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Cheapest Universities For International Students Worldwide

Hi guyz! A times I take a break as if I’m never going to write again, but that’s never the case. So now, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 cheapest universities for international students worldwide, and I know you’d be interested in learning more about them.

One thing is certain, even if I get weary of writing, the prospect of assisting you in realizing your ambitions of studying abroad or online motivates me to keep going.

This is about you, as an international student, figuring out how to save money while still getting the most out of your study abroad experience. This list of universities accept international students who have excelled academically. What could be better than attending a low-cost university abroad? Please bear with me as I open the gift.

Review of 10 Cheap Universities for International Students Worldwide with Tuition Fees

10. Duke University

Duke University in Durham, which has campuses in Singapore and China, is the last on my list and the first here. Duke University offers students the chance to study abroad on one of its campuses in China or Singapore; the decision is yours.

  • Total Cost: $21,295, Tuition Fee: Starting from around $6,500 (not including airfare and other expenses).

So, how much does Duke University cost? Nope. As a result, it is included in my top ten list of the world’s cheapest universities for international students. It may surprise you to learn that, despite its low price, Duke is the most expensive on my list, which is why it ranks 10th.

9. The University of Delaware

The University of Delaware is yet another lovely school. The institution is located in Newark and charges a tuition fee that starts at roughly $3,200 per year. With a total of $15,149, you’ll be able to pay all of your fees at Delaware and rest as a full-time student.

8. Connecticut College

Though the amount this Uni charges for tuition costs is not posted online for privacy reasons, you could clear all fees for the year at Connecticut with roughly $27,417 in your pocket.

You might be asking why Connecticut is ranked eighth on the list; it’s because, while being one of the world’s cheapest institutions for international students, it also offers each of its students a staggering $3000 to seek an internship overseas; incredible, right?

7. Trinity College

Trinity College is based in Hartford, but it has its own campus in Rome, where students can participate in over nine university-sponsored study abroad programs.

Aside from your flight to Hartford, you’ll need roughly $23,980 to cover all of the fees associated with enrolling in a Trinity undergraduate program. The precise tuition fee for new students is changeable and fluctuates from time to time.

6. Middlebury College

Isn’t the name a little girly? That is, the land in which this magnificent citadel of learning is situated; Middlebury. This college is not just one of the most affordable universities in the world for international students, but it also sends its students to over 40 different sites in around 17 different nations for internships and class credit.

What does it sound like to come to study abroad and then be assigned to even more international countries during your studies? Amazing, you should already be a fan of Middlebury!

You should contact MB College for a bargain if you have around 20 – 30k dollars set aside.

5. St. Olaf College

I used to jokingly call this university “saint all laugh college”… Everyone needs to laugh, and everyone at Olaf College should be laughing! Meaning they should all be happy, lol.

Olaf College is located in Northfield and offers international students off-campus programs. It also has scholarship programs, which allow students to apply for and receive scholarships to begin studying for free.

Their tuition prices start at $2000, but if you have around $25k, you should be able to cover all of them.

4. The University of Arkansas

It is located in Fayetteville and costs around $14,693 in total, with tuition rates starting at around $3,000.

It is one of the world’s cheapest universities for overseas students and is widely regarded as a world-class institution.

3. West Virginia University

Located in Morgantown, with a large number of international students from all over the world, West Virginia University is undoubtedly the world’s second-cheapest university for overseas students, but it’s third on my list for some reason.

The university provides a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs and is simply the best at what they do. They charge a cheap tuition rate of around $1.5k, and with a total of around $10k, you would be able to pay off all of your fees as a new student.

2. Georgetown University

Tuition starts at $5.5k and is located in Washington. As an international student at Georgetown University, you should be able to cover all of your costs with roughly $25 to $30,000.

Before moving on to the first item on the list, take a deep breath and relax. Done? Please do so. As an international student looking to study abroad, you are going to witness the finest that this year has to offer. You might be astonished to learn that you can study for as little as I’m going to tell you.

When I wrote about low tuition universities in Canada, I just referred to only tuition fees in that list; but this time, I am taking into consideration both tuition fees and total cost of study.

You must have taken a deep breath, now let’s look at the school that ranks top on the list of the world’s cheapest universities for international students and why that is.

1. The University of Washington

The tuition rates at this school are around $700, the lowest you’ll find anyplace in the world.

As an international student, you will clear all payable fees and be completely enrolled in the university for a total of only 9–10k dollars.

Note; Tuition fees and cost of study is subject to change at anytime, so always consult your school of choice for the most current fee structure, thank you for stopping by.

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