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All Cheap Universities in Netherlands for International Students

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In this article, we will be looking at cheap universities in Netherlands for international students, cost of living, language of instruction, tuition fees etc.

About Netherlands

The Netherlands or Holland is a country with 12 provinces in Western Europe. His headquarters, The Hague, is home to five international tribunals which have made it the “legal capital of the world.” In addition, in the capital province of South Holland, at least 80 international organisations.

Because one third of the country is under sea level, in many places in the Netherlands, dikes are found. Indeed, the popular story of a child who saves his own country by stuck a leak into the deck is a popular fiction. Windmills and tulips also remember when the Netherlands is mentioned.

However, the Netherlands has a remarkable system of education. The primary education system prepares students for university classes with a literacy rate of almost a hundred per cent.

Dutch schools also offer similar courses to some of Europe’s best schools. Many of the Netherlands universities are also one of the world’s top schools.

Cost of Studying in the Netherlands

Costs of study are comparable in the Netherlands to other countries in Europe. Besides the cost of study, the students need to take care of their lodgings and their food. Depending on the place you stay, you may expect to spend between EUR 650 (US$ 800) and EUR 1500 (US$ 1,800).

As a rule, living costs in the major Netherlands cities are higher than live in smaller towns. The above figures include housing, food, transport and other essential requirements.

Although students may be tempted to rent a separate apartment, they can save on sharing the costs with others. You can also choose to spend some time in student houses or dormitories.

The cost of food is determined by the student’s manner of eating and the city in which they live. They can expect their food expenses to accumulate when they’re voracious eaters and live in a major Netherlands city. By contrast they can expect their food costs to be lower if they are thrifty or live in a smaller city in the Netherlands.

Are Universities Free in the Netherlands?

Students of higher education must pay tuition in the Netherlands. This applies to both students locally and from abroad. But Dutch citizens pay a statutory tuition rate of only $2,143, or $2,500 USD per academic year with citizens of the European Union (EU) and of the European Economic Area (EEA). The same amount is paid also by citizens of Switzerland and Suriname.

The EU, EEA, Swiss and Suriname citizens will pay for higher tuition fees, on the other hand. The course begins with approximately EUR7,920 or USD9,400 per academic year.

What are the languages of instruction at the Cheap universities in Netherlands?

Dutch is the main language of instruction for most schools in the Netherlands. However, an increasing number of schools gradually study bilingual English, one of the languages of instruction.

These bilingual schools aim to integrate international attention into the curriculum, in addition to the acquisition of a second language. Many degree programs have already been fully taught in English in Netherlands universities.

However, it’s still better to learn Dutch to enjoy your stay in the Netherlands better. In fact, in the Netherlands, many international students also learn how to speak the language.

Cheap Universities in Netherlands for International Students

1. Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Study Eagles’ first school on the review list, Fontys University of Applied Sciences in the Southern Netherlands is an applied sciences university and the cheapest university in Netherlands for international students. The University of Tilburg, Eindhoven and Venlo was established in 1996. The Latin word for “source” derives his name. For international undergraduates, Fontys University of Applied Sciences is considered the cheapest university in the Netherlands.

It is one of the best universities in the Netherlands for applied science. It offers several BA and BA programs in various fields of study. These programs include architecture, ICT, physiotherapy, medical and radiation therapy, and business administration.

Campus Eindhoven lies in the Netherlands in the southeast while courses are taught in German, Dutch and English in the Venlo campus. Only in the outskirts of a town known for its art festivals and events can the campus be found in Tilburg.

2. Maastricht University

Maastricht university was originally called the Rijksuniversiteit Limburg, or Limburg State University when established in 1976, and is an inexpensive public university in the Netherlands. Later in 1996 she was renamed Maastricht University or Maastricht University. The youngest university in the Netherlands is the most international.

The Uni has pioneered the problem-based approach to learning between all European universities. The approach not only focuses students on the subject but develops other skills and talents, such as self-assurance, problem solving and self-reliance. The University of Maastricht offers students a wide range of courses, including Business, Biomedical, Data and Artificial Intelligence and Fiscal Law and Psychology.

For university students, life after school can be an adventure. You can visit Maastricht city and its many museums, watch a show in theatres, or relax in the cafés that surround the city.

3. University of Amsterdam

The Athenaeum Illustre, which Gerardus Vossius founded on 1632, has its roots in its inaugural lecture on “The utility of history.” The University of Amsterdam traces its roots. In 1877 the Illustration of Athenaeum was transformed into the Municipal University of Amsterdam. In 1961, after the government became a national university, it received its current name.

This cheapest university in Netherlands for international students is one of the 15 best in Europe and has always ranked among the top universities in the world. Research has become a significant part of the university, with around 3,000 researchers conducting theoretical and experimental studies. For its students, including archaeology, business administration, political science, and sociology, the University offers a good selection of courses.

The university’s four campuses provide its students with a unique study experience. Some classes have a view of canals and some have modern, state-of-the-art laboratories. So, studying at college is not only an enriching experience but also an experience that every student will never forget.

