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All Cheapest Universities in Japan for International Students

Last Updated on December 30, 2023 by Unwana Akpan

Find all the cheapest universities in Japan for international students here. In terms of economic progress, wealth, industry, and technology, Japan has been one of the developed countries. This is why overseas students have a compelling reason to study in any cheap university in Japan, thanks to its high-quality educational system. There are some of the best and cheap universities in Japan a student could imagine.

Cost of Studying in Japan

The expense of studying in any cheap university in Japan is entirely borne by the student; if you manage and spend properly, your cost of living will be kept to a minimum. Living in Japan is far less expensive than in most other wealthy countries. In Japan, annual tuition prices range from 540,000 yen to 750,000 yen, or $5,100 USD to $7,100 USD. Rent ranges from 138,000 yen to 160,000 yen, or 1,300 to 1,515 dollars, with monthly food costs of around 158,000 yen, or 1500 dollars.

Are Universities Free in Japan?

Only preschool, elementary, and secondary education are currently free in Japan and we also have in other words cheap university in Japan. It is only for the citizens of the country, and the government is still working to get it up to university level.

What are the languages of instruction for universities in Japan?

For lectures and other purposes, Japanese or English is used in Japanese schools. To meet up with overseas students, they used English.

To attract international students, universities like as Tokyo Institute of Technology and Hokkaido University publish distinct brochures for degrees taught in English.

Cheapest Universities in Japan for International Students

1. Tokyo Institute of Technology

This university is the best in the world in terms of science and technology, as well as in terms of economic development, power, and industry. The university already has over 1,700 international students and is eager to accept more to assist the country’s economy thrive. This university is a great location to go if you are a student who is interested in making discoveries and proving theories. It is the cheapest university in Japan.

Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Programs: 535,800 JPY – 635,400 JPY ($5,076 USD – $6,020)
Graduate Programs: 535,800 JPY – 665,400 JPY ($5,076 USD – $6,302)

2. University of Tsukuba

This is one of the most affordable universities on our list today, as well as one of Japan’s most prestigious institutions. In collaboration with educational and research organizations, they specialize in fields such as general and applied sciences. There was also a desire to introduce Japanese culture to other university students so that they might contribute as much as possible to Japan’s cultural society. This Tsukuba University is the cheapest in the country.

Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Programs: 356,400 JPY – 535,800 JPY ($3,383 USD – $5,086)
Graduate Programs: 535,800 JPY – 817,800 JPY ($5,086 USD – $7,762)

3. The University of Tokyo

Because Japanese universities are known for educational and research excellence in any field, this university focuses mostly on research. It is one of Japan’s most affordable institutions, and international students flock to it because of their collaborative research methods with other countries. South Korea, China, and other Asian countries are among the important countries that collaborate with them on research. There are currently 4,267 international students enrolled at the university, and more are needed. There are well-equipped laboratories available to help you do research.

4. Hokkaido University

These are some of Japan’s most prestigious research institutes. The institution has been active in a number of global issues projects for decades. This university collaborates with other institutions to pursue a common goal. Agreements have been reached with Asian nations as well as the Russian Federation. The university today has roughly 2200 international students enrolled, with ambitions to add more.

Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Programs: 535,800 JPY ($5,076 USD)
Graduate Programs: 535,800 JPY – 804,000 JPY ($5,076 USD – $7,614)

5. Ritsumeikan University

This is yet another one of the low cost universities in Japan for international students that we will discuss. Kyoto, Shiga, and Osaka are the three main campuses. Each campus has a distinct mission and approach to education. Currently, the university has 2400 international students. These three campuses contribute to the university’s global recognition. There are world-class programs taught in English, which draws international students to this prominent university to study. This one-of-a-kind university is also very essential in research studies.

Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Programs: 631,900 JPY – 1,766,200 JPY ($5,994 USD – $16,752)
Graduate Programs: 1,350,000 JPY – 2,500,000 JPY ($12,804 USD – $23,707).

6. Hiroshima University

International students studying at this cheapest university in Japan are involved in research. This university has over 2100 international students. This institution is one of the most economical for international students, and it has a long-term strategy or vision that commits to the global society concerning the implementation of sustainable peace leader enhancement through research development.

Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Programs: 834,800 JPY ($7,886 USD)
Graduate Programs: 847,800 JPY ($8,007 USD)

7. Kobe University

This is a Japanese university that allows students to express themselves on any topic related to the institution. This university provides you with the best experience you might have at any other university, allowing you to rank among the best. They are concerned about the well-being of their students, which attracts international students to their university.

Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Programs: 834,800 JPY ($7,886 USD)
Graduate Programs: 847,800 JPY ($8,007 USD).

8. Waseda University

The basic facilities are available at this cheapest university in Japan. There are world-class laboratories that draw international students from all around the world. This is one of the country’s private universities. Apart from delivering exceptional and high-quality education for its international and domestic students, they have well-maintained buildings, amenities, and even restrooms.

Tuition Fees

Undergraduate Programs: 871,000 JPY – 1,446,000 JPY ($8,266 USD – $13,725)
Graduate Programs: 2,934,000 JPY – 3,152,000 JPY ($27,850 USD – $29,918)

Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Programs: 535,800 JPY – 817,800 JPY ($5,076 USD – $7,748)
Graduate Programs: 520,800 JPY – 1,086,000 JPY ($4,934 USD – $10,287)

Conclusion on Cheapest universities in Japan for International Students

I hope this article will enlighten you on the cheapest university in Japan for international students. This might not be all, but am taking you through the best that offer cheapest tuition fees.

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