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Scholarship Explained in Fewer than 1000 Words

Last Updated on May 19, 2024 by Unwana Akpan

Even if you are confused about the meaning of the different types and kinds of scholarships available to students, I have it sorted out. Keep reading to learn more concerning what you need to know about scholarship, the various forms of scholarships, types of scholarships, and scholarship examples.

What is scholarship?

Scholarship to me is earning yourself sponsorship of any kind that is related to education. There are different types of scholarships; we will look into it right away.

Types of Scholarships Available

Fully-funded Scholarships

This is a kind of scholarship that takes care of all your expenses during the duration of your studies. It can be travel expenses, cost of studying, cost of living, wardrobe allowances, health insurance, just name it.

You don’t have to worry your head about anything, but you must definitely live within your means as you will be given a specific amount of monthly stipend throughout your period of studies.

If you have common sense, you should even save part rather than squander all the money.

Partial Scholarships

The problem with this type of scholarship is that I cannot completely define partial; it can be a full tuition fee waiver, half tuition fee waiver, and scholarship to support cost of living alone or even a grant towards your accommodation or bus-fare expenses.

How partial your scholarship is depends on the sponsor, that is why you must read between the lines to get every detailed information about what the scholarship covers.

Kinds of Scholarships

Let’s look at the different kinds of scholarships available. By kind I mean the reason you are being offered the scholarship in the first place.

Scholarships for Development

Have you ever heard of scholarship for development? May be you have or haven’t, but, this kind of scholarship is strictly for students from developing nations like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Cameroun etc.

The reason for awarding this scholarship is for you to learn some new skills, go back to your country and contribute towards its development.

Examples include; British Chevening scholarships, commonwealth scholarships, New Zealand government scholarship etc.

Program-specific Scholarships

The sponsors just want you to study a particular program they feel is important or beneficial to them. You don’t have a choice of program here or in this case; it is either you take it or leave it.

Good examples are MBA scholarships, medical scholarships, scholarships for engineering students etc.

Country-specific Scholarships

This one you may already know about it. There are certain scholarships that permit you to study anywhere in the world, but certainly not this kind. The sponsor decides which country or countries you can study in.

Examples include; Chinese government scholarship, DAAD scholarship to study in Germany, Commonwealth scholarship to study in UK etc.

Alumni Scholarships

These are awarded either by graduates of a certain institution or former beneficiaries of a particular scholarship program. They usually offer these scholarships to show gratitude to whom It may concern.

Examples include; Harvard Alumni scholarships, Glasgow Caledonian University Alumni awards, Oxford University Scholarships etc.

Most Prominent and Competitive Scholarships in the World

Famous Reasons Students Need Scholarships

  • To alleviate or support the cost of studying abroad or in their home country
  • To boost their curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • To learn in a better environment that couldn’t be afforded originally
  • To stand a chance of going to school at all
  • They might as well contribute positively to societal wellbeing
  • To suit their self esteem or pride

How to apply for a scholarship

First of all, make sure you at least stand a chance of being awarded a scholarship in the first place; then get the most important documents and even auxiliary ones ready and in sight.

You need to know the kind of scholarship or type you really need, don’t apply for anything scholarship; it can make you lose focus and even labour in vain. If your attention is too divided, you can’t give each scholarship application your best.

Be sure you meet all eligibility criteria and possess necessary pre-requisites before applying. When you are ready to apply for scholarship, make sure you follow the specific scholarship application instructions strictly. If you do not understand, ask a scholar to explain to you by asking questions in an education forum you belong.

If you do not belong to any forum, please try and join one or you do research about how to apply for the scholarship you have in mind, am sure there lots of articles that will explain to your understanding. Be on alert towards deadlines and apply early enough to avoid a rushed or hasty application.

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