4. Radboud University

The Radboud University was originally founded in 1923 and was called the Nijmegen Catholic University. The Radboud Foundation was the university-based organisation, which aimed to emancipate the Netherlands’ catholic intellectuals. In 2004, the university was named in honor of Saint Radboud of Utrecht.

The Radboud university offers a wide range of programs, including several English-language courses, to its local and international students. Their programs, among others, include business management, American studies, chemistry, artificial intelligence and molecular life studies.

This affordable Netherlands university is situated in the city of Nijmegen and boasts world-class facilities that rival the best in Europe. It is proud that it has a personal education approach in which students can learn and collaborate with world-class researchers. In addition, the university in the Netherlands has the cleanest and greenest campus.

5. NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

The NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences is next on our list of the low cost universities in Netherlands for international students. It is the result of the fusion between the NHL Foreign Science University and the Stenden Foreign Science University in 2018. Two organizations known for their research and innovative training practices have been brought together. In addition, the University is aimed at pushing research and innovation boundaries.

There are more than 100 programs available to local and international students at the University. These include media management, international business, international hospitality management, tourism, and leisure & event management, among others.

In addition to internationally accredited diplomas, university students are also exposed to practical training where their opinions are challenged. Moreover, the university’s student population, representing over 80 nationalities, is quite diverse. The University also operates in Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa and Qatar, with four international branches.

6. The Hague University of Applied Sciences

After the merger of 14 universities, the Hague University of Applied Sciences was created in 1987. In 2003, the Rijswijk Technical Hogeschool was also a university member. There are currently four campuses, Delft campus, Zoetermeer campus, Sports Campus Zuiderpark and Hague main campus. There are two campuses in the region.

In the Netherlands, this affordable university in Netherlands offers programs to provide its students with the highest quality education. Many of these programs include European studies, international public management, user experience design, and international business.

While at the university, students also have the opportunity to let their hair down after lessons. Students may visit museums, observe cultural events or explore the Peace, Justice and Security International City. Students are also allowed to join university groups and associations.

7. Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

The Hogeschool van Amsterdam, or Amsterdam Institution of Applied Sciences, is one of such cheap universities in Netherlands that aims to help students completely develop their abilities and capabilities. The institution, which was founded in 1993, specializes in bachelor’s degrees but also offers a number of master’s degree programs.

The institution is divided into seven colleges that offer a wide range of programs to both domestic and international students. International Business, Sports Studies, Physiotherapy, and Digital Design are just a few of the degrees available.

University students have the opportunity to dive into Dutch culture. Students can look forward to a unique experience when they leave the classroom in the capital city of Amsterdam. In all areas, including trade and logistics, culture and society, sports and healthcare, and IT, the city is known as a hub for research and education.

8. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

The HU is another cheapest university in Netherlands for international students. The Hogeschool van Utrecht was founded in 1988 as the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. It was named after Hogeschool van Utrecht in Driebergen, merged in 2005 with Hogeschool De Horst.

At present, the university has a worldwide network of partner universities. This allows its students and professionals through internships, exchange contracts and projects to collaborate with companies and organizations.

Located in Utrecht, university students are invited to explore the Netherlands’ fourth-largest city. The city has a lot to offer in terms of museums, events and musical presentations with a cultural life only second to Amsterdam.

9. University of Groningen

The University of Groningen was founded in 1614 and became a provincial college in Menolda and Sywen. The school was recognized as a national higher education college by 1815. The Higher Education Act of 1876 gained the status of a state university.

It has 11 facilities and offers a large number of English-language bachelor and master degrees. The university’s bachelor’s degrees include Art History, American Studies, Media Studies, International Business, medicine and astrology.

The university also offers master degrees such as Masters in Archeology, European Studies, Linguistics, Psychology, Finance, and Information Science.

10. Vrije University

The Vrije University is the last citadel of learning that made it to our list of the cheapest universities in Netherlands for international students. It was created in 1880 by Abraham Kuyper who, from 1901 to 1905, was Prime Minister of the Netherlands. Its name is Vrije Universiteit, and reflects its autonomy from church and government. Initially only reformed Christians were open, but later everybody was accepted by the university.

There are many Bachelor degree programs in this university, they have Artificial Information, Biomedical Sciences, International Business Management, Philosophy and Mathematics. It also offers multiple master courses, including Accounting, Bioinformatics, Business Law, Tax Law, and Sociology.

The school’s campus is more than just any venue for their students. It is also the place to meet and become friends with people from different parts of the world. Cultural presentations and workshops can also be held at the University Cultural Centre.

In addition, the University’s sports center offers various sporting activities to which students can take part. This range of sports includes yoga, soccer, boxing, volleyball and tennis.

The Netherlands is not just the windmills and tulip zone, they also welcome warmly, students who are interested in studying abroad.

Endnote on Cheap Universities in Netherlands

I hope that this article on the cheap universities in Netherlands for international students was helpful?

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