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Cheap Universities in United Arab Emirates for International Students

Last Updated on May 11, 2022 by Unwana Akpan

Find out where to study in UAE very cheap; this is our complete guide on the cheap universities in United Arab Emirates for international students. The United Arab Emirates is a country in eastern Arabia that lies on the southeastern coast of the Persian Gulf and the northwestern shore of the Gulf of Oman. UAE is a country with seven emirates that was created on December 2, 1971.

International students are well-represented at the UAE’s cheapest universities, with 95 percent of girls and 80 percent of boys applying for post-secondary education. Students in the United Arab Emirates can attend public universities for free. Some UAE colleges are among the top 500 universities in the world.

Cheap Universities in United Arab Emirates for International Students – FAQ

Can I Study in UAE for Free?

Students from the United Arab Emirates can only attend state universities for free; this does not apply to private universities. However, international students who intend to study in the UAE must pay a set amount of money. Scholarships are constantly available from the government for international students.

Requirements for student visa?

For any overseas student wishing to study in the UAE, their visa needs must be sponsored by a UAE resident. As international students, you will need to renew your visa every year for as long as you plan to stay and study in the country.

Any possibilities for international students to work in UAE?

Working part-time while studying in the UAE is not permitted for international students. Internships are available as part of specific courses or degrees at some schools, and they are the only method to gain real-world experience.

How Can I Study in UAE?

There are numerous factors to consider before deciding to study in the UAE. You must meet all application requirements and understand the rules governing the student visa application procedure.

Cheap Universities in United Arab Emirates for International Students

British University in Dubai

  • Tuition fees start at AED 50,000

Dubai Academy City is home to this university. It is a Dubai-based private British university. In the year 2004, the university became an institution. It was founded in 2004 in conjunction with the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as the prominent University of Manchester. This is the first of the cheapest universities in the UAE that we shall discuss. The majority of the university’s major offerings were postgraduate education.

Khalifa University

  • AED 3000 per credit hour is their tuition fee

Khalifa University is the second cheap university in the United Arab Emirates on our list. The university campus at Khalifa University includes almost 3500 students. The institution is administered by a college of engineering, which offers 12 undergraduate bachelor’s programs and 15 postgraduate programs. This university was placed among the top 30 universities in Asia and is among the top 500 universities in the world.

Ajman University

  • Tuition rates start at AED 90,000

Ajman University is third on our ranking of the cheap universities in United Arab Emirates for international students. Ajman Institution is a private university in the United Arab Emirates, located in the country’s northern area. The university was established in 1988 and is one of the country’s first private universities. There are nine major colleges within the university, spanning from medicine and dentistry to law and business administration.

American University in Sharjah

  • Tuition cost at the university start at AED 80,000

The American University in Sharjah has more than 5500 students, with international students hailing from more than 90 countries. At the undergraduate level, this low-cost institution in the UAE offers roughly 70 primary courses. There are also 16 master’s degrees and many PhD programs available.

American University in Dubai

  • Their tuition costs start at AED 80,000.

This cheapest university is a private higher education institution located in Dubai. This American university in the United Arab Emirates, which was founded in 1995, focuses primarily on offering education based on the American educational system. There are around 4000 students enrolled at the university. There are around 120 nationalities represented among the international students. The university is known for being one of the most diversified in the world.

Engineering, business management, education, the arts, architecture, and science, among other professions, are all covered. Located in the heart of Dubai, this school exposes children to the country’s natural environment. The United States of America has accredited their primary courses.

United Arab Emirates University

  • Tuition at the United Arab University starts at AED 1000 per credit hour.

United Arab Emirates University, which was founded in 1976, is the country’s oldest institution of higher learning. The city of Al Ain is home to this excellent university. Al Ain is located in the UAE’s eastern area, and this university is one of the UAE’s original three government-run universities. With a student population of over 16,000, the university is now one of the most affordable in the UAE. This university has a big number of international students that come to study. The institution offers foundational programs that prepare students to study English, Arabic, and Mathematics if they are required.

Alhosn University

  • The tuition fees at Alhosn University start at AED 30,000.

With their operation, which is divided into three faculties of arts/social science, business, and engineering, this cheapest university in UAE offers roughly 18 undergraduate programs and 11 postgraduate degrees. Their degree programs are approved by reputable outside bodies, such as the ACCA for business courses.

Al Ghurair University

  • Fees start at AED 35,000

The Al Ghurair was founded in the year 1999 as a private tertiary education institution in Dubai’s International Academic City. This was one of the earliest private institutions to receive accreditation. More than 3000 students, both domestic and international, attend this university.

There are well-equipped facilities available to their students. Information technology, applied sciences, engineering sciences, and business administration are among the subjects offered at the university.

Canadian University of Dubai

  • University tuition costs start at AED 60,000.

The Canadian University of Dubai will be the last on our list of the cheap universities in United Arab Emirates for international students; this prestigious university is a private institution based in Dubai. This institution was founded in 2006. As of 2019, this inexpensive university has evolved into a very large university. With a student population of over 1500. It was also connected to the original university in Ontario.

At the end of their second year, most foreign and domestic students have the option to transfer to Canadian partner institutions. Management, communication sciences, and other departments are among the university’s four major faculties of study.

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