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Peking University Acceptance Rate and Scholarships

If you are eager to find out the Peking University acceptance rate and available scholarships, you’ve arrived at the right location.

Let us review this excellent university’s acceptance rate and scholarships, but let’s look at some background details before that.

About Peking University

It was founded as the Imperial University of Peking in Beijing, China in 1898, during the latter half of the rule of the Qing Dynasty.

Peking University, abbreviated as PKU and colloquially referred to as Beida, is one of China’s most prestigious higher learning institutions.

The college is part of the highly esteemed C9 League, a club made up of the most prestigious Chinese universities.

Peking University provides both Chinese and foreign students with several scholarships! You need to take advantage of this and apply for their grants.

Peking University has been at the forefront of intellectual and progressive social movements across China since its founding. The university’s dedication to shaping China’s socio-cultural climate is widely known.

Several students and intellectuals, such as the May Fourth protests and the New Culture Revolution, have been active in significant social events affecting Chinese society. Because of the mentioned revolution, Chinese students are among the university’s most sought after, as are foreign students interested in pursuing higher education in China.

Peking University is one of Asia’s highly rated universities and consistently ranks in the top 50 in the world’s most reputable surveys. The 2019 World University Rankings compiled by Times Higher Education rated Peking University as the world’s 31st best university. In a similar way, Peking University was ranked 38th in the world by the Top University Rankings compiled by QS. These rankings both point to the commitment of this institution to academic excellence.

In a broad variety of fields of study, the university has a cumulative enrolment of over 42,000 students. Over 15,000 of these students are engaged in undergraduate studies, with about 27,000 students at this university pursuing postgraduate degrees. About 2000 international students are enrolled in various courses on the main campus in Beijing each year at Peking University, while about 50 more attend the HSBC Business School in Shenzhen.

Peking University, like the Ivy League Cornell and Yale University of the USA, has entered into alliances and collaborations with many of the world’s largest universities. These collaborations enable students from these universities to study in Peking for a semester and vice versa.

Other major universities with separate joint degree programs introduced with Beijing include Japan’s Tokyo and Waseda. Partnerships with Beijing have been formed between the Freie University of Germany, the Seoul National University of South Korea, the Paris School of International Relations, and the London School of Economics.

The longstanding involvement of Peking University with social movements in China is well known. Through its intellectual and human resource production, the university has contributed immensely to shaping discourse in China. Be it politics, science, or the arts, at some stage and in different capacities, Beijing has had some of the brightest minds in China in all these fields connected with it.

Mao Zedong, Li Dazhao and Chen Duxiu, three founding members of the Communist Party of China, all held different positions at the university. The university was also named their alma mater by renowned authors and thinkers like Lu Xun, Hu Shi, and Lin Wutang. They have also created some of China’s most talented scientists, such as Deng Jiaxian and Qian Sanqiang, who have made an enormous contribution to the country’s development of nuclear physics.

Peking University Acceptance Rate

Now let’s talk about the acceptance rate at Peking University. The admission rate is very very poor for domestic students from China. For foreign students, though, it is a different matter. For foreign students, it is still challenging, but it is not as difficult. Around 15 percent of foreign students who apply are expected to be admitted.

To be able to apply, if you are applying for undergraduate programs, you need to learn Chinese and take a Chinese proficiency exam. You will also need assessments such as SAT/ACT if you apply for undergraduate programs or if you apply for graduate programs, you will need GRE.

Peking University Scholarships

A member of the prestigious C9 League, Peking University is a major research university located in Beijing. Established in 1898 as a substitute for Imperial College, the school was at the time of its establishment the highest administration for education. The school is regularly ranked by Times Higher Education’s rankings in the top 20 universities in the world and 2 in Asia, and as high as # 41 by US News and World Report. Now, scholarships from Peking University are available to help foreign students fund their education!

With about 15,000 undergraduates and the same number of graduates, there are 30,240 current students in Peking. The 4,200 academic employees make the student to faculty ratio of the school around 8:1. Peking University has a number of departments to sell, and they are spread across the 30 separate schools of the university. They include the renowned Kavli Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, the Guanghua School of Management, and the HSBC Business School.

On its main campus, which happens to be the former site of the Qing Dynasty imperial gardens, PKU has always been renowned for some of the most amazing architecture in China. There are many museums at the school, including the Arthur M. Sackler Art & Archeology Museum. In Shenzhen, there is one additional campus, named the Shenzhen Graduate School.

The school hosts an astonishing 216 separate research institutions and research centers as a global research university. The school’s library contains 11 million volumes and is the largest university library in Asia. At about 8.6 billion Chinese yuan per year, their endowment is a great figure. This large endowment helps finance scholarships from the University of Beijing that encourage scholars to study at Peking University in different academic fields.

The success of their alumni has partially spawned the prestige of attending the school. Many prominent figures have been identified through their programs. Hu Chunhua (the youngest Chinese governor), Cai Wu (Minister of Culture), and the notorious Mao Zedong are graduates (founding member of the Communist Party of China).

Peking University Scholarships (Undergraduate and Graduate)

International students may apply for several forms of Peking University scholarships.

Peking University Admissions

As an international student, Peking University has issued specific instructions on how to apply to Peking University. On the Admissions Tab, you will see the full detail. For each degree, you can see that they have posted the admissions process, so download the application guidelines and read the directions. It will allow you to see all the data for international students that is available.

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