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Harvard University Application; How to Apply for Graduate Programs

Last Updated on January 12, 2023 by Unwana Akpan

Applying to Harvard University can be a challenging job in a graduate program, whether it’s a Master’s or Ph.D. program. However by listing what you should do step-by-step, we will try our best to make this application process simpler.

You should only disregard the section that applies to foreign students if you are a US citizen or Permanent Resident. But you can also complete the pieces that apply to foreign students if you are an international student.

About Harvard University

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, there is a private Ivy League research university called Harvard University. The oldest higher education facility in the United States and one of the most famous and highly rated universities in the world, Harvard University was originally founded in 1636 as Harvard College and named after its first benefactor, the Puritan clergyman John Harvard.

There are twelve academic faculties within the university in addition to the Harvard Radcliffe Institute. Other faculties solely provide graduate degrees, including professional degrees, while the Faculty of Arts and Sciences offers study in a broad range of undergraduate and graduate academic areas.

The 209-acre (85 ha) Cambridge site, centered on Harvard Yard, a neighboring campus directly over the Charles River in the Boston district of Allston, and a medical facility in the city’s Longwood Medical Area make up Harvard’s three main campuses.

With a $50.9 billion endowment, Harvard is the richest academic institution in the world. The undergraduate institution can admit students regardless of their ability to pay and offer considerable financial aid without taking out any loans because to endowment income. The Harvard Library system, which consists of 79 separate libraries and holds 20 million items, is the largest academic library system in the world.

Harvard University Application; Graduate Programs

Applications for admissions as foreign students, with few exceptions such as the language proficiency test, are basically the same as applying as a domestic student. I will list all the required documents and procedures for applying as an international student to Harvard University in this section.

Necessary Documents to Apply for Harvard University Graduate Program

  • Online application form and application fee of $105
  • Uploaded transcripts to the online application
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • GRE (Graduate Record Examination)
  • Demonstration of English Proficiency for international students (Only for International Students: IELTS or TOEFL)

Application Procedure

Very frankly, for various graduate programs at Harvard University, the application process (particularly the necessary documents) is different. The application is also different, too.

For details, you can refer to your website for the graduate program. So you can look at the Harvard College of Engineering Website if you are applying for engineering. You can take a look at the Harvard Humanities Site if you are looking for a humanities program.

The website can be found by searching for “Harvard Graduate School on Google.

This is a general reference to the process for requesting applications. Slight variations between graduate programs can exist.

Start the application online

Students must go to Harvard’s appropriate graduate school and start an online application (Ex. Graduate School of Engineering for majors in engineering, etc.)

  • Upload your transcripts to the web application form
  • Ask 3 faculty lecturers for the recommendations at your previous institution
  • Write an intent statement or essay; This should express your interest in the graduate program, academic credentials, and your priorities.

Take a test for English Proficiency

International students must take the TOEFL and have a score of at least 80. Higher scores will be required by some programs.

Submit the application when both the application form and the materials needed are completed

As mentioned earlier, for various graduate programs, the application process is different, and it is therefore important that you review the website of the graduate program for full details on the application process. This should however, give you a general guide so that when you fill out the application, you know what to expect.

Harvard University Gazette

The Harvard Gazette, often known as the Harvard University Gazette, is the school’s official news source. It was once a print publication but is now online. It promotes university activities, faculty, teaching, and research. It was first published in 1906 as a weekly calendar of news and events. It changed to a weekly newspaper in 1968.

When the Harvard University Gazette was published in print, it was recommended as a reliable source of news about Harvard: “If weekly reading suits you best, the most complete and authoritative medium is the Harvard University Gazette.”

The Gazette maintained the same number of reporters in 2010, even though it “shifted from a print-first to a digital-first and mobile-first” publication and reduced its publication schedule to biweekly. Some of these reporters had previously worked for the Boston Globe, Miami Herald, and the Associated Press.

Notable People – Alumni

Harvard graduates have made substantial and innovative contributions to society, the arts and sciences, business, and national and international politics over the course of more than three and a half centuries. Eight former presidents of the United States, 188 billionaires who are still alive, 79 Nobel laureates, 7 Fields Medal winners, 9 Turing Award winners, 369 Rhodes Scholars, 252 Marshall Scholars, and 13 Mitchell Scholars are among the alumni of Harvard.

The 10 Academy Awards, 48 Pulitzer Prizes, 108 Olympic medals, including 46 gold medals, and numerous well-known businesses around the world have all been won by Harvard students and graduates.

You should definitely check out the Harvard University Scholarships Page for Harvard University scholarship information, if you want. I hope this article is helpful!

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