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More People Apply for PMP Certification; Find out if There are Still Benefits

Last Updated on May 24, 2021 by Unwana Akpan

More and More People Apply for PMP Certification. Are There Still Any Benefits in PMP Certification?

In recent years, more and more students apply for PMP Certification, and the number of PMP holders in the world has approached one million. Therefore, many students are thinking with skepticism. Are there still any PMP Certification benefits with so many certified personnel?

Now, Please read the sharing of the old PMP certified students.

It has been a while since I passed the PMP Exam. Whether it is online or in work, I have heard comments on learning PMP. Some people think that learning PMP is to obtain this certification, which is easy to obtain by spending some time doing more PMP questions. Some people think that there are too many people who apply for PMP Certification Examination. When I see these now, as an old PMP, I can’t help giving my own suggestions to you people who have decided to apply for PMP Certification.

Undoubtedly, whether it is the strategic development of the international and domestic environment or the maturity of each enterprise circumstance, it can not be separated from Project Management and its constantly upgrading scientific concept and process. As long as it is about the process, it needs to be standardized, and there will be such authoritative institutions as PMI to bring these specifications and provide international certification such as PMP to train and improve the standards of people. Then for every person who wants to apply for PMP, when making decisions, if they really think about these questions that why they apply for PMP, if it is really only a certification for them, and what the value of PMP is.

Why Would PMP Certification Give You a Raise, Promotion, and a Job Change?
Many times, the answer to the question why to apply for PMP is similar to “for a raise, for promotion, or for a job-hopping”. The key is to figure out what people can learn from PMP? ——As a whole, PMP is a systematic learning of the whole process of project management and operation. It is a discipline formed by refining the experience of successful projects in the past century. In detail, it means a way of thinking and workflow that how to do each step how to control a project from how to set up a project, how to formulate an effective plan, how to strictly implement after the plan is made, how to control a series of problems (such as vague project scope definition, control of risks, costs and progress in a poor way) in the process of implementation, how to control better and how to do each step until the project acceptance stage.

So, learning PMP should not be for only one certification. Because it is not a theoretical elaboration, not the pile of test questions, it is a process of concept promotion, a kind of experience process of essence, and also a sublimation process of ideas! It is only the result of your efforts to succeed in obtaining the certification through the examination. It is very important to learn the way of thinking and understand the essence of project management. That is the essence. According to Professor Qiangmaoshan, “learning management should transform knowledge into ability, learn essence and learn thinking, and then you can think, and you can get something!” “The essence of learning project management is to get through ideas, which will make everything easy.

There are also other opinions about PMP Certification

There are too many people who have applied for PMP now, and many more people have passed the PMP Certification test this year. This test is becoming more and more worthless. I think, in this way, it means that the more PMP is, the lower the value of PMP Certification will be. Especially in China, some people who have not been very experienced in their work will use various methods to pass the certification examination and obtain the PMP Certification. This situation leads to PMP wouldn’t be so helpful as before for interviewees to get higher salary when it comes to job hunting. But think about it in the opposite direction. If there are only a few PMP in the market, how can the concept of PMBOK be popularized? In the process of project management, whether it is colleague or customer, if everyone is PMP or understand the concept of PMBOK, can we better complete the project, or the opposite? I think we should reflect on it, what is the core value of taking the PMP Test? Getting a high salary is definitely a motivation and a reason ( which I think so), but it should never be the only reason.

With the increase of PMP, many concepts of PMBOK have gradually become the consensus of project management, and have played an important role in project exchange, communication and management, which has made great progress in our project management level. Keep a peaceful mind, really focus on PMBOK itself, not the exam. As a certification test of PMI, PMP Test is not a selection test. That is to say, you can pass the test if you meet the conditions approved by PMI. Instead of setting a percentage as in the college entrance examination, in which the number of students enrolled in colleges and universities is to eliminate the percentage of each time. Since it is a certification test, there is no competition with others in the examination. It is just to test whether your knowledge meets the standards that PMI thinks. It is unnecessary to consider how many people pass the test, just ask yourselves if you can pass the test.

In another way, I think PMP is just an exam, which doesn’t mean that the person who passes the test has the level and experience of project management immediately. Why PMI requires candidates to have certain certification is to believe that people without project management experience will not have in-depth experience in learning PMBOK. By learning PMBOK Theory and taking exams, we can organize our project management experience and use them better in the future work. As the saying goes, from practice to practice.

If the project management level has been really improved by learning PMBOK and taking the PMP Examination, I don’t think it will care whether 1,000 people pass the exam this year or 10,000 people pass the test. If only the PMP test is regarded as a magic weapon to get high salary (pay attention to “just”, you certainly hope your efforts get the corresponding return, but it is not the only reason), it is better not to take the test. In the era of only 20% of the population are college students, each college student can find a job smoothly. In the era of 100% of the population are college students, 20% of excellent college students can still find a job smoothly. The proportion has not changed, but the quality of the whole nation has been greatly improved. If you make efforts to be that 20%, then, no matter in any era, you are the best. And because of the improvement of the quality of the whole people, you can create greater value in the era of 100% of college students. Otherwise, whenever you are, you will still be worried about your future.

In short, improve your project management level, whether you are PMP or not, you can be recognized. If someone only regards PMP as another certification that can get high salary, even if he pass the examination, I still have doubt about his high salary. Sometimes it’s not just about showing up in front of the leaders or having a reason for a raise. The professional quality and professional skills of PMP require a PM to have a standardized process and mode of thinking, which is helpful for large and complex project management. What’s more, the domestic project management is being given more and more attention, which is the general trend. I don’t know if it is worthwhile to pass the PMP Certification exam, but this kind of thinking concept is the value.

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