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How to Study Abroad in Switzerland, Universities and Tuition Fees

Find out how to study abroad in Switzerland at their cheap tuition universities; cost of living, tuition fees and other relevant information discussed.

The most famous higher institutions in Switzerland include ETU Zurich and EPFL; they are the best when it comes to science, engineering and technology too.

Universities in Switzerland now offer many programs that are English-taught to attract foreign students; their fees are very affordable compared to schools in USA, Canada or Australia.

Other languages of instructions include French and German, this attracts international students from many European countries and even neighbouring countries. Find out admission requirements, study visa processing and how yo apply.

Study Abroad in Switzerland – Cost of Living

As an international student, you have to be prepared to spend more in Switzerland unlike other European nations like Poland or Cyprus; cost of living is relatively high. But it is way lower than living in UK or USA.

You will need to worry about exchange rate too as Switzerland is using Swiss Franc instead of Euros. Budget about 1,200 to 1,500 Euros for a month, this will take care of accommodation, feeding, utility bills and transport.

Study at Cheap Universities in Switzerland – Tuition Fees

Studying abroad in Switzerland should cost about 700 to 3,500 Euros per year for international students. It depends on the institution and program of choice.

International students can apply for scholarships to study in Switzerland, many institutions offer different scholarships, find about from your school to know the one you are qualified to apply for or better still apply for Swiss government fully funded scholarship to study in Switzerland.

Their private schools are more expensive, between 2,000 and 8,500 Euros per semester. The good thing about private schools is that they do not ask you to write entrance examinations just like government schools.

Cheap Universities in Switzerland – Immigration and Visas

Documents required for study visa application;

  • A valid passport
  • Proof accommodation
  • Evidence of funds to support themselves
  • Proof of admission
  • Health insurance

International students should find out how to go about it at their home embassy.

Bachelors Admission Requirements

Institutions in Switzerland decide if your certificate is valid for you to be considered for admission at all or not. They are different from other schools in other countries of Europe who accepts certificates from any school at all. You will need a valid secondary school or high school results.

Postgraduate Admission Requirements

You will need a valid bachelors or masters certificate depending on the level of postgraduate studies.

For other admission requirements, consider consulting your school directly.

Study Abroad in Switzerland – Language Requirement

The local languages in Switzerland include German, French and Italia; some universities offer more courses in a certain language than others but all of them offer more English-taught programs.

German language

Cheap Universities in Switzerland offering programs taught mainly in German.

  • University of Bern
  • University of Lucerne
  • University of St.Gallen
  • University of Zurich
  • The Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich
  • University of Fribourg

French language

Universities in Switzerland that offer mainly French-taught programs;

  • University of Fribourg
  • University of Neuchâtel
  • University of Geneva
  • University of Lausanne
  • Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne

Italian language

This university offers courses taught in Italian language.

  • University of Lugano

English language

Many programs are offered in English language, this has been on the increase for sometime now. A major reason foreign students troop in to study in Switzerland. Just find out if your desired course is offered in English from any university of your choice below.

List of Cheap Universities in Switzerland for International Students

  • University of Zurich
  • Biel School of Engineering
  • Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
  • Engineering School of St. Gallen
  • Graduate Institute of International Studies
  • Rapperswil School of Engineering
  • School of Engineering Cantone Ticino
  • School of Engineering of Bern HTL
  • School of Engineering of Brugg-Windisch HTL
  • School of Engineering of Burgdorf HTL
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
  • Universitat Basel
  • Universite de Fribourg
  • Universite de Lausanne
  • University of Berne
  • University of Berne
  • University of Geneva
  • University of Neuchatel
  • University of St. Gallen

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