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5 Easiest Countries to get a Student Visa

Last Updated on June 2, 2024 by Unwana Akpan

5 Easiest Countries to get a Student Visa; the type of student visa available and the application process are only two of the many factors to take into account when deciding where to study abroad.

Once you’ve been accepted to your ideal university, it might be discouraging to have to jump through hoops and worry about your visa application being denied due to a convoluted process.

After some research, we identified five nations that, in an effort to accept more international students, have comparatively simple application processes for student visas (you don’t need to submit as much extra information).

That being said, there is no certainty of a visa. You will still have to provide the appropriate documentation and pass all the requirements outlined in the nation’s immigration laws.

5 Easiest Countries to get a Student Visa

Get a student visa easily from Australia

Australia, the only nation to span an entire continent, has a lot to offer, including (perhaps) the greatest MasterChef episode and a globally recognized higher education system. It is a multicultural center that extends a warm welcome to overseas students and has a simple visa application process.

To further your studies in Australia, you must get a student visa (subclass 500). A Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) from your university, evidence of enough finances, and Student Health Coverage (OHSC) are required. The processing of the Australian student visa should take four weeks and costs AUD $630 (USD $475).

Depending on your study, the student visa may be valid for up to five years. Even during the academic year, you are free to work as many hours as you choose as long as you still finish your studies.

As you do further study, you may find out more about Australian student visas and the application process.

New Zealand

The island nation of New Zealand, which is close to Australia, is renowned for having top-notch colleges. You also get to take in the tranquility and scenic splendor of the archipelago as an extra benefit.

For the New Zealand student visa, to finish the visa application process, you must present evidence of a character reference, adequate finances, and an offer of admission to an institution. To finish the application, you do not, however, require any documentation of your language ability. The official Study in New Zealand website provides a list of all the paperwork required.

The student visa is valid for about four years, depending on your study program. During the school year, you can work up to 20 hours per week, with no restrictions during the vacations.

Our guide also includes further information about studying in New Zealand.

Canada is another country to get a student visa easily

Canada is a well-liked destination for overseas postgraduate study due to its numerous highly ranked colleges and its friendly and easy-to-complete visa application process.

In Canada, foreign students must apply for two different types of permits:

the document that enables you to enroll in classes at a university. But this does not grant you access into the nation; it is not a visa.

An electronic travel authorization (eTA) or guest visa that grants you entry into the nation. The Canadian embassy or consulate will immediately issue an eTA for you if you are applying for a study permit. You can also use the Canadian Immigration website to see if you need to submit a second application.

To submit an application, you must offer documentation of your identity, financial support, and acceptance into a Canadian university. A list of needed documents is available from the Canadian government. The cost of the student visa is CAD $150 (US $109), and students from specific nations can apply through the Student Direct Stream, which shortens the processing time from the customary 13 weeks to 20 calendar days if you’re applying from abroad.

A study permit from Canada is valid for the length of your course plus an additional ninety days. You are allowed to work 20 hours a week (with no cap on holidays) off-campus and on campus without any restrictions.

Visit our website for additional details about study permits in Canada.

United Kingdom is one of the Easiest Countries to get a Student Visa

In recent years, the UK has welcomed more international students despite its previous severe immigration policies. International postgraduates can study at some of the world’s top universities and take advantage of the rich cultural diversity of the UK thanks to the relatively simple student visa application process.

A valid UK student visa is required for the whole term of the study. You need to have a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) before you can apply. The new point system also requires you to show that you have enough money and that you speak English fluently. The cost of the visa and the health surcharge vary based on where you apply and how long your course is. We offer a comprehensive guidance for the student visa to the UK.

During term time, you are allowed to work 20 hours per week on a UK student visa; during the summer, there are no restrictions. After your degree ends, you can apply for the new Graduate visa, a two-year post-study work permit.

Our resources contain further details about postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom.

United States

It should come as no surprise that the US is one of the most popular study abroad destinations given its home to Ivy League schools. Because of the large number of foreign students who apply to and enroll in US universities, obtaining a visa is not too difficult.

You must apply for a student visa (Type F) in order to study in the United States. The duration of this visa is up to five years.

You must be registered in SEVIS and have been admitted into an institution approved by SEVP in order to properly apply for a Type F student visa. Before your visa interview, you need to have a completed Form DS-160 and a Form I-20 along with all the necessary paperwork. Don’t worry, although it may appear difficult, a university will assist you with registering with SEVIS after you accept an offer, and then it’s just a matter of filling out some paperwork.

A minimum $510 application fee must be paid in order to submit your visa application. This covers both the $160 application price and the $350 SEVIS fee. For information on all the requirements for your US student visa, you can visit the US Department of State website.

With a US student visa, you can work 20 hours per week during the academic year and unlimited hours during the summer. Our guide contains further information about postgraduate studies in the United States.


So there you have it on the 5 easiest countries to get a student visa, go ahead and make a choice, good luck!

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