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List of Cheap Universities in Jersey with Tuition Fees

Last Updated on March 9, 2024 by Unwana Akpan

Cheap universities in Jersey for international students, cost of living, tuition fees, health insurance and student visa requirements are the information you will find in this article.

Describing Jersey in Europe

Among England, France and Jersey, Jersey is the largest of the Island channels.

It’s known for its beaches, cliff side walking trails, inland valleys and historic castles; a self-governing dependency of the United Kingdom, with a blend of British and French cultures.

  • Continent: Europe
  • Location: Western Europe
  • Capital: Saint Helier
  • Official Languages: English, French
  • Currency: Jersey Pound (JEP)
  • Time zone: (UTC+0)

Tuition Fees at Cheap Universities in Jersey

In order to do so, students enrolled in public schools do not pay fees. In general, however, this is only a choice available to students who are indigenous to the country.

Others can pay a fee to register, including foreign students. Depending on the degree program the student enrolls in and the school, this fee varies considerably.

Higher education, especially for those students who enroll at the Jersey International Business School, comes at a cost. This school is a private facility for education and fees appear to be higher here.

However for students who wish to receive a degree that can be used abroad, the school is also one of the best choices, which is something many students do.

Here, international students can study. In certain instances, securing a student visa is achieved via the university itself.

To pursue work outside of Jersey, many students move abroad. However, as well as a strong corporate sector, the country has a growing healthcare industry. After graduation, seeking work in these fields could be a choice.

Health Insurance in Jersey

Students who are planning to attend Jersey University will have to get their own health care. It is not offered by the attendance school. Via the school or through a third party vendor, students will be able to buy policies. The colleges, however, set the rules for whether students should attend without this form of coverage in place or not.

Student Visas for Studying in Jersey

Students have to first apply to the school of their choosing in order to receive a student visa. He or she is then eligible to apply for a visa through the government if the school accepts the student. The school will have a letter of acceptance that will enable this to happen.

Living Cost in Jersey

Jersey appears to have a moderate to high cost of living relative to other locations, since the nation imports a great deal of its goods. This appears to mean that there are significantly higher daily expenses than what you would find in the UK. However, owing to global circumstances, the cost of living fluctuates.

List of Cheap Colleges in Jersey, Europe

1. Cambridge International College

In the area of research, training and education, Cambridge International College is a highly regarded, experienced, successful and competent institution. Their mission and number one priority, is very simple; it is to provide competent, accessible high-quality courses that provide expertise, understanding, skills and competence to our members, and that will enable our members to obtain good jobs and achieve career success.

2. Highlands College Jersey

Highlands College in the Channel Islands is an extra and higher college in Jersey. It has 860 full-time students and over 4,000 adult and part-time students. Highlands is a partner college between the University of Plymouth, the University of London South Bank and the University of Sussex.

Conclusion on Cheap Universities in Jersey with Tuition Fees

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