Study Abroad Application Essay; Good Writing Tips with Sample Essay

Discover how to write a good study abroad application essay in any field that will give you a great chance of being admitted. This is the best guide, we will provide tips and a sample or example of a successful study abroad application essay.

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The statement of intent may be one of the most challenging elements of the application for certain students who wish to study abroad.

The good news, it’s not as rough as at the beginning! After all, you’ve come so far in the international research review, so it is possible that you’ve already been thinking about what the essay demands.

How to Write a Perfect Study Abroad Application Essay for Quick Admission

Unless it is time for you to build a solid outline, the statement of intent of your study abroad will be truly brilliant.

Study Abroad Application Essay; Good Writing Tips with Sample Essay

Common statement of purpose requirements

Any application may be subject to program-specific testing criteria, but most would ask students to answer the following two components:

Objectives for your study abroad (i.e. academic, professional and personal) – You will most probably have to explain your objectives in a brief manner, describing how you will accomplish such goals by studying abroad.

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Why you choose this program/location – This part of the declaration is more descriptive as to why you apply to it even with all programs and places on earth.

Creating an outline for your study abroad application essay

Make sure you read the directions and instructions to the essay carefully before you hurry into writing your declaration of intent. A main condition outlined in the instructions is to skip the worst way to sabotage an otherwise excellent essay. To help you keep your essay requirements current, consider copying and pasting the requirements at the top of the essay document to easily access them.

After you understand completely what points your declaration of intent needs to touch upon it helps to organize, concise and succinct your essay. Consider taking the steps below to promote and facilitate this process.

Open a blank Word document and type the essay components;

  • Introduction
  • Paragraph 1
  • Paragraph 2
  • Paragraph 3
  • Conclusion

You can now complete your outline by creating a few impressive sentences for each paragraph. Now that the foundation is laid down The wording of these sentences will help you advance quickly once your description has been completed. Let’s look at every single subsection and sample each sentence.

Introduction – develop a strong sentence for your thesis that will outline your overall study goal abroad.

For example, my study abroad at the Complutense University of Madrid would be a monumental move in achieving the highest level of family, academic and career goals.

This thesis sentence explains and describes to the reader that you have established family, academic and professional objectives with respect to study abroad in a given program.

Paragraphs 1-3Prepare a phrase that summarizes your reply to each objective, then another phrase that provides a particular outcome of this study abroad.

Section 1 (e.g. for a personal cause/goal in this program to be studied abroad):

For instance; My grandfather has migrated from Madrid to United States and I have been searching for the town and the community he has been growing up in from an early age. By the end of my studies abroad I intend to deepen my familiarity and understanding by fluently studying the Spanish language and Spanish cultural traditions in Spanish.

Paragraph 2 (i.e. the purpose/academic objective of this program to study abroad).

Example; I want to use my time in Spain as a major in History to contribute to my university’s overall academic performance and emphasis on history. I am going to visit historical sites across Spain during my time studying abroad which cover my subject of thesis, Moorish influences in contemporary Spanish society.

Paragraph 3 (e.g. cause/goal of career in this program for studying abroad);

For instance; I aspire to one day at college level for example, teach Spanish history and culture, and this program will give me the first hand experience that I feel must be able to qualify and excel. I will enter this international study experience in the light of my career growth, by being fully immersed in the Spanish culture and getting access to a large range of historical sites and resources.

Concluding part; To sum up the fact that this program and location is the best option, come up with a clear statement again.

For instance; After thorough research on all possible programs, I believe that my personal, academic and career goals are perfectly balanced by studying history and Spanish culture at the Complutense University in Madrid.

Writing your draft of application essay for studying abroad

With a clear outline, it should be simple and natural to fill in the rest. As is usually anticipated in university essays, it is important to ensure that each phrase you write explicitly concerns the key phrases of your paragraph.

Save the paper and make a break for one week after you have completed your first draft of your study abroad. After having had some time to clear your mind, you would hopefully be back with a fresh viewpoint to edit your essay and as a result, you may not have caught mistakes otherwise!

Lastly, double and triple check to ensure that no specifications for the statement of intent have been missed until you are submitting it. Often suggest making at least one other person study your essay – a fantastic resource you should consider using the writing center on your campus!

Study abroad APPLICATION essay sample or example

View this wonderful sample with further explanation of the study abroad application essay writing;


Congratulate yourself after you have sent in your essay! You are well on your way to one of your life’s most thrilling journeys, and you definitely deserve to be proud of this achievement.

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