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How to Stay Away from Social Media World

Last Updated on December 28, 2021 by Unwana Akpan

Social media hooks all college and university students all over the world. Find out how to spend less time on Facebook and Instagram. We have proven methods to guide you through.

Proven Methods on How Not to Spend Too Much Time in Social Media

Modern life can be hardly imagined without all kinds of technology. Thanks to the invention of the Internet, people receive access to all sorts of information and entertainment. One of them is social media. Various platforms offer fun, information, education, business, and other forms of content. However, those platforms seem to steal the precious time of students.

In the meanwhile, young people do not sometimes understand that they waste their time instead of improving their skills. As a result, youngsters place online requests similar to this one – I will pay someone to do my project. Their only hope to complete their assignments successfully is to request help on a custom writing site. The resourcefulness of those sites impresses, and it’s sometimes justified to use their help. Nevertheless, you ought to do most of your tasks alone.

If social media is a problem for you, and you have no idea of how to reduce spending on it, we can help you. You don’t even have to pay for that. Simply read this useful guide. It contains smart tips that will have to use social media to a reasonable extent.

1 Use Screen Time

The first tip you should follow is to set screen time that signifies that you have reached a reasonable limit of surfing social media platforms. For example, you can:

  • Set a timer for 1 hour for Facebook or Instagram.
  • Once your screen signifies that the time for today has run out, turn it off immediately.
  • You may turn on this function and make it automatic.

You can also use similar apps if they are more appealing to you.

2 Set the Deadline

The second tip to follow is to set a strict timeframe for social media. You should never surf social media platforms after a certain time. For example, it may be midnight. Never enter your Twitter or Snapchat that late!

3 Practice a Social Media Detox

One of the most interesting and challenging tips is to try the so-called social media detox. Its main purpose is to refuse to visit social media platforms for the whole day. You should plan your routine in a logical way that will keep you busy all the time during the selected day. Here are a few things you can do to remain busy:

  • Go in for sports;
  • Take a short trip;
  • Go hiking;
  • Undertake your hobbies;
  • Go camping;
  • Visit a museum, theater, etc.

There are a lot of activities you can try to keep yourself busy during the day. Choose one or several activities you are really fond of. Believe us, you will forget about social media immediately.

4 Turn Off Notifications

The simplest way to reduce time spent on social media is to get rid of notifications. We are quite sure that your cell phone sends you various alarms when somebody writes to you, makes a post, writes a comment, leaves alike and so on. When such alarms come, you instantly cheek what was that and commonly start to surf all other posts and comments. To avoid this seduction, just turn those notifications off and check everything when you have free time.

5 Use Grayscale

Another, similar to the time screen, the option is to turn on Grayscale. Its principle is very simple. When you activate it, the app turns the screen of your cell phone gray. All those videos, pictures, and posts lose their colors and attractiveness.

However, we believe that the time screen is more effective. When everything is gray, it may become appealing to many online users. Besides, it does not irritate the eye. Use this app for a couple of days. If you feel it has a low effect, try something else.

6 Delete It for Some Time

Another challenging idea is to simply delete all your social media accounts. It will not be forever. Nonetheless, you will not be able to visit your accounts whenever you want that.

7 Start a New Hobby

Finally, you should try a new hobby. It’s always captivating and requires all your attention. Here are a few nice hobbies:

  • Read a new book;
  • Develop a new skill;
  • Work as a volunteer;
  • Try a new sport;
  • Practice blog writing, etc.

The Bottom Line

Social media is a common part of modern people. They cannot keep away from it for good. Nonetheless, they can reduce the time spent on social media platforms to a logical extent. Use the tips provided in our article. Thus, you will have more time to tackle your academic project and be a successful student. Besides, you will not “burn out” most of your life being glued to the blue screen. Be reasonable and you will manage everything!

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