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How to Write a Research Proposal and Get Approval – Perfect Guide

Last Updated on May 19, 2024 by Unwana Akpan

In order to carry out your research, do you require a scholarship, grant or admission? Learn how to write a research proposal and get approval in this perfect guide.

When a bad research proposal is written, you might be able to send it to a less selective newspaper, but if your proposal is wrong, you may not be sponsored or admitted to take it up.

Tips for Successfully Writing a Research Proposal

  • Allow sufficient time to write
  • Know what you are expecting from your audience; it could be a granting agency, an association, an association of scholarship, the department with which you want to study and research.
  • Make sure that it is in line with your previous research; the best proposal is to expand the research that you do or have done logically. Your proposal may contain experimental information and preliminary data.
  • Seek the opinion of someone you know is well-funded or consult any experienced agency offering these services.
  • Your concept ought to be the result of what you did as a bachelor, graduate, or postdoctoral student; you shouldn’t “invent the wheel,” just outside the box.
  • Sometimes it is a good way to start with some agencies to work with a senior colleague on certain topics in research
  • Follow strictly the instructions for submitting the proposal; keep to date and time.
  • You need to expect rejection, in case; monitor the grant officer to know the reason why until you finally get it right, there is always room for improvements.
  • In the field of science, $100,000 is the standard annual minimum to do the job you propose.

Helpful Articles

Note; Get to know the number of proposals that were sent to the agency and how many in your field have been funded. The number of divided propositions presented by the number of projects financed should give you the odds of financing your own proposal. The odds are between 10 – 40%, depending on the sector, in some organizations such as the National Science Foundation.

Sample Research Proposal Letter

Sample Research Proposal Below;

Sample Research Proposal-20 Useful Guidelines or Tips on How to Successfully write a Research Proposal and Get Sponsorship Approval; Ethics of Writing ReviewedEthics of Writing a Research Proposal

Most journals have guidelines on ethical behavior on the part of authors, make sure they are strictly read and comply with them.

Some have boxes that you need to validate to certify that you are not guilty of plagiarism and have actually contributed to the work by the writers mentioned.

Submitting a paper to more than one journal at a time is immoral and even an offence; it may cause all journals to reject the paper.

If you are refused, you can apply to one newspaper at a time, then you can submit to another.

You may send a research proposal to more than one funding agency at a time, but the second party or all other parties involved must report this information.

Even if you have received permission from the Copyright Holder, do not include a table, statistics or abstracts, data text etc. that have been published in another post.

On the other hand, in your proposals, you can use your own published data or document, especially proposals for renewed or continued funding of an existing project.

Before sending to them, various journals have guidelines regarding placing manuscripts on the internet; they can deem it prior to publication and it may jeopardize the acceptance of that article.

In the acknowledgment portion, it is a must to list the funding sources for your work, which is also relevant to oral presentation.

The results of a paper in the manuscript submission letter must report any financial interest; these interests vary from paid consultancies, equity ownership, advisory roles to patent interests, and membership of the board.

As part of the paper, this disclosure is also released.

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