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Review of University of Adelaide in South Australia with Tuition Fees and Ranking Information

Study in Australia at University of Adelaide; I have reviewed tuition fees, rankings, study visa, programs offered, cost of living and how to apply for admission.

About University of Adelaide

The main campus of the university is situated in the centre of Adelaide on North Terrace, next to the South Australia Art Gallery, the South Australian Museum and the South Australia State Library.

The University of Adelaide is one of the leading research-intensive universities in Australia and is consistently ranked among the top 1% of the world’s universities. Students who come to study at the University of Adelaide study and produce graduates who have an influence on the world at one of the best universities with a good reputation for science and teaching excellence.

Why you should study at University of Adelaide?

  • The University of Adelaide is a top Australian university.
  • The university is renowned for being a world-class institution for tertiary education and science.
  • The University of Adelaide is committed to offering high quality and distinct experiences in studying, teaching and study.
  • The university focuses on the exploration of new knowledge and the promotion of creativity.

Requirements for Admission

You must comply with the admission criteria if you are studying at the University of Adelaide. The standards vary from country to country. As for international students, the data needed for the admission of international students to the University of Adelaide is detailed below. For more information please visit the university.

Test of Language

The preferred certified English language exams at the university are;

  • Academic Test-IELTS (International English Language Research System)
  • Internet-based and paper-based TOEFL
  • Pearson English Test-Academic
  • CAE (English Cambridge: Advanced).

However in particular cases, the university can accept other proof of proficiency in English.

The majority of language tests and qualifications complying with the minimum English standards of the University shall be valid for two years prior to the date of application.

Before being admitted to the University of Adelaide, students without the appropriate level of English would need to satisfactorily complete an intensive English language program. At the English Language Centre of the University, the University should coordinate an acceptable English language program, Academic English (PEP Pathway) in Adelaide.

For prospective students who have received offers to the University of Adelaide conditional on English proficiency, the PEP Pathway provides an alternate entry route. Students are given direct entrance into the university upon satisfactory completion of the PEP Pathway at the required stage.

Post Graduate Coursework Requirements

As a minimum, entrance into postgraduate coursework programs requires a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification as a qualification for entry from an accredited institution. Any of the graduate certificates and graduate diplomas offered can be recognised in their own right as qualifying work for admission into a Masters program, or as professional credentials. See the Degree Finder for further information.

Materials for Studies and Research

You should also allow the cost of textbooks and other basic study materials to be at least $250-$400AUD per semester. All expenses for specialized equipment (e.g. laboratory coats, microscopes, stethoscopes) and field trips would also be borne by those students.

University of Adelaide Rankings

It could be claimed that the University of Adelaide ranks among the best universities in the world with a ranking of 8th place in Australia and a world ranking of 113th place and is in the top 1 percentile of the world’s best schools.

Programs Offered at the School

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Management and Business
  • Econometrics and Economics
  • Life sciences
  • Biological sciences
  • Forestry and Agriculture
  • Veterinary Sciences

Arts and Humanities

  • Architecture
  • Arts and Performing Arts and Design
  • Philosophy, History and Theology
  • Languages, Literature and Linguistics


  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical and electronic engineering general engineering
  • Mechanical and aerospace engineering

Physical Sciences

  • Chemistry
  • Geology, environmental earth and marine sciences
  • Mathematics and statistics
  • Physics and astronomy
  • Social sciences
  • Geography

Media studies and communication

  • Politics and international studies(Including development studies)
  • Psychology

Postgraduate Programs

Many postgraduate programs have at least a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification, but some require sufficient professional experience in their respective fields. On the university website, domestic students can apply online via SATAC, while foreign students can apply on the international student website.

To make the learning process as easy as possible, there are various support networks set up.

Support programs such as housing facilities to enable students to find accommodation, support resources for learning, child care services, counselling services, health services, an international student center and a well-equipped library all culminate in a full learning environment.

The University of Adelaide provides students free Wi-Fi, study areas for groups and people, access to photocopiers and laptops, and specialist librarians to help students make full use of the facilities of the library.

Payment of charges

University payments can be made by means of the following channels: Western Union, Business Solutions, Bank Transfers, Credit Cards and Debit Cards. Prospective learners are advised to review the refunds and changes policies of the school.

Cost of Studying at University of Adelaide

Tuition fees are paid according to the amount of units in an academic session being undertaken. The following are the number of units and their related tuition fees;

  • 2018 tuition fees, 9 units-$9000 USD
  • 2018 tuition fees: $12000
  • International students’ tuition fees are contingent on the registration scheme. In 2018, annual fees range from AUD$32,500 to AUD$44,000 per annum for a research degree.
  • Health Insurance for Overseas Students (OSHC)-$360-$380

Note; The fees quoted above are in Australian dollars and subject to change.

Enrolment Confirmation

This will encourage you to apply for an Australian student visa and will be sent to you upon completion of acceptance of the offer form and deposit of the tuition fee.

Request for Research Visa – Australian Student Visa

You can proceed to apply for your visa with your confirmation of enrolment. To apply for your Australian student visa, contact the nearest Australian embassy.

Pre-departure process

There will be an international student orientation planned. In order to obtain valuable details, it is advisable that new students attend the orientation course.

Living expenses in Adelaide?

With housing and transportation prices being considerably less than in Sydney or Melbourne, Adelaide is ranked among the most affordable capital cities in Australia.

Average estimated weekly expenses

  • Rent $135-$385
  • Food $90-$130
  • Electricity $35-$55
  • Transportation $20-$35
  • Telephone $20-$40
  • Miscellaneous $350-$695
  • TOTAL $650-$1340

Student Accommodation

Based on venue, form and arrangement, accommodation costs can differ significantly. Central-located housing, for example, normally costs more than in the outer suburbs. Similarly, by sharing with other students, students can lower their housing costs; the lower end of the price range shown is mainly shared accommodation.

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