Universities in USA Without Application Fee – Full List

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Are you aware that there are universities in USA without application fee for international students ? As an international student it is economical to look out for universities abroad without application fees because this can help you escape some irrelevant expenses.

Studying abroad is relatively expensive, particularly in the United States and other rich countries. As a result, it appears that studying abroad is just a ‘big man thing.’

Anyway, you can acquire important advice from international studies sites like study abroad aide or onlinestudyingservices.com, which can help you minimize costs to the bearest minimum or even to nil with a fully financed scholarship.

You may recall that in earlier updates regarding getting scholarships to study abroad, I always stated that having an acceptance letter in hand is preferable than looking for scholarships to apply for.

Before being chosen for a scholarship, these scholarship organizations want to make sure that the person they want to sponsor is qualified, and the easiest way to do so is with proof of admittance. This implies you must first apply for admission and then be accepted before being considered for a scholarship.

There are some scholarships that you can apply for and win even if you have never received a scholarship before. For example, the Nigerian Federal Government’s BEA scholarship or some DAAD international scholarships, which are specifically for Australians or international students who want to study there.

I already mentioned universities in Canada where you can apply without paying an application fee. I also wrote about universities in Europe that do not charge application fees.

I also wrote about universities in Australia that do not charge an application fee for international students interested in studying there, and I believe that all of this will be very valuable to the many international students who visit this page on a daily basis.

There are also several low-cost online universities that do not charge overseas students an application fee. You are welcome to look at them as well.

Today, my focus is on the United States of America; there are institutions in the United States that do not charge an application fee for overseas students, and I will discuss the five best universities among them.

5 Universities in USA Without Application Fee for International Students

  • The Smith College
  • Union College
  • Grinnell College
  • University of Southern Maine
  • Rhodes College

1 Smith College is one of the few colleges in the United States that does not charge an application fee. Every year, Smith welcomes around 350 international students from all across the world.

2 Union College, established in 1795, is an academic community committed to molding the future and comprehending the past.

Union College’s admissions department can be reached at admissions@union.edu.

3 Grinnell College is one of the few universities in the United States that does not charge overseas students an application fee.

Grinnell’s admissions process is extremely competitive, and our students come from many walks of life. While no single factor assures admission, there are several unmistakably Grinnellian qualities.

Before your admission application is considered at Grinnell, you must submit the Common Application.

4 Previously, the University of Southern Maine charged application fees, however they just announced on their university website that they no longer charge application fees for undergraduate and graduate programs.

“We no longer require an application fee for undergraduate or graduate admission. This includes in-state, out-of-state, and international applicants as well as reapplication or reactivation. Instructions for individual application fee waivers are below. If you have any questions, please contact Admissions at 207-780-5670.” -USM.

5 Rhodes College is one of the few universities in the United States that does not charge an application fee to international and local students.

Rhodes has a yearly enrolment of around 2000 students, with a tuition charge of around 47k USD and a boarding fee of around 11k USD.

Rhodes admissions is competitive, with a 51% acceptance rate. The average SAT score for Rhodes students is 1220-1410, and the average ACT score is 27-32. The standard application date for Rhodes University is January 15.

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