Review of 10 Reputable Study Abroad Blogs and Websites

Planning to study abroad and need information and guidance? Take a look at this analysis of popular blogs and websites for international students studying abroad. Every step of the way, they will see you though.

Review of Study Abroad Blogs and Websites

1) Study Eagles Blog

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Study Eagles is a good study abroad blog that reviews top and affordable study abroad destinations, fully-funded scholarships and grants for international students, student visas, study abroad tips and guides on how to apply for admission.

2) Lowest Tuition Universities Blog

Lowest Tuition Universities
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Kufre Isaac Akpan, CEO of lowest tuition universities is doing a great job when it comes to guiding international students on study abroad expeditions and cheapest study abroad destinations available for them. If you need help with application for admission and visa, please do well to contact him but you will be charged a token, lol. “Even in Freetown, nothing is free”.

Contact details; mail –, Call – +2349074482378.


3) USCollege International Blog

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If you are interested in applying for any kind of scholarship, do well to visit this wonderful study abroad and online blog by Hyun Lee; he has a lot in store for you and even guidance on how to study abroad.

4) Study Abroad Nations

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Okpara Francis, a great blogger and CEO at study abroad nations offers extensive services like study abroad essay and scholarship essay writing, scholarship application guidance, how to crack your gmat, other exams’ guides etc. Contact him today and get your things done with ease.

5) Top Universities Website


If you want to apply to the best schools abroad, top universities has so much in store for you just follow the link above to their official website and see for yourself. They can help with admission processing too.


6) Online Studies Website


Have you considered studying abroad from home or distance learning? Make do with study online programs and courses from this great website. Applications for online programs or courses are not so tedious, so I guess you might not need help with it. But if you don’t have time you apply on your own, you can get a study abroad agency to apply for you.

7) World Scholarship Forum Blog


Do you need a scholarship or grant to study abroad? Then this is your one stop hub online. It covers reviews of scholarships for any student and any purpose; thank me later.

8) Masters Portal Website


Are you a graduate with first degree who wishes to proceed with masters studies? Why not stop by at Masters Portal website and apply to any program of your choice offered by any university. That is a great portal comprising links to almost all reputable schools in the world. This is one of the sub websites of study portals.

9) Times Higher Education Website

THE Logo

This website offers students rankings of schools across the world. Find out top universities in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan, China, Italy etc.


10) INTERNeX International Website


If you want to explore a work and study option or apply for student exchange programs, this website is the best to visit. They have got a lot of students’ testimonials, check them out today.

Study Link also offers such services.

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