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Tuition Free Universities in Hungary for International Students – How to Apply

Last Updated on May 31, 2024 by Unwana Akpan

This is a list of tuition free universities in Hungary for international students, cost of living in Hungary, how to apply for admission, and educational system in Hungary. It is gainful if you know that these schools are public universities in Hungary for international students; only public schools can offer free tuition.

This is good news as international students can have access to free health insurance policies. You can be rest assured that they offer lots of programs in English language to attract international students. The other approved language of instruction is German.

Wikipedia records that in Hungary we have approximately 67 higher schools. These schools are operated by public authorities, churches, private corporations and individuals. But they also retain the same education standards as public schools and are governed by the federal education board despite those differences.

You will graduate in a three year time and get a two year master’s degree. Certain fields may take up to 5 or 6 years, and you may complete your first degree, regardless of the situation. If your course is a little long to complete and you cannot bear the costs of living, you may also need to support sponsoring, which is where you have to receive a bursary or grant.

Vocational studies are also available depending on what you want. You can even register for a pathway program if you do not meet your course admission requirement(s).

Cost of living for international students in Hungary

The Living Cost in Hungary is as affordable as those of certain cities in Germany. It is estimated to be about 500 to 600 Euros per month with regards to your spending habit. You can even spend more if you have high taste. It will surely cover your rent, food, transport, books and even clothes.

Admission Requirements

Your language proficiency is of paramount importance, try to proof it or enroll in a language school as soon as possible.

Other general requirements include a statement of purpose staying why you are motivated to study your course and what you hope to achieve with it after, 2 recommendation letters, passport photograph, Id card or international passport, application fee if needed etc. Please check with your school yo confirm specific course requirements.

How to Apply for admission to study for free in Hungarian Universities

To me once you get all required documents and other things intact, you are ready to apply. You can still read about preparations to make before you apply for admission to any school abroad. You will need your high school certificate for an undergraduate program and even your transcript, Same goes for postgraduate programs.

All applications are done mainly online. You need to be alert in order not to miss Hungary’s study intake periods. Check with your school to know theirs.

What to Expect as an International Student Studying in Hungary

Of course, first and foremost you know you will not be paying any tuition fee if you are studying in a public school in Hungary.

Students’ geographical studies for Hungary has proven that majority of their students are mainly from EU countries like Germany, Norway, Sweden, Israel etc while the remaining part are a mix up of students from neighbouring countries and Africa. Not that you cannot find american students there but on rare occasions.

The number of international students are increasing because of the following reasons;

  • If you are a student in Hungary, you can travel to another EU country using their Schengen visa, you won’t need to apply for another visa at all
  • Cost of living is very affordable compared to countries like USA, Canada or UK
  • Obtaining admission is very easy due to moderate admission requirements
  • European union present many employment opportunities to both students and graduates
  • It is also very easy to obtain visa
  • Research works are encouraged in their universities therefore attracting Masters and PhD students
  • Cheap flights to neighboring countries exist
  • Many programs are offered in English language, this favours international students

History of Higher Education in Hungary

Higher education in Hungary started in 1367 through the first Hungarian university established in the city of Pecs by Louis the great.

It can be classified into colleges, and universities; these are the 2 major divisions that defines the nature of higher education in Hungary. They offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses, vocational courses which last for 2 years; their PhDs last for 3 years. This information is vital especially for international students who sis to study in Hungary, so as to enable them make a choice of what they will go for and how long they will stay.

Prior to the award of your degree, you have to pass an intermediary level examination on the your language of instruction. It can be English language, German, Spanish or Espanol. But, definitely, English and German are the most popular languages in the country.

Review of Tuition Free Universities in Hungary for International Students

Just remember that you can only study for free in Hungary or attend one of the tuition free universities in Hungary for international students, if you study your course in their local dialect as an international student. But, if you wish to study in English language as an international student, the tuition fees below applies.

1. University of Szeged

The University of Szeged was founded more than a century ago, in 1872, and is one of Central Europe’s most promising institutions. It stands out for its academic work and its programs in science and modern languages, with more than 21,000 students.

There are 12 faculties in agriculture, music, pharmacy, medicine, education, technology and computer science, health sciences and social studies, humanities and social sciences, medicine, dentistry, law and political sciences, economics and business administration in this free university in Hungary. They deliver 52 programs of degrees.

