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Highest Paying Engineering Degrees In 2024

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Unwana Akpan

When we talk about the highest paying engineering degrees of 2024, we mean to specify the list of degrees in this field that will pay you a handsome salary once you complete your course.

Average salaries for engineers are typically greater than those for many other occupations. This is partly because technical skills are in great demand and are needed for engineer employment because today businesses are becoming more and more dependent on technology.

The pay for engineering positions does vary, as can be seen by looking more closely. While the average income for mechanical engineers today is $87,370, mining and environmental engineers make around $92,250 annually, and engineering managers make about $140,760.

You may wonder which engineering has the highest salary. These are the highest paying engineering degrees to look into in terms of median salary and future growth; check them out!

Highest Paying Engineering Degrees in 2024

Environmental Engineer

Median Salary: $87,620

Environmental engineering is one of the highest paying engineering jobs where engineers usually work in the construction sector and seek solutions to environmental problems using their technical expertise, and knowledge of the earth sciences, biology, and chemistry. Due to the nature of the work, which may demand them to spend time on job sites, this is a great career route for folks who don’t want to be restricted to a desk job.

Biomedical Engineer

Median Salary: $92,620

Biomedical engineers are the highest paid engineers who apply engineering concepts to promote medical knowledge by creating instruments that help doctors diagnose and treat patients more effectively. They frequently work in a medical or clinical setting. The department of Biomedical Engineering is known for its creativity and excellence.

Systems Engineer

Median Salary: $97,902

Systems engineers oversee a company’s technical infrastructure, keeping up with all the hardware and software necessary to keep operations running smoothly. Consider this career option if you have excellent communication skills and the capacity to explain complex concepts to teams that lack technical expertise.

Nuclear Engineer

Median Salary: $116,140

The equipment and tools required to use nuclear energy are developed, designed, and researched by nuclear engineers. They must feel at ease dealing with a high level of complexity because they are in charge of securely overseeing the operations of nuclear energy installations. The median salary for nuclear engineers was $116,140 in 2023, placing it among the top five highest paid engineering jobs.

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Aerospace Engineer

Median Salary: $118,610

Electrical engineers create electrical and electronic components like electric motors, radar, and navigation systems for a number of businesses. They might also work on the creation of communications or broadcasting systems. In this line of work, you may actually claim that “it’s rocket science.” Aerospace engineers create and construct satellites, missiles, spacecraft, and aircraft. Skills in design, as well as keen analytical abilities and problem-sensitivity, are prerequisites.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Median Salary: $119,560

In this highly specialised profession, creating computer systems and parts including CPUs, circuit boards, and memory devices is involved. For analytical thinkers with a passion for math or physics, computer hardware engineering is a great subject to pursue.

Big Data Engineer

Median Salary: $114,561

Big data has opened up many commercial opportunities, but if complicated data sets aren’t organised in a way that makes sense, they have no value. The big data engineer is responsible for developing the hardware and system architecture that allows others to comprehend and make use of data. It is one of the top paying jobs. Engineers have numerous opportunities thanks to big data.

Electrical Engineer

Median Salary: $103,390

Electrical engineers create electrical and electronic components like electric motors, radar, and navigation systems for a number of businesses. They might also work on the creation of communications or broadcasting systems.

Petroleum Engineer

Median Salary: $137,300

Petroleum engineers establish techniques for digging up petroleum and natural gas, which are then used to produce energy in an effective and environmentally friendly manner. One of the highest paying engineering degrees in 2024 is a petroleum engineer.

We hope this blog answers your questions on which engineer has the highest salary and other details on the same. Check out the FAQs for more information!


1. What kind of engineering degree pays the most in 2022?

While all kinds of engineering degrees pay a handsome amount, graduates of computer science engineering and petroleum engineering earn the highest salaries.

2. What are some well-paying, simple careers for engineering majors?

In terms of median compensation and future development, a few of the high-paying specialities in this field include biomedical engineering, environmental engineering, and systems engineering.

3. What is the typical engineer’s salary?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for engineers is $100,640, and growth in the engineering industry is anticipated to continue in the near future.

4. Which engineering major makes it the easiest and quickest to get a job?

Environmental engineering, industrial engineering, and architectural engineering are some of the simplest engineering specialities to get a well-paying career in. Although these degrees have relatively light course loads, it is still simple to get a job with these majors.

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