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Top 5 Online Chemistry Courses for College Credit

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Unwana Akpan

This post contains links to online chemistry courses that can be taken for college credit at other colleges and universities. Enjoy a leisurely read as we at Studyeagles have compiled a list of these courses in this post.

The study of matter and how it interacts with other matter and energy is known as chemistry. This field of study is more useful for defining some biological terms and is equally significant to physics and biology.

Chemistry and biology are somewhat related because chemistry is helpful for performing some biological processes.

Despite their close relationship, they are nevertheless offered as two distinct fields of study in every university and college.

So, if you are in one way or another studying chemistry then this post is for you, and if you aren’t, you can check the recommendations listed out at the end of this article to see something that might be of interest to you.

Like any other scientific field, chemistry can be extremely simple for some people and extremely complex for others. You will, however, be forced to pass it if you find yourself enrolled in it as a university or college course.

This post advocates studying, which will undoubtedly help you succeed—but it’s more convenient this time around. Chemistry courses are actually offered online for college credit. You see, I told you it would be cozy.

You must already be aware of the many advantages that this distinctive method of instruction offers, as well as how adaptable online learning has become. Since the creation of education, there has only been one revolution: online learning.

Without getting out of bed or off the couch, you can take a course, pick up a skill, or get a degree from anywhere in the world. Its convenience is far greater than that of a classroom, and among other benefits, it offers flexibility.

You can study college chemistry online thanks to this fantastic invention, and you can transfer your credits to any college you choose. All you have to do is submit an application for the credit transfer using the one that your host institution provides.

Yes, you need to pay for the online chemistry courses for college credit which is usually charged per credit course. The courses cover both general and organic chemistry and to make it easier for you two separate subheadings are made below for each of the chemistry branches.

What is a College Credit?

The amount of applied hours that are accepted toward the completion of a particular course is measured by a college credit. Additionally, it serves as a benchmark for evaluating a student’s academic proficiency; one college credit is equivalent to one hour spent in class and two hours spent doing homework per week.

Can you take college chemistry online?

Yes, you can. There are varieties of online learning platforms partnering with some colleges that provide chemistry courses online.

Can a free online course award college credit?

You have to be enrolled in a university or college program to take advantage of the really free online courses that grant college credit. Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, are free online courses provided by prestigious universities.

There are, therefore, free online courses that grant college credits, but to take advantage of them, you have to be enrolled in an advanced school, which entails paying tuition and going through the standard admissions process.

After clearing these, you can view the top ten online college credit chemistry courses.

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Online Chemistry Courses for College Credit

General chemistry and organic chemistry are the two primary branches of chemistry, and they both cover a broad range of other chemistry-related topics. We can easily identify the online chemistry courses for college credit by separating them based on this data.

  • General Chemistry 1
  • General Chemistry 1 Lab
  • General Chemistry 2
  • Organic Chemistry 1
  • Organic Chemistry 2

Online General Chemistry Courses for College Credit

The following are the online general chemistry courses for college credit;

General Chemistry 1

General Chemistry 1 is an introductory course to chemistry whereby students learn about the foundation of chemistry.

Atoms, quantum theories, periodic elements, stoichiometry, chemical reactions, and the characteristics of solids, liquids, and gases are all introduced to the students.

Students will be able to lay a strong foundation for their future chemistry studies with this course. Every science student studying chemistry must take this course as their first to get a foundational understanding of the subject and become familiar with the terminology.

General Chemistry 1 Lab

The General Chemistry 1 Lab course is the lab version of General Chemistry 1 and it is also one of the online chemistry courses for college credit. In General Chemistry 1 everything you will learn are theoretical and to learn them practically the General Chemistry 1 lab is required.

You will be performing the same task that is done in colleges and universities, only in your own home. You will get step-by-step instructions on how to set up a lab in your home through video lessons. Additionally, there are some kits that you must own or acquire.

Items like distilled water, paper towels, scissors, pennies, warm and cold tap water, ice, printer, camera (phone), stopwatch, and calculator

General Chemistry 2

One of the general chemistry online courses available for college credit is General Chemistry 2, which is provided by the Integrated Science Program. By expanding on the ideas covered in General Chemistry 1, the course advances students’ understanding of the subject.

The concepts covered in the course include nuclear chemistry, thermochemistry, equilibrium, enthalpy and entropy, reaction rates and equilibrium, electrochemistry, redox, the law of thermodynamics, and others.

Online Organic Chemistry Courses for College Credit

The following are the online organic chemistry courses for college credit you should apply for;

Organic Chemistry 1

Organic Chemistry 1 is one of the online chemistry courses for college credit in the organic chemistry category and it is provided by the Integrated Science Program.

This is the introductory study of organic chemistry and allows students to gain an understanding and appreciation for simple organic compounds. It is in this course that your foundational knowledge of organic chemistry will be built.

The course, Organic Chemistry 1, introduces students to several introductory topics including the different categories of aromatic and aliphatic carbon compounds, their structures, properties, and nomenclatures.

These and many more are the topics that will be taught to students in this introductory phase and the knowledge will guide them deeper into chemistry science.

Organic Chemistry 2

Another online chemistry course for college credit that offers a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of organic chemistry is Organic Chemistry 2. This is an advancement since Organic Chemistry 1 established the basis of your knowledge.

Students taking this course will learn about the roles played by the functional groups in simple organic molecules found in living things, including carboxylic acid, alcohol, phenols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, amides, esters, and amines.


These are the top online chemistry courses for college credit in the general chemistry and organic chemistry categories. In fact, this is all there is to studying chemistry and every topic must fall into one of these subheadings.

You must have enrolled in a university or college program prior to applying for any of these online chemistry courses. The appropriate links have been provided for you to enroll. Prior to submitting an application for any of the courses, you must also get in touch with your host institution.

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