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Review of Popular Online and Distance Learning Tools

Last Updated on January 12, 2023 by Unwana Akpan

International students wishing to study online can now do so easily; you are sure to study online effectively as a student. We will introduce the most reliable online learning tools accessible to students or trainers.

Types of Distance Learning Tools

Math is taught by a teacher using remote learning tools, but not all of them are the same, and that’s wonderful! Each one can improve learning in a special way. Games are excellent for improving students’ grasp of particular subjects, whereas some tools are better at handling communication than others. Each tool makes learning simple and enjoyable.

Four basic categories of online learning tools exist;

1 Communication tools

Teachers have access to a variety of resources, including email, message boards, chat rooms, classroom websites, and video conferencing. The majority of these functionalities are available on many learning platforms, including Zoom and Google Classroom.

2 Learning management systems (LMS)

LMS are computer software applications made to create practical and engaging online courses. Create, oversee, and distribute course materials while monitoring student progress. Regardless of class size, LMS are a reliable and affordable tool to instruct pupils.

3 Digital learning games

Why not provide children who enjoy playing games educational ones to encourage their passion of learning? Kids can have fun while learning with National Geographic Kids‘ engaging science, geography, and adventure quizzes and games. Funbrain features a ton of resources that your pupils can use to read books online and play educational activities. Do your students have issues with math? With the Prodigy Math Game, you can give them a math knowledge boost while also providing hours of fun math learning!

4 Online learning resources

Teachers started using numerous internet tools when the epidemic made it necessary for pupils to stay at home to stay involved and attentive. Online lessons and activities from Sesame Street and PBS Kids are among these resources.

Each learning environment offers your students a wealth of advantages, regardless of the tool you select.

Top 20 distance learning tools to accelerate virtual learning for kids and adults

A teacher uses online learning tools while sitting at a computer in her classroom.
There are numerous wonderful interactive tools available online, and many of them integrate seamlessly with other applications. But which tools should you use in the classroom?

Our list should assist teachers in making informed decisions about which applications are best suited to their various online subjects.

1. Google Classroom

Google Classroom, designed for teaching and learning, is an all-in-one tool that makes learning flexible and accessible from anywhere in the world. Teachers save time by creating lesson plans, tracking student performance, and employing a variety of creative tools to make course material more engaging.

Google Classroom is currently available for free. However, a paid version with add-ons and easy integration with other educational tools is on the way.

2. Prodigy Math Game

The Prodigy Math Game is an adaptive learning platform for students in grades 1 through 8. You can be confident that students will remain engaged and learning no matter where they are because it is aligned to curriculum across the United States and around the world.

3. Pear Deck

Pear Deck is a Google Slides add-on that enables teachers to create engaging slides while also encouraging student interaction. Teachers can create new presentations or add interactive questions to existing ones.

Pear Deck has amazing features such as a mobile dashboard, the ability to show or hide student responses, the ability to send personalized notes to individual students, and fun audio files to add to presentations.

4. Flipgrid

A good method to start a conversation is with Flipgrid. Post a topic and encourage dialogue in your learning community. It’s a fantastic method to pique students’ curiosity about new concepts, get them eager to study, and encourage peer interaction!

5. Edmodo

With the use of Edmodo’s technologies, instructors may encourage collaboration, share course materials, and create a fun and positive learning environment. Additionally, parents can get updates on their children’s development.

Teachers may join up for free accounts on Edmodo quickly and easily.

6. Canva

Teachers can create gorgeous, expert-quality presentations, posters, infographics, social media banners, films, Zoom virtual backgrounds, and more with Canva’s online graphic and publishing tool. Sign up for the free version or buy one of their teacher and student-focused plans.

Your favourite learning management system, such as Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom, is simply integrated with Canva.

7. Zoom

Zoom became well-known during the pandemic for its adaptability as a webinar platform and presentation tool while students were taking classes online. Zoom is a practical solution for distance learning because to its security, live video class capabilities, and chat option for social interaction.

