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Pros and Cons of Seeking Academic Help From Online Tutoring and Homework Assistance Websites

Students got used to online classes during the pandemic. With all the uncertainty around the whole COVID-19 situation, schools and colleges did not hesitate to continue classes virtually.

At the same time, students got to try out different online tutoring and homework assistance platforms. These platforms soon became an important part of these students’ academics. Having said that, there is no denying that the platforms do pose certain problems as well.

So in this article, we will look at the pros and cons of online tutoring services and homework assistance platforms, and try to understand their impact on students.  


On-Demand Service with Dedicated Tutors

Online tutoring and homework assistance websites provide a lot of benefits to students. For starters, these websites provide on-demand service, meaning you can seek help from the platform and its expert tutors and teachers whenever you need it. 

These platforms have dedicated tutors for all types of courses and subjects. So whenever you post a request seeking assistance with your homework, you can rest assured that at least one tutor will surely respond to your request.

Guided Solutions to All Your Problems and Queries

Then there is the fact that these study websites provide guided solutions to all your queries. Tutors from websites like Homeworkmarket will not just tell you the answer to your questions or provide you with the solutions to a difficult problem and be done with it. Instead, the tutors will make an effort to show you the process they used to get to the solution. Homeworkmarket is now SweetStudy, and despite the rebranding of the platform, its objectives remain the same. 

No Need for Appointments

With websites like SweetStudy, you do not have to set up appointments to seek help with your homework or assignment. You can simply post your queries and interested parties (tutors) will respond to your request. 

Then, you get to decide which tutor you want to go with, and then get in touch with them to seek help. With such tutoring and homework assistance services, you no longer have to wait for your faculty member or respective TA (teaching assistant) to give you an appointment. 

More Convenient than In-Person Consultations

Convenience is another thing that these platforms offer their students. Not only do you not have to schedule an appointment to get help with your studies, but you also get to skip the ordeal of coming to campus on an off day to consult with your TA or professor. 

As online homework assistance platforms provide on-demand virtual services, you can get help at any time, from anywhere. This makes the platform super-reliable and convenient, especially when you have to meet a deadline, or are struggling with your studies the day before an exam or quiz.

Your Questions Might Have Already Been Answered

Last but not the least, you might get lucky if someone had already asked the question you had in mind, and an expert already answered it. For instance, you want to know how you can calculate the distance from the earth to the sun. 

It could be possible that someone else has already asked this question on the forum, and an expert already provided the answer. In such cases, you need not go through the trouble of posting your query, since the solution to it is already available. 


A Lack of Trust

While these homework assistance platforms and tutoring websites usually have good reviews from their users and are mostly flawless, there are still certain problems with them. And if not the platforms themselves, the problems lie with the users and how the models of these study websites are designed.

A lot of students are not comfortable sharing their academic problems with people they do not know. These students prefer interacting with their course instructor instead of relying on strangers on a random website. 

No Direct Interaction

Students cannot consult with the tutors directly, meaning there is no direct interaction with the tutor. All they can do is seek detailed guidelines on how they can solve a problem. Many students would rather talk to their teachers, either face-to-face or virtually, than wait for someone to give them the solution to their problems. 


Finally, there is the issue with misappropriation. Students often copy-paste the answers from these platforms in their homework or assignments. They do not bother understanding the way those questions were solved. 

Hence, even though the tutor aims to guide the students through these difficult questions, the students do not pay any heed to those efforts. These students simply want an answer they can submit and be done with their homework or assignments.

Despite these issues, online tutoring and homework assistance websites are still in-demand. The online tutoring industry is also growing stronger each passing day. And as long as students do not misuse these facilities, this industry will go a long way.

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