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Apply for New Zealand Full-time Student Visa, Visa Fees and Requirements Discussed

Last Updated on January 12, 2023 by Unwana Akpan

Coming to New Zealand as a foreign student, as in most countries in the world, will require you to apply for a student visa. Depending about how long you expect to stay in the country as a student, there are various forms of student visas.

New Zealand is recognized around the world for the high quality of universities and colleges in terms of education. This country of approximately 5 million inhabitants provides foreign students opportunities to study abroad.

It is a testament to New Zealand’s standard of education that reputable businesses around the world highly rate graduates from the country. It is easy for a foreign student to feel at home in New Zealand, as a tiny country consisting of two islands.

Getting a New Zealand Study Visa for Full-time Studies

The visa for this category means that you can remain in New Zealand for at least 3 years as a full-time student. Since a standard visitor visa is all that is required if your course is for only 3 months or less.


  • You must have earned admission from the university or college of your choosing.
  • You’ve got to provide proof that you have enough funds to pay your tuition.
  • You must have enough money for the duration of the course to finance your stay.
  • A letter of affirmation from your choice of institution that you already have appropriate accommodation. Or a letter from a guardian that guarantees you adequate accommodation (However, this only applies if you are less than 18 years of age)

What this Visa Entitles you to

  • For up to 4 years in any tertiary school, you can study full time.
  • When school is in session and full-time over the holiday, you can work part time for up to 20 hours.
  • You are permitted to live outside the campus in leased accommodation.
  • This visa can be extended if you are either completing your course after four years, or if you can apply for a work visa when it expires.

Other Requirements

  • He must be checked for medical conditions such as tuberculosis,
  • To demonstrate that you are of good character, you must produce a police certificate.

Note that the time limits for applying for a visa are not set. At any time of the year it can be achieved.

Documents needed for Student Visa Application

  • Your valid current passport
  • Evidence of payment of application fee
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs
  • Your Letter of Acceptance
  • Proof of payment of tuition fees for at least one year

How to Apply for the NZ Student Visa

If you follow all the criteria, you can go to the embassy or consulate of New Zealand to provide instructions on how to fill out the application forms.

However, through the government’s immigration site, the easiest way to apply for a study visa to New Zealand is online.

Applying all the supporting documentation online guarantees that your application is processed quickly.

How long would it take for the visa to be processed?

You are likely to get the visa approved in around 6 weeks if you have submitted all the right documentation along with your application.

So keep that in mind to make sure that you start the procedure in order to get the visa in time for the academic session to begin.

Student Visa Fee

The cost, along with other related costs, of applying for a student visa varies from region to region. When you begin the application process, you will be told of the fees applicable to your region or country. You should assume, however between NZ$100 and NZ$500.

How soon can you travel?

You will fly to New Zealand as soon as possible for you once your visa is accepted. If you have everything you might need in place, you can even fly instantly.

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