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6 Advantages of Using Mailroom by PackageX to Automate Your University Mailrooms

Last Updated on December 30, 2022 by Unwana Akpan

Campus mailrooms that are usually sorted manually are the center of chaos in universities. Not only does the mailroom staff need to hand over packages to the right students, but they also have to deal with numerous students coming and asking after their package.

Some traditional university mailrooms lack efficient space for the large influx of packages. Others have suffered because more space was allotted to mailboxes for letters than boxed items. Frustrated people looming over unsorted packages poses a problem for both clerks and students.

That’s why many universities have chosen to opt for a digital mailroom solution. A mailroom management system like Mailroom by PackageX automates the campus mailroom so students can pick up their mail efficiently without any hassle. It uses AI technology to automate your mailroom operations.

6 Advantages of Using Mailroom by PackageX to Automate Your Campus Mailroom

Every time a student gets enrolled in a university, their mail comes along with them. As more students shop online from their residences, the number of mail arriving at the campus mailroom increases. This can cause problems because most campus mailrooms aren’t built to accommodate the modern-day package volumes.

PackageX by Mailroom helps overwhelmed mailroom staff by streamlining the mail process. It processes deliveries 95% faster and is a customizable and scalable solution. Here are six ways you can benefit from using Mailroom by PackageX to automate your campus mailroom:

1. Time-Saving

By putting Mailroom by PackageX to use, both mailroom staff and students can save time. Students can easily track their packages through the Mailroom app. Moreover, they get automated notifications informing them of their package journey as it arrives at the mailroom.

As a result, there is no need for multiple visits to the mailroom to ask after the package. That not only saves the students’ time, but the mailroom staff can also cater to other tasks instead of spending time constantly updating students about their package.

2. Easy Pickup

With Mailroom, students can easily designate a friend or roommate to pick up their package on their behalf. They can also choose to have their package held, sent to their residence, or destroyed at their convenience.
With an easy pickup, students can pick up their important mail without having to go out of their way.

3. Secure Pickup

Mailroom also allows staff to take digital proof of delivery. This eliminates the need for signing or exchanging documents. Staff can easily take a picture of the recipient with the package as proof of delivery.
This ensures that the delivery is both secure and follows all the SOPs during the pandemic.

4. Quick Scanning

Mailroom by PackageX allows its users to scan up to 50 packages in one go. When packages are sorted at a faster speed, pick-up time can also be quickened. Students can benefit from a quicker pickup process at the mailroom.
Moreover, packages can be coordinated according to the student’s schedule to ensure no package is missing.

5. No Manual Data Entry

PackageX Mailroom employs advanced OCR (Optical Recognition Technology) that helps it efficiently scan package labels. Through this, the app can scan both handwritten and printed labels and identify the right recipient within the directory.

This eliminates the need for manual data entry, hence minimizing room for error.

6. Uncomplicated Setup

No specialized hardware is needed for setting up the Mailroom app. All users have to install the application on their device and use their phone camera as a scanner. This significantly reduces costs associated with investing in a dedicated scanner for the job.


Ultimately, Mailroom by PackageX is the one-stop solution for automating campus mailrooms. It can enhance the student experience by allowing efficient package pickup. Furthermore, it helps both mailroom staff and students save time and energy spent in processing and picking up mail.

Besides that, Mailroom is a multi-faceted digital solution that can smoothen the mail process in other areas like coworking spaces and residential sectors. Along with Dispatch, its sister app, it can help retail businesses enable same-day deliveries for their customers.

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