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Study abroad application tips; Get ready to apply for admission to study abroad

Last Updated on January 6, 2023 by Unwana Akpan

Hi there, thanks for stopping by! Are you struggling with putting your study abroad application processes together? This guide is for you; we are going to look at all needed documents and when to get them, writing your study abroad CV, and statement of purpose or study abroad essay, general admission requirements, English exams, meeting deadlines and other study abroad application tips. Please take your time; it will be of great benefit.

Top Study Abroad Application Tips

Get all Necessary Documents Ready

What are documents expected from you by your international school? You need to know this in order not to scramble during application proper. It can be very annoying to find out you left out something very important even when you thought you were good to go.

Important documents to get immediately you are out of home school and aspiring to study abroad

  • Academic transcript
  • Original High School certificates for undergraduates
  • Original Degree certificates for graduates
  • Health or travel insurance, note; some schools can process this one for you, you need to consult with them to know their offer or what they can help you do
  • Police report
  • Medical fitness report from a government hospital in your country
  • You need academic references either from your H.O.D or lecturers; at least two soft copies that you can easily edit the dates and addresses on the letters to fit the school you are applying to, and duly signed. Get from Doctors or Professors, not ordinary degree holders
  • Another important document is the account statement of your sponsor if it is a self –funded trip. If you are under full scholarship, you need not worry. If it is any other type of scholarship or grant, you have to prove you can fund the rest of the study abroad costs.
  • You need to write a good Resume or study abroad CV
  • A good statement of purpose depending on the course of study
  • International passport; note – Your school will arrange for visa after granting you admission or you can process it yourself
  • English language proficiency attestation letter from your former school or you take an English exam if your previous language of study was not English and you want to study in an English country. You just need to attest that you are fluent in the language of instruction of your desired program

You need to acquire all these documents before you can start looking for schools to apply to, a very important study abroad application tip!

Writing a good statement of purpose or study abroad essay

I have a separate article to share on this topic. To properly guide you, I would like you to take a look at study abroad essay. This is the best guide from start to finish.

How to write a study abroad CV

Learn the components of a good study abroad essay and how to arrange them. If you have publications, add them to your CV (I mean graduate students); it will be a boost.

General admission requirements

Please, you need to still visit your school of choice official website and find out their specific program admission requirements; these ones are very general but helpful.

  • High school certificate or degree certificate as it applies to you
  • Language attestation letter or language examination result
  • Identity card in some cases
  • Academic references where applicable
  • Average to good grades as indicated in your transcript
  • Application fee where applicable; some schools charge it to process your admission

Language exams

If you ain’t proficient in the language of instruction of the program you have chosen, you will have to enroll in the school’s language program, pass well before you will be granted permission to start your studies. You can also take the language examination elsewhere and present your result to the school for consideration.

Meeting deadlines

It can be very funny to apply when admission for a particular program is closed; your application will not be attended to. You need to know the deadlines before hand, always apply early enough as “the early bird catches the worm”. Find out some schools’ admission deadlines and submit your application on time.

Other study abroad application tips

  • You need to open a special official email account for your applications using your full name or at least two of your names
  • Like I said before, prepare all documents before starting to apply, and apply on time
  • Find out specific admission requirements for your course of study
  • Get your application fee ready just in case your school charges it
  • Let your CV and essay be error free

I guess by now you should know when to say you are good to go; smiles.

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