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Best Free Online Courses or Classes

Last Updated on June 9, 2024 by Unwana Akpan

Learn where the best free online courses or classes can be undertaken easily. This is the best in the world. Whether you are five or ninety-five, the internet has a lot to say. Internet resources are unlimited, particularly when it comes to education.

Best Free Online Courses or Classes

Below are the Free Online Courses or Classes, read about them and make a choice;


1. Coursera 

Coursera is a website with collaborators worldwide with colleges and organizations. This brings to one searchable database a wide range of subjects and viewpoints.

Coursera is a popular platform for free online learning with courses from many of the world’s leading universities and colleges. This offers a wide variety of comprehensive courses on the website.

Coursera is incredibly useful if you want courses from various schools and associations to learn several different subjects.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides a useful, well-organized interface in collaboration with several post-secondary schools. Khan Academy also provides impressive insight into many different topics, curating many courses from all over the web.

The Khan Academy is also extremely useful among the most well-known educational sites that make it easier to manage learning objectives.

3. Open Culture Free Online Courses

Try Open Culture listing free online classes or training courses if you are struggling to find the content you are searching for exactly. The page shows 1000 lectures, videos and podcasts by academia worldwide. The platform includes plenty of content that can only be found on private universities, all in categories that are easy to access. That means that you can find hundreds of university courses on your own web, without having to visit and search every university.

The open culture list includes courses from the United States, England, Australia and Wales. A valuable resource to find several courses in one study field.

4. Udemy 

Free Udemy courses are similar in nature to those of Coursera, but also enables users to develop personalized classes.

The web combined the customized platform of many other platforms and highlighted top quality content with many leading teachers and schools. This is however another site that blends material free of charge.

5. Lifehack Fast Track Free Online Classes

Lifehack believes in skills that improve the time, resources and quality of life in general.

Traditional education skills no longer minimize it in this rapidly changing environment. You can’t afford a talent that you can never practice for years to study. It also offers a list of free courses that will train some core life multipliers, including: Besides offering some paid courses that will help you become a better self,

  • Spark your genius in learning faster how to learn
  • Motivate how to remain – Activate your motivation
  • How to stop your concentration from spiking – no more spiking

There are cross-functional abilities that operate in several ways.

6. Academic Earth

Academic Earth is another platform with courses from several colleges. Like the above three platforms, Academic Earth offers top classes from several different outlets and is focused on a wide range of topics.

Academic Earth lists courses by topic and school, so what you are searching for may be easier to find.

7. edX

EdX is also an essential free online course training choice. The website has impressive content information for everyone, putting together courses from several different colleges. edX deals with a wide variety of subjects.

8. Alison

Alison is a free training platform providing qualifications in some fields, unlike the previous sites mentioned here. Alison provides primarily business, technology and health courses, but also language training.

It is an excellent choice if users have to be trained because Alison provides classes in school as well.

9. iTunesU Free Online Courses

iTunesU is a very convenient place for free online classes because it easily integrates with your iPod or any mobile Apple app ready. Users download the iTunesU app on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Users can search materials, including genre and topic, in a number of different ways. Courses, however, are always a mixture of free podcasts or videos and paid content.

ITunesU does not integrate with Android, Google or Windows mobile devices but includes courses on a wide variety of subjects.

10. Stanford Free Online Courses

Stanford Online provides self-paced and session-based courses for all online offers at Stanford University. While Coursera provides some Stanford courses, numerous classes are accessible only via other hosts. Some courses need iTunes, but most of them are done in your web browser.

Stanford Online is a fantastic venue for high-quality classes, but the problems are a little bit minor in relation to school-partners.

11. Harvard Extension

Harvard Extension provides free online courses from Harvard only like Stanford Online. This is an excellent source for top quality content, although the selection of courses is less rich than multi-school sites.

To add to what has been said, you can look for courses on technical certificates from Harvard Extension. If your online learning target requires certification, that makes it much easier.