8. Blackboard

Blackboard is a cutting-edge LMS solution that is ideal for students in kindergarten through high school. This platform is user-friendly and available to all students on any device. Teachers have access to various third-party resources in addition to Blackboard Learn.

9. ClassDojo

Families, students, and teachers collaborate online in a supportive community using ClassDojo’s communication platform. Downloadable resource kits and ideas can help teachers create engaging learning activities. Resources that assist in integrating ClassDojo with their choice learning management system are also available.

10. Microsoft Teams

The best of different worlds are gathered under one roof with Microsoft Teams. Through video conferencing, you can hold presentations, promote chatting, share your screen or notes, and bring everyone together.

11. Nearpod

A great addition to Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations is Nearpod. Teachers can choose from the amazing template library’s lessons and videos or utilize their own presentations. Create quizzes, games, and discussion boards to keep your students engaged in the material. Nearpod encourages students to interact in constructive ways.

Teachers can sign up for free accounts on Nearpod.

12. Buncee

Buncee makes it simple to produce engaging course materials for students. Utilizing templates from Buncee’s Ideas Lab, create presentations, classes, and a variety of customizable virtual school activities. Link exchanges, downloading data, and group projects between teachers and students are simple processes.

Microsoft Teams makes it simple to start conversations, share information, and connect with children and their parents by providing access to the Buncee dashboard.

13. Hapara

In Google Workspace, educators can create learning processes using the organizing tool Hapara. To improve the caliber of course content, you can also use other edtech applications like Pear Deck, Kahoot, and EDpuzzle with Hapara.

Teachers love Hapara for its privacy and security safeguards, accessibility to curriculum-aligned activities, and ease of use.

14. Explain Everything Whiteboard

One of the best digital whiteboards is the Explain Everything Whiteboard app. It’s a fantastic offline and online tool that works well in both traditional and hybrid learning settings. Additionally, it promotes cooperation between instructors and students.

15. Bloomz

Bloomz is a centralized platform that does away with the need for numerous apps and security worries.

Teachers may communicate, plan, and maintain contact with kids and parents using Bloomz. You can converse and share information with ease because parents and teachers won’t need to open and close a number of apps.

Teachers can choose between the free enhanced classroom plan and the premium plan. For $7.99 a month, the premium subscription offers more features and advantages.

16. Khan Academy

The non-profit Khan Academy offers a variety of courses in math, science, reading, language, and life skills for teachers and students to choose from. Every course is appropriate for students in grades 1 through 8 and above.

For both students and educators, Khan Academy is free. To keep the platform open and free for everyone, donations are welcomed and encouraged.

17. Seesaw

For connecting teachers, students, and parents in learning loops, Seesaw is a fantastic solution. It fosters the use of artistic tools like sketch + record, video, creative canvas, and more while giving teachers a meaningful means to assess student performance.

Students and educators can register for nothing!

18. Kahoot!

The online gaming quizzes from Kahoot! were more well-liked among students and educators throughout the pandemic. Kids can create their own games or choose from a huge selection in Kahoot!’s library.

Students can complete Kahoot!’s tasks outside of the classroom with the help of their teachers. Kahoot! challenges link with Google Classroom and make it simple to log missed questions and scores in order to assist teachers identify which students would benefit from additional instruction.

19. Slack

Slack combines communication and organization into a single platform. It is simple for professors to send out pertinent class information, communicate with students one-on-one or in groups, and file course content pertaining to certain topics. Slack encourages participation and engagement among students in online learning.

20. Habyts

Habyts was developed by a mother who is aware of the importance of regulating children’s social media usage. This technology gives teachers control over students’ screen usage, ensuring that they remain engaged and motivated.

Habyts encourages kids’ fun activities and learning while assisting parents and teachers in limiting their children’s excessive screen usage.

To Conclude

We are happy to share with you our top online learning tools, we reviewed some of the best, you can still browse for more and stick with the ones that best suit your needs.

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