More than 700 fields are covered by studies carried out at this university, many of which are funded by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

  • Regarding tuition fees, for EU and non-EU residents, most courses cost the same. Tuition fees go from EUR 1,500 to EUR 2,500 per year for every course, unless you would like to pursue a career in the medical sector. In the field of healthcare, degrees in nursing and physiotherapy cost EUR 3,100 per semester, pharmacy costs EUR 6,700, medicine costs EUR 7,300 and dentistry costs EUR 17,000 per semester.

2. Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

The University of Technology and Economics (BME) of Budapest is the most important university in the area and one of the tuition free universities in Hungary for international students, also for those who would like to pursue a major in the field of technology. Actually, as it was founded in 1782, it is considered to be the world’s oldest technology institute. In both the QS World University Ranking and the Times Higher Education ranking, BME also ranks among the top 1000 universities in the world.

With more than 21,000 students, BME has eight departments in the fields of architecture, economics and social sciences, natural sciences and engineering. Its popularity has increased among international students, with over 2,000 international students, since the number of them selecting their classrooms has almost doubled in the last six years.

At this one of the tuition free universities in Hungary for international students , English-taught programs include six bachelor’s degree programs, 16 master’s degree programs, and 14 doctoral programs. BME also provides, in collaboration with individual countries, other foreign services.

  • As far as tuition fees are concerned, the rates are typically the same for both EU and non-EU citizens, but they are higher for EU citizens in some situations. Fees go from EUR 3,200 to EUR 4,500 per semester for non-EU residents. This ranges from EUR 2,250 to EUR 4,500 per semester for residents of the EU.

BME has a “Stipendium Hungaricum” scholarship program that is open to foreign students. It completely pays tuition fees and offers living costs with a monthly stipend.

3. Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)

The University of Eötvös Loránd (ELTE) is one of Hungary’s highest, oldest and most prestigious universities. Founded in 1635, ELTE has over 28,000 students and according to the QS World University Ranking, is ranked among the 651st and 700th best universities in the world. it is one of the tuition free universities in Hungary for international students.

ELTE is based in Budapest and has eight schools in the fields of education and psychology, law and political sciences, social sciences, primary and nursery schools, special education, computer science, science and humanities. They have available student dormitories as well. Before beginning the bachelor’s degree program, all faculty offer a preparatory program that you can take.

  • The tuition fees depend on the faculty, so you’ll have to search each school’s website to find them. In the humanities department, for example, tuition fees range from EUR 1,800 to EUR 3,500 per semester. Estimated tuition fees usually range from EUR 2,000 to EUR 5,000.

4. University of Pécs (PTE)

The University of Pécs (PTE), located in the city of Pécs and established in 1854, has more than 20,000 students and is placed by the QS World Ranking as 1 of the best 700 universities worldwide.

This low-cost university in Hungary has a medical school and eight business and economics, engineering and information technology, health, music and visual arts, pharmacy, science, law, and humanities departments.

  • For English-language teaching programs, tuition fees range from EUR 2,500 to EUR 5,500 per semester. In certain situations, EU people pay just a fraction of the expense of tuition fees.

5. University of Pannonia

The University of Pannonia, which is located in the town of Veszprém, is our next university in the list of Tuition Free Universities in Hungary for International Students and was opened in 1949. It is composed of five business and economics faculties, modern philology and social sciences, agriculture, information technology and engineering.

  • Cost of studying vary from EUR 2,400 to EUR 6,000 a year for bachelor’s degree programs. Master’s degree programs per year range from EUR 3,000 to EUR 6,800. The PhD programs range from EUR 4,000 to EUR 9,000 per year. In some situations, EU residents pay just half of the cost of tuition fees. This university also has foreign student scholarships.

List of Public Universities that are Tuition Free in Hungary for International Students

  • Attila Jozsef University
  • Avicenna International College
  • Budapest University of Economic Sciences
  • Central European University
  • Debrecen University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Hungarian Academy of Craft and Design Kossuth
  • Lajos University
  • Mathematical Institute of Hungarian
  • Academy of Sciences University
  • Medical School of Debrecen
  • University of Pecs
  • University of West Hungary
  • Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Medical University
  • Attila Jozsef University
  • Bessenyei Gyorgy Teachers Training College
  • Eotvos Lorand University of Sciences
  • Gvdvllu University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Janus Pannonius University of Sciences
  • Juhasz Gyula Teacher Training College
  • Lajos Kossuth University of Arts and Sciences
  • Semmelweis University of Medical Sciences
  • Szeged University
  • Technical University of Budapest
  • Hungary University of Miskolc

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We have come to the end of the review of Tuition Free Universities in Hungary for International Students. Make a choice already and apply today.

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