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Free Online Occupational Health & Safety Courses by OSHAcademy

Last Updated on April 23, 2022 by Unwana Akpan

OshAcademy USA-Oshatrain offers free online occupational health and safety courses tailored to your specific needs. OSHAcademy offers a variety of programs and courses to fulfill your specific requirements. OSHAcademy has something to offer you whether you are just starting out in the safety and health field or have been working as a safety and health professional for a while.

Professional Safety Management Programs

Their professional programs are suited you if you want a more thorough training experience. Each OSHAcademy curriculum has been created to assist you in achieving your individual training objectives. Their programs are relevant and applicable to a variety of safety positions and industries, and they offer benefits that are unsurpassed by their competitors.

Students may get transfer credit from various schools and universities as an added bonus to their training programs. Additionally, their professional level programs can assist you in meeting some of the requirements for the Institute for Safety and Health Management’s Certified Safety Management Practitioner (CSMP) credential (ISHM)

For those interested in receiving a degree in occupational safety and health, OSHAcademy is a Learning Partner with Columbia Southern University (CSU), a recognized university that offers online associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs in occupational safety and health. You can save 10% on your CSU tuition by finishing their 132-hour OSH Professional program and purchasing one of their certificate packages. For OSHAcademy students, this provides a huge savings.

You can access their training material and complete an OSHAcademy professional program for free. If you would like to document your training, they offer affordable certificate package options. Purchase a program package and you will pay less per course certificate than if you pay for each course certificate individually!

Professional Safety Management Courses

Both general and industry-specific courses are available through OSHAcademy!

You can complete OSHAcademy courses for free, just like their professional programs. Students have more freedom and flexibility to design a training experience tailored to their personal needs by having the option of completing and acquiring certificates for individual courses.

Completing additional courses not needed as part of your program enrollment is a fantastic approach to complement the training and expand your safety knowledge if you are enrolled in one. Even if you don’t participate in an OSHAcademy program, taking individual courses is still a good way to get the in-depth and specific safety information you need to succeed.

Please visit the official website and see more options and information, thank you!

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