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WorldQuant University Review; Rankings, Programs, Accreditation and Requirements

Last Updated on December 30, 2023 by Unwana Akpan

This is a full WorldQuant University Review by Study Eagles blog. Worldquant University is an online tuition free university; find out admission requirements, accreditation, ranking, programs and how to apply.

About WorldQuant University – WQU

WorldQuant University is an online university in USA. WQU is known for providing such online services for all students that are free of charge.

As their visibility and popularity rises, their students base increases. More than 1000 students worldwide take their programs and courses absolutely on site.

They are already accomplishing their mission of making education accessible to all. They focus on preparing their students to function properly in fields like research, technology, trading etc.

You are welcomed to study from anywhere in the world at your own comfortable pace. Their financial engineering program will equip you for the best in established or emerging markets. Take advantage of this no tuition fee opportunity, it is very rare to get on a platter of gold. You will be tutored by top financial engineering lecturers from many walks of life.

Every student should have the chance to change his/her life and influence his/her community. Technology can be used to smash the local challenge and to give people the possibility to use their own local skills and experience.

They also offer data science courses; all programs are tuition-free. You will only buy study materials.

WorldQuant University Review; Programs Overview

MSc in Financial Engineering (Degree: Master of Science, Length: 2 years)

MSc in Financial Engineering in WorldQuant University was designed by experienced people in finance field to integrate mathematical, computer science and statistical tools with current financial market theories.

Made up of 14 courses which takes 2 years to complete. You can take a course per time without disrupting your normal life setting. This self-paced program allows professionals or busy students to work and study. You can go about other businesses, and choose when to attend classes.

Introduction to Data Science (6-week Course) by WorldQuant University

The University introduced a new course called Data Science; this course takes not more than 8 weeks to complete. You will be trained on how to interpret and use data.  Their partner is the famous Data Incubator, a popular fellowship program that trains top data scientists.

This course is meant to set the pace for any student who sis to stand out in data analytics and applications. It is a tuition-free online fully online course with certificate of completion. This could be your pathway to getting a Masters degree in WorldQuant University’s Financial Engineering online program.

You will be trained on how to use top data analytics tools like Python, Jupiter and Pandas; they develop skills mostly sought after by financial market employers.

By the time you complete your training, you should be able to source data important to a business problem, summarize the data using charts, graphs and other visualized means of data presentation and interpret and use the information to make decisions that will yield better results.

This is one of WorldQuant university’s new course to solve the problem of data misinterpretation or sourcing especially in this 21st century.

Worldquant University Accreditation

Before you can issue certificate to someone you have trained, you need to get authorization for that; be it in USA or other countries of the world. It is what is obtainable, so that you do not produce half-baked graduates in the name of teaching and guidance.

This authorization is given by state government or federal government depending on the country. In the case of WorldQuant University in USA, it is handled by the state government. The school is licensed by the Board of Regents of the State of Louisiana as a degree awarding institution.

The University is working towards full accreditation by the state government through Louisiana Board of Regents. It is currently given temporary accreditation subject to a 2-year review. The US Department of Education recognizes Louisiana accreditor with this code; Title 28, Part IX, Chapter 3, Section 302.

License / WorldQuant University Ranking -WQU

WQU as is fondly abbreviated is currently being licensed by Board of Regents in Louisiana State. Their license is usually reviewed and renewed every 2 years by the board.

WQU is yet to be considerably competitive as it is only a new online university. I haven’t said that they’re not rated world-class school at all, but they’re still to hit the top.

WorldQuant University Review- WQU Admission Requirements

Requirements for gaining admission to study MSc in Financial Engineering degree program at WQU;

  • You have to complete online application form
  • Provide Bachelors certificate
  • Transcripts of previous degree program
  • Up to date Resume or CV
  • 1 academic and 1 professional reference letters
  • TOFEL, IELTS, or PTE exam scores to proof English language proficiency

If you want to apply or find out other information about the programs, follow here.

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