rearranging sentences in order to get unique content for their papers.

 Accurate & no plagiarism results

Online paraphrasing helps you to ensure that your paper has no plagiarism issues. If you are writing a paper for an assignment or for an exam, then you need to ensure that your paper is accurate and has no plagiarized content so that you do not get caught by your teacher or professor.

Polish your grammar skills  

Another reason is that it helps you with improving your grammar skills as well as sentence structure so that you can make sure that your paper sounds more professional and attractive than before using these tools.

Boost up reading skills

Using these tools will help you improve your reading skills so that when you read other people’s work, then you will be able to understand what they mean clearly without any confusion or misunderstanding.

 Improves the content quality

Using paraphrasing tools improves the quality of your content by helping you come up with unique ideas and information that no one else has thought about before.

This means that when you use these tools, your papers will have a better chance at standing out and getting better grades than if you had done them by yourself or copied someone else’s work.

 Best Online Paraphrasing Tools for Students

Here are the best online paraphrasing tools for students to get help in writing research papers and thesis:


True to its name, is one of the top online paraphrasing tool for thesis and research papers. It is best to use to reword and rewrite sentences, as well as to generate new ideas for papers.

It doesn’t only replace words with their synonyms; it also substitutes the whole sentence structure while maintaining the text context. You are provided with the three writing modes; fluency, standard, and creativity to take your paper’s quality to the next level.

The software uses machine learning algorithms, a highly advanced AI approach, to paraphrase text with a high percentage of uniqueness. The tool can flip up to 500 words at once in less than a minute. You will see the results of your paraphrased text on the right side.

Using this tool, you can rewrite both simple and complicated sentences. Just upload or copy-paste the text and let the tool do the rest for you.


Usingseomagnifier, students must be assured of their paper’s uniqueness and high quality. The AI-powered paraphrasing tool allows you to rephrase your sentences without losing their meaning.

Before entirely rewriting a text, it employs natural language and artificial intelligence (AI) to grasp the text’s underlying meanings.

Having this functionality in place guarantees that the material is comprehensible to the reader. Similar to, this tool also allows you to use multiple writing modes to improve the quality of the text.

The wrap-up

Using paraphrase tools makes it easy for students to stay on top of their coursework. With these tools, they can improve their research and will be able to focus on other things while saving time.

When done correctly and entirely, rewriting reduces the similarity of your paper to the original material. Nevertheless, checking the text is a good idea before submitting it to ensure that it is genuine.

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