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How to Apply for an Australian Student Visa; Complete Guide

Applying the eight steps below, you will be able to obtain an Australian Student Visa to study in Australia. The hindrance to getting student visa most times is lack of information but at Study Eagles, we promise to breach the gap between relevant information and our readers.

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Before applying for an Australian Students Visa, you should find out how much it costs to study in Australia.

You should also consider applying to universities in Australia that do not charge application costs.

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8 Steps to Obtain an Australian Student Visa to Study Abroad in Australia

How to Apply for an Australian Student Visa; Complete Guide

1 Apply to a school in Australia and get a CoE

Before you may apply for a student visa, you must show proof of acceptance into an Australian university. Confirmation of Enrolment, or CoE, is the name given to this proof.

For the student visa process in Australia, a certificate of good character is required. Documents such as a police statement from your home country, as well as a completed Character Statutory Declaration Form, are included.

You can determine if you qualify for any of the universities on our list of tuition-free universities in Australia.

2 Create an account with the Australian immigration Authorities

You may now apply for Australian student visas effortlessly online. You must first make an account on the Australian online immigration portal before beginning the visa application procedure.

Your name, phone number, and e-mail address are required to create an account.

3 Make sure that you have all the needed documents in digital format.

The following documents are required to get an Australian Student Visa;

  • Your CoE
  • An OSHC health insurance.
  • A passport that preferably must be valid for the period of your stay in Australia since it will be troublesome to exchange your passport there when you study with a student visa
  • Evidence of temporary stay: on your application, you have to officially state that you only plan to stay temporary in Australia. You can support this claim by attaching an evidence of employment or a letter from your school in your home country or similar documents.

Additional documentation will be required depending on where you apply and where you plan to study.
The following are some of the most typical documents required to obtain an Australian Student Visa;

  • Additional ID documents such as a certificate of birth
  • Evidence that you can finance your studies in Australia, such as a bank statement or evidence of scholarship. There are many Australian scholarships for international students that you can apply for.
  • An evidence that you have adequate knowledge to pass your intended studies, such as certified grade reports and IELTS-test result.
  • A real evidence of prior employment or admission such as an employment contract, paychecks etc.
    Credentials of criminal offenses if you have ever been convicted.

4 Process the Visa Application Online

You should apply for a student visa in subclass 500. (500). This application can be completed as soon as 124 days before the commencement of your course (according to the date on your CoE).

You must fill out your nationality and CoE code on the first page of the visa application (s).

You must also choose your Education sector, such as ELICOS for language courses or Higher Education for university-level courses. The form contains more information.

You will be notified to submit your personal information, family information, previous educational information, work experience information, health information, and criminal record after finishing the form.

5 Pay the Visa fee and obtain a TRN-Number

To acquire an Australian Students Visa, you must pay the application cost once you have finished the application. The simplest method of payment is to use a credit card to make an online purchase.

Make a note of your Transaction Reference Number; it will be used to track the status of your application.

6 Health Checkup And Interview

You should not get your health checkup before filling out your application form because you will require your Transaction Reference Number (TRN-number). You’ll also be given guidance on what to look for.

7 Obtain Your Visa Decision

The time it takes to receive your visa determination is determined by where you apply and how busy the Australian immigration offices are.

In our experience, you should receive your decision between one (1) or two (2) weeks after submitting your application.

Logging onto the Australian immigration portal will allow you to check the status of your application (this is the account you created in step 2 above). Input your Transaction Reference Number if necessary (TRN-number).

8 Travel to Australia

You can enter Australia 90 days before the course start date written on your Confirmation of Enrolment if you have received an Australian Students Visa (CoE).

If you have not arranged accommodation through your school, you must notify them of your Australian address within seven (7) days of your arrival.

In most cases, you are allowed to stay in Australia for thirty (30) days after your study expires, or sixty (60) days if your term is longer than ten months.

All of these deadlines should be specified on your visa, and if they differ from what you see here, you should always follow the directions on your visa.

Good luck with your desire of studying overseas; I hope this post will assist you in obtaining an Australian Student Visa.

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