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Low Tuition Colleges and Universities in Colombia with Tuition Fees

Last Updated on March 7, 2022 by Unwana Akpan

Foreign students can now study in Colombia at cheap universities in Colombia and even colleges; tuition fees, cost of living, scholarships and grants reviewed. Find out how to apply for studies.

Hope you know that Colombia is a country in Latin America? Not only that, it is also one of the most vibrant and lively of them all.

Colombia is situated at North of South America, surrounded by Andes mountains, rain forests and coffee plantations.

The country’s capital is Bogota, a very lively city with many restaurants and shops, cafes, sit-outs etc especially in Zona Rosa district.

Study in Colombia at their Affordable Colleges – Tuition Fees

Sometimes tuition fees can be very low or moderate depending on where you choose to study your program. Some colleges and universities set their tuition fees as they deem it fit. Tuition in public Colombian colleges or universities are usually very affordable compared to that of private school. It is even very affordable than some European or North American countries.

Expect to pay around 956 US dollars per semester in public schools or between 970 to 5,500 US dollars in a private school. I hope you know that Colombians make use of Pesos as a currency. It doesn’t have much value anyway.

Study in Colombia – Cost of Living

To live and study in Colombia, budget 500 to 1,100 US dollars every month. This will take care of accommodation, food, transport fare, electric bills, water rates, books etc. This is largely a function of your spending habit and location.

Study in Colombia in Spanish Language

It is compulsory for any international student wishing to study in Colombia to know Spanish language very well; I is their colleges’ sole language of instructions. You will be required to take the language test or submit a certificate of the one you already took;  exemption can only be granted if you are from a Spanish speaking nation or your former studies was done in Spanish.

Study in Colombia – Intake Periods

Majority of the schools in Colombia admit students to study from February of every year. They operate two semesters in a year; from February to June and from July to November.

Other universities and colleges still run two semesters a year but they rather subscribe to a different academic period. The first semester is from September to December while second semester is from January to June.

I have written a detailed guide on how to apply for admission to any foreign School, please read and follow the guide to apply to any of the schools listed below.

Study at Cheap Universities in Colombia – Student Visa

Any study plan in Colombia that will take more than 3 months will require adequate permission. That is where a study visa comes in; apply through your country’s embassy or online.

You will need admission letter to apply for a study visa; they may even need proof of tuition fee payment before they can award the visa to you. Find out other possible requirements when applying for a study visa.

When you are granted student visa to Colombia, it is also compulsory to register and get their citizen card before settling down to start your studies. Failure to register at  La Unidad Administrativa Especial Migración Colombia within 15 days, attracts a fine.

List of Cheap Colleges and Universities in Colombia for International Students

  • National University of Colombia
  • Military University Nueva Granada
  • National Pedagogic University
  • Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia
  • Technological University of Pereira
  • Superior College of Public Administration
  • University of the Amazon
  • University of the Llanos
  • University of the Pacific

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