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Best Study Abroad Art Programs

Last Updated on May 19, 2024 by Unwana Akpan

Choose an art program from our review of popular or best study abroad art programs in the US. These renowned international schools and US art programs give you the chance to learn from the best while you gain an introduction to the world you hope to enter, be it dance, performance art, fine art, or poetry.

Regardless of your interest, under the mentorship of seasoned, working artists or the input of your peers, you will improve your skills and honour your creativity as a growing artist.

While we were unable to include all the best art programs, we curated this list to include a variety of media for art. So, here are some of the best art programs to attend abroad without further ado.

List of Top Art Programs in the US

Review of the Best Study Abroad Art Programs in the US

1. Art History Abroad

This family-run business has brought art to life and sought excellence for more than thirty years by supplying students with thoughtful interaction with art and the instruments they need to advance their technique.

You can learn history firsthand through dialogue and practical training as you study art and design in cities that are internationally renowned for both. During interactive small group experiences on-site you will engage Italy, France, and London with all five senses, and in the process, you’ll learn more about yourself.

Art History Abroad prides itself on not only teaching art, but also culture and an appreciation of beauty with a strong conviction that travel extends experience. In this art program, any academic background is welcome.

Take a 6-week Gap Year with Art History Abroad course in Italy;

  • Great for Buffs in history, Students etc
  • Outside San Marco, Venice

2. Cow House Studios

This experimental, artist-run school in beautiful Wexford, Ireland, offers a strong base in contemporary arts for art students. Cow House Studios is nestled at the foot of the Blackstairs Mountains and is located in a charming converted stone barn that provides the inspiration for its name.

Though drawing is the cornerstone of the school, during this twelve-week gap year, you will be urged to explore any area of your choosing. It is all available to you to study color theory, life painting, or even the history of photography. No matter what the subject, through the discovery of new materials, methods, or media, the school promotes critical thinking.

Studio visits and presentations from Irish artists and curators accompany planned trips to Dublin and other cities.

Do Art with Cow House Studios on the Farm Program;

  • Great for adventure travelers, photographers, students.
  • Drawing sessions for life
  • Multidisciplinary Methods
  • In-studio drawing
  • The grass isn’t getting any greener

3. Academie de la Grande Chaumiere

The Academie de la Grande Chaumiere has been teaching and preparing students as art directors, graphic designers, illustrators, and architects for the realities and challenges of working life since 1945.

This top art program aims to help you learn the techniques and critical thinking necessary for success, whether you are interested in painting, calligraphy, interior design, or another area.

This Parisian art school, accredited by the French Ministry of Labor, ensures that every instructor is an expert in his or her discipline, and the program provides students with professional development opportunities through collaborations and conferences. The Academy is proud of its interdisciplinary approach, allowing students to benefit from the best of its two main divisions, regardless of which field of focus they choose: interior architecture & design and art direction.

4. Up with People

Up with People provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore every aspect of creating a professional, high-energy show if you’ve ever had an interest in the performing arts. No experience is needed!

Onstage and offstage, all participants take part in roles. You will take the show on the road to at least two continents after in-depth preparation, performing every week in a new location. Because of the rich diversity of program members, when you explore the globe, you’ll make friends from all over the world.

Besides the show, by partnering with local communities and participating in community service to support schools, the elderly, and populations in need, you can continue to spread messages of love and hope. You’ll gain a firsthand understanding of what it means to be a global citizen through seminars and discussions.

Take a tour with an Up With People Art Program;

  • Nice for adventure travelers, students, building your resume.

5. New York Times Student Journeys

Dive through the history of the American South with a New York Times narrative photographer’s expert guidance and special perspective.

The New York Times Student Journey program will discover the birthplace of the civil rights movement by traveling for sixteen days through its major cities in Louisiana, Alabama, the Mississippi Delta, and Tennessee through this professional lens. After visiting the Southern Poverty Law Center and Equal Justice Program, you will have the opportunity to meet the individuals who have lived in the past of civil rights and the key individuals who are doing justice for everyone.

You will also have the ability to enter the discussion and help brainstorm solutions to the challenges they face today using what you have learned from your travels and conversations.

With a NY Times Narrative Filmmaker, Discover the South of America;

  • In the American South, kayaking is done
  • Student Journeys from NYT American South

6. Irish Gap Year

Irish Gap Year is one of the best arts programs to attend this year if you are looking for a community-based, small group experience. This program is proud of its four pillars: cultural immersion, experiential learning, creative expression, and the creation of portfolios.

As you work side by side with local Irish artists, photographers, authors, performers, and musicians, and learn about the rich cultural and creative heritage of Ireland, discover your own areas of interest. Your hands-on training goes hand in hand with day trips to galleries, museums, castles, and theaters, and at the end of the day at the La Cheile Art Expo, you will have the chance to display your photographs, found art, or poetry.

In addition to the excellent encouragement and guidance of this art program, the place can’t be beat: in 2017, Donegal won the “Coolest Place in the World” by National Geographic.

Join the Irish Arts and Culture Network with the Irish Gap Year program;

  • Nice for students, adventure travelers, photographers,
  • Students of the Gap Year are immersed in Irish life.
  • An exploration of Irish culture by students.

7. Dance Gap Year

With this amazing art program, explore the rich dance world. Dance Gap Year enables you to participate in cross-cultural interaction and gain a global perspective by joining an international network of dancers and other creative people whether you are interested in becoming a professional dancer, choreographer, or educator. You’ll encourage community involvement with dance through learning, developing, and sharing your talents with the public.

One-on-one mentorship helps participants to develop an entrepreneurial spirit in addition to this success experience that can help them achieve longevity as art professionals in this career. Dancers will pursue their passions and meet like-minded performance artists, from dance to jazz, from folk to flamenco.

Spend a semester with Dance Gap Year in Argentina;

  • Dance performance in Argentina for girls.
  • A male studio dancer.
  • A group of jumping dancers taking photos.
  • Dance rehearsals for mixed-gender dancers.

8. Performing Arts Abroad

Get inspiration for your art by immersing yourself in another country’s stories and history. By offering customized experiences that align with your identity and interests as an artist, Performing Arts Abroad provides high quality cross-cultural artistic exchanges.

Each program is run by artists actively practicing their creative discipline and who, when it comes to living and working abroad, can deliver a wealth of experience. You will be qualified to become a well-rounded artist who stands out from the crowd in auditions, if you wish to pursue filmmaking in Florence, acting at the Globe in London, or music education in Costa Rica. For any budget and schedule, there are possibilities, making it a top art program for those seeking to study art overseas.

And in the end, most artists will tell you that the best art programs are the ones that give you the opportunity to perform, whether in the U.S. or abroad.

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