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ESL Essay Writing: How to Write Successful Papers

Essay writing is pretty complex for millions of students around the globe. It demands in-depth knowledge and advanced skills. This task is incredibly complex for international students whose English is the second language (ESL).

They don’t have a perfect command of the language and have to improve it every day.

In the meanwhile, they already study abroad and have to write papers in English. Of course, they may be professional essay help of such custom writing services as Custom Writings.

However, it cannot be used all the time long. Luckily, our blog post explains how ESL students can write successful academic papers from scratch. Therefore, be attentive and memorize the tips it provides online.

1. Establish a Routine

First, schedule your days, weeks, and months. You should become an organized student who realizes his/her learning goals.

Create a schedule that includes;

  • Daily chores;
  • All academic tasks and duties;
  • Instructions about how they should be done;
  • Deadlines for every task and duty;
  • Methods and tools required to fulfill your tasks.

Set short- and long-term goals. It helps to establish a healthy routine. You will always know what must be done next, and it won’t escape your memory. Set only realistic goals and deadlines.

Obligatorily prioritize your goals after urgency and importance. Always fulfill tasks with the
shortest deadlines first.

2. Read in the Original

All foreign students should regularly read in the original. Remember this rule for good. You will learn much faster how to write correct sentences with a clear structure and word choice. If your
knowledge is basic, you may start from the simplest and smallest books. These may even be fairy tales. As your level enhances, go to a more complex level. Remember that you should not try to read books that outmatch your current level. It will be a waste of time, and you will be disappointed.

3. Get Help Online

Make use of the all-mighty Internet. Today, we can enjoy its resourcefulness to solve almost any difficulty. It’s possible thanks to the heaps of various kinds of information it proposes. As you’re an ESL student who wants to boost his/her essay writing, you will surely find helpful sources.

The most suitable sources of learning materials may become;

  • Online courses and programs offered by colleges and universities;
  • Education websites with useful guides, tutorials, articles, etc.;
  • Online events devoted to writing (webinars, workshops, free lessons, etc.)
  • Samples were written by professional writers (these are commonly in open access);
  • Custom writing agencies;
  • Student communities and forums.

4. Don’t Be Shy to Ask Questions

One of the main problems of international students is the fear of asking questions in front of the public. They feel shame because they don’t know English well and are reluctant to show that they have problems with essay writing. It’s a silly mistake, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

If you don’t understand some grammar rules or have a problem with choosing the right words – ask about it! Your teachers and professors will provide you with useful tips and examples. Thus, you’ll improve your essay writing much faster and will avoid many potential mistakes. You
should also ask your classmates because conversations with native speakers provide faster results as well.

5. Be an Active Notetaker

It’s not possible to keep in memory the heaps of information you learn during the day. Therefore, you should develop a habit of taking notes. Always have a piece of paper and a pen with you, or record everything on your laptop or tablet. As soon as you hear or read about something
interesting, take an instant note.

Afterward, review your notes and systemize them. Don’t leave them in a mess because you may get lost among them. Split them into blogs after logical categories.

These may be:

  • Subjects;
  • Teachers;
  • Difficulty;
  • Urgency, etc.

6. Find a Native-Speaking Editor

It will be useful to find a good editor. An experienced editor will help to identify the mistakes you commonly omit. He/she will provide explanations and will help to memorize how to improve your essay writing skills. However, find a native-speaking editor because you require the highest level. You may be lucky to know a classmate with advanced skills. If you cannot find one, try to hire a tutor or turn to a reliable custom writing service.

7. Write Regularly

The most obvious and the most effective recommendation you will ever hear about writing is to practice it every day. Devote at least two hours per day to develop your academic writing in English. It’s important to change the topics and types of essays to work on various aspects of learning. Thus, your schedule should include:

  • Free-writing. Any story on any topic that lasts for 15 minutes.
  • A different essay. Always change the essay type every next day.
  • Brushing up grammar. Find time to practice grammar skills.
  • Work with an active vocabulary. Develop a habit of learning at least 10 new words daily.
  • Try to use all new words in your essays.

8. Mimic Famous Writers

The smartest students learn from professionals. John Tolkien, Stephen King, and other famous writers can teach you a lot. Try to use their literary styles and devices in your projects. They will
sufficiently boost your knowledge and skills in writing.

9. Use Writing Apps

It’s wise to use technology in learning. You can choose out of editors, grammar and plagiarism checkers, topic generators, and others. Thanks to various apps, you’ll be able to:

  • Check grammar and spelling;
  • Choose good topic ideas;
  • Avoid plagiarism;
  • Use citations correctly;
  • Receive useful writing tips;
  • Improve time management;
  • Avoid problems with punctuations;
  • Create correct references;
  • Boost readability, etc.

Keep in memory the prompts highlighted in this useful blog post. They will help every international student to succeed in ESL writing and to avoid common mistakes. If you are determined and use the right writing techniques, you’ll surely achieve success!

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