Online Business Degree Florida; Top Reviews

Online Business Degree Florida; Top Reviews

Stop by and let us discuss about the best online business degree in Florida, USA, offered by top universities. Find out requirements and where to apply.

About Florida as a State

Some of the world’s oldest enterprises, professional services, and tourism industries are located in Florida. The Sunshine State is a hot location for people looking for new business and employment prospects because it is a national leader in real estate, tourism, and entertainment.

And, with no less than 31 colleges across the state providing at least one online business degree, Florida has some of the best online business learning prospects on the East Coast for aspiring business executives. Of course, business executives are in demand everywhere, but they are especially in demand in the United States’ main tropical hubs: Jacksonville and Miami—metropolises where job opportunities in finance, banking, and tourism abound for reasons of plenty and diversity.

FL Average Salaries for common MBA-holding roles

  • Financial Analyst: $50,994
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO): $288,893
  • Marketing Manager: $88,880
  • IT Project Manager: $92,136
  • Operations Manager: $85,474
  • Finance Manager: $107,656

Online Learning in Miami

The Miami metro area is home to the state’s biggest concentration of online degree-granting institutions. In the Miami metro area, ten colleges and universities offer online degrees. Florida International University, Miami Dade College, and Johnson & Wales – North Miami are three of the 10 schools that offer online business degrees. These three colleges offer 17 degrees, ranging from associate’s to master’s, all of which are 100% online and in business.

Students who graduate from any of these three colleges or universities will be well positioned to start careers in financial management, tourism, and possibly even their own business due to their proximity to the headquarters of some of the largest national and international businesses in the United States, as well as their residence at the heart of one of the world’s largest tourism industries. Pursuing an online degree at a local school is a flexible and effective approach to qualify for higher-paying positions for people already working in and around Miami and looking to further their careers through further training, especially with affordable in-state tuition at a public university.

Online Learning in Jacksonville

In both the State of Florida as well a south-eastern United States, Jacksonville is the most populated city. It hosts the second largest set of universities in the state with an online degree. Online degrees are offered at and around Jacksonville in five regular four-year universities. Only one of those five offers business degrees online: Jones College. The Jones College offers a full-time online and business degree, one associate and one bachelor degree.

Students who graduate from Jones College will be well positioned to begin employment in financial management, or perhaps establish their own firm, in Jacksonville and the surrounding area, due to the college’s proximity to the headquarters of some of the country’s major corporations. Pursuing an online degree at a local school can be a flexible and efficient approach to get a promotion for people already working in and around Jacksonville and seeking to further their careers through further training, especially with lower in-state tuition at a public university.

The 5 Best Schools Offering Online Business Degree in Florida

In total, the state of Florida has 31 online business degree-granting institutions. These include anything from community colleges with low-cost associate’s degrees and the option to transfer to a four-year institution to some of the world’s greatest graduate business schools. While prospective students should initially check to see if a university offers the type of business degree they want, there are a few programs that stand out across the board. We’ve chosen our top five universities in business that offer online business degrees.

We used the methodology of equally weighting the range of online business offerings with the academic prestige of a given university to select our programs. Universities’ academic prestige is determined by a number of factors, including average financial need, average class sizes, admissions standards, and the percentage of faculty with terminal degrees in their fields. Take a look at our list of the best five online business schools in Florida.

1 University of Florida

  • GBS SCORE; 97.5/100

The University of Florida is a public university with land-grant, space-grant, and sea-grant missions. The University of Florida is one of the largest and most prestigious institutions of higher education in the United States, frequently ranking among the best universities in the world. The J. Hillis Miller Health Science Center in Jacksonville and the Warrington College of Business in Sunrise are two of UF’s many satellite campuses.

Because they attend a school that has been designated as a “Best Value” by numerous ranking indexes, all University of Florida students are allowed to take advantage of these locations, as well as enjoy reasonable tuition. A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and ten master’s degrees, ranging from a Master of Business Administration to a Master of Social Media, are among the 11 online programs offered by UF. Graduates of the University of Florida program will be part of one of the country’s Top 20 greatest alumni networks, which includes two Nobel Laureates, ten US Senators, and links to over 100 nations.

2 Florida Institute of Technology

  • GBS SCORE; 97/100

The Florida Institute of Technology, based in Melbourne, Florida, is a private space-grant university. It is well renowned for its schools of aeronautics, astronomy, engineering, and sciences, which were founded during the Space Race in 1958. The College of Business, behind the Colleges of Engineering and Sciences, enrolls the third-largest number of students at Florida Tech. The Bisk College of Business also hosts the annual Business Ethics Conference, which has speakers from both business and academia from all over the world. Online classes are attended by 30% of all students enrolled.

The Associate’s in Accounting and Healthcare Management, Bachelor’s in Aviation Management and Business Administration Management, and Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) with specializations in Healthcare Management and Information Technology Management are among the 23 online business degrees available. All of these possibilities, as well as their associated flexibility, make the Florida Institute of Technology an excellent choice for busy working Floridians wishing to add to their educational resumes.

3 Lynn University

  • GBS SCORE; 95/100

Lynn University, based in Boca Raton, Florida, is a private American university. Lynn University is particularly well-known for its international reach, with over a quarter of its student body from from countries other than the United States. Such global inclusion is intended to support Lynn University’s initiative to integrate global ideas into its curriculum, which was bolstered by the university’s hosting of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s foreign policy debate in 2012.

The 11 online business degrees offered by Lynn University range from bachelor’s to master’s degrees, with concentrations in aviation management, hospitality management, and international business among them. A number of professional soccer players, including Scott Gordon, Jean Alexandre, and Scott Gordon, as well as Joseph Abruzzo, an elected member of the Florida Senate, are among the school’s notable alumni. Lynn University graduates will be well-positioned to work in the local business and tourism industries, as the Boca Raton area is home to some of Florida’s most prestigious corporations.

4 Florida State University

  • GBS SCORE; 93.5/100

This school is a public land-grant and space-grant university with a satellite campus in Panama City. Florida State University is one of the largest and most prestigious colleges in the United States, frequently ranking among the top universities in the world. Due to high student demand, Florida State’s College of Business offers “Limited Access” admission to its highly competitive programs, which have consistently ranked in the Top 40 for undergraduate business degrees.

Students at Florida State benefit from low tuition because they attend a school that has been rated as a “Best Value” by numerous ranking indexes. A Master of Business Administration with a focus in Real Estate, a Master of Science in Educational Administration, and a Master of Science in Management Information Systems are among Florida State’s five online master’s programs. Graduates of Florida State’s business department will join one of the country’s strongest alumni networks, which includes professional athletes, senators, ambassadors, and worldwide leaders.

5 University of South Florida

  • GBS SCORE; 93/100

Located in Tampa, Florida, the University of South Florida is a public research university. The fourteen colleges of the University of South Florida, which are spread across three campuses in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota-Manatee, are known for producing some of the greatest public health, education, and information studies graduates in the Southeast. Its well-known Public Health program is regarded as a leader in both academia and the healthcare sector.

USF’s many connections with local businesses help its students stay focused on the practical implications of their work, and its research centers for Health, Sustainability, and Urban Transportation are among the best in the country. The five online business degrees offered by the University of South Florida are all graduate degrees, ranging from a Master’s in Public Health for Executives to a PhD in Career & Workforce Education. These graduate degree programs offer the best value, especially for Florida residents, at less than $450 per credit hour for in-state students.

There you go on online business degree in Florida, choose any one that appeals to you.

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