12. Open Yale Courses

Harvard Extension and Stanford Online echoes Open Yale courses since they only give Yale lessons. Although the website is likewise confined to school subjects, Open Yale Courses offers a variety of videos of actual campus lectures. If you look for high quality lessons, but learn more by viewing than by reading, videos are available on the web.

13. UC Berkeley Class Central

UC Berkeley has a wide range of free online courses like all the other schools on this list. The school does have a slightly lower number of courses than the above colleges, but contains additional seminars, webcasts and feeds, making it easy to keep up with the topics you like.

14. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT offers a number of free online courses. The school provides a similar number of courses to the above colleges, plus comprehensive course materials on available subjects. MIT also provides free RSS feeds to help you learn more.

15. Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

Compared to the other schools on this list, the free online classes via Carnegie Mellon educational site covers a limited number of subjects, however, the Open Learning Initiative. But in-depth information is available for the subjects covered.

16. Codecademy

Codecademy is a website primarily dedicated to coding education. Where the coding websites adopt a workflow for example/practice, a live practice window is available for Codecademy. This means that when you see the lesson material, you can practice coding.

The Codecademy courses are well written and easy to follow and the website is very pleasantly structured. Codecademy has a centralized table of templates where the progress can be tracked and lessons arranged in full modules. You can learn a whole language without having to select the next course manually.

17. Code

Code is another coding and application-driven website. The code also provides learning opportunities for children on a platform with high quality free online courses.

Code provides free online instruction on a range of technology subjects, in addition to child-friendly online classes. The courses include software writing, Javascript and robotics.

In addition, most of the courses can be built in a classroom environment so that they are useful. This makes programming a fantastic resource for finding computing topics and different learning environments more difficult.

18. University of London Podcasts

Another excellent source of free online education is the podcast page on the University of London website. Although the courses are limited to podcasts, the site includes podcasts from its own campus and on 11 universities in London and around. It gives students a broad base of subjects and lectures, but also makes sure that the content is comprehensive.

19. University of Oxford Podcasts

The University of Oxford has several different podcasts, similar to the University of London. The rest of them are public lectures or lectures by visiting professors, with numerous recordings.

The benefit of this particular Website is that podcasts are structured in series so that multiple lectures are easily subscribed on one topic. A good site for extensive lectures. Another good place.

20. BBC Podcasts

The BBC provides a wide range of podcasts for the more casual student on a number of subjects. Most podcasts are updated regularly and concentrate on everything ranging from finance, sports and events.

Many are also available in different languages via the World Service podcasts line. These podcasts are less profound and technically focused, which the average person can access more easily.

21. TED-Ed

The TED-Ed is another fantastic place to study more free online courses. A website full of instructional videos came from the same people who gave all the motivational web series. Most of them contain great animation and are 10 minutes or less long.

TED-Ed is not only a wonderful platform for the curious, but also features extra materials and video quizzes. This makes the web highly useful both in formal educational environments and in fun ways to discuss new findings and topics.

22. LessonPaths

LessonPaths is another fantastic online learning tool to make learning content more accessible and easy. Users build connections to their favorite content from other pages on this platform. These collections are then rated by users, so many different high-quality open sources can be easily found on a particular subject.

23. Memrise

Memrise is another impressive free website for online classes that provides ease of use and comfort. Memrise is available both on desktop and as an app. If you study language, Memrise is a very powerful tool. While some of the course material is users’ content, the web site also covers many other subjects.

Their integration of games into the learning materials combines learning and entertainment. Part of what makes Memrise special.

24. National Geographic Kids

The kids platform for National Geographic is another site that makes free online education applicable for younger users. For those looking for kid friendly education, a wide range of sports, puzzles, videos and images keeps kids interested on this platform.

Global Geographic Kids doesn’t organize learning into courses, making materials accessible by subject and medium instead. This makes National Geographic Kids a good choice for those looking for a more casual learning environment.

25. Fun Brain

Another perfect way for children who want to take online classes free, but concentrate on games and enjoyable puzzles. Particularly centered on mathematics and reading, if the child in question fails to pay attention to the game-based approach of Fun Brain.

Fun Brain is also an attraction and challenge place for kids K-8 who want to learn casually.


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