Review of Windsor University School of Medicine-WUSOM, Tuition Fees, Rankings and Accreditation

This is an elaborate review of Windsor University School of Medicine – WUSOM; we are going to look at accreditation, rankings, tuition fees and history. We present every information that will guide you in making the right choice of study destination.

Are you going for a medical course soon? Do you want a top yet affordable medical school, try WUSOM-Windsor University School of Medicine. It is very cheap for international students to attend and it is one of the medical schools in the Carribean that are very popular. It is located in Saint Kitts to be precise.

Due to it affordability, WUSOM has since been attractive to international students that are on moderate budget. You too can give it a try if you are self-sponsored. If you are on scholarship, no need to worry about tuition fees, except it is not fully-funded.

About WUSOM – Windsor University School of Medicine

WUSOM was founded in the year 1998, it is a private college of higher studies located in Basseterre. It has it full license and is also a chartered institute in St. Kitts.

It was established under full recognition of the government of St. Kitts and also their medical council. WUSOM – Windsor University School of Medicine is fully recognized by WHO-World Health Organization and is listed on their official website.

They offer full degree courses in undergraduate and even postgraduate divisions. These degrees are highly valid and recognized anywhere in the world.

WUSOM awards its graduates the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. This school also has clinical education campuses in Illinois, Houghton Lake, Carbondale and Michigan.

Striking Features About WUSOM- Windsor University School of Medicine

  • Students can go on clinical rotations in United States of America as well
  • You will likely complete your medical degree in ten semesters
  • Private student loan are very much available to ease your funding
  • If you have not been able to meet up their admission requirements, as a high school graduate, you will be offered an opportunity to enroll in their pathway program for 3 semesters before you are allowed to do our degree program after passing very well

Rankings of WUSOM

WUSOM ranks number 1 in their country but about ten thousand something in recent world rankings.

Tuition Fees in WUSOM – Windsor University School of Medicine

The school’s tuition fee is very affordable compared to medical schools in USA or Canada. This particular attribute makes it interesting to international students who gladly troop in every year in pursuant of their medical degrees.

WUSOM current tuition fee charges ranges from 4,150 US dollars for pre-medical courses to 6,500 US dollars for medical degrees. This is charged per annum. Find out anytime you want to study from your department, the specific tuition fee they charge, what I have written  here is an estimate and is subject to change.

You will definitely pay examination fees of around 100 to 400 US dollars depending on your course of study.

WUSOM Cost of Medical Textbooks

You can lease your medical textbooks in  WUSOM, it will only cost a refundable deposit of about 100 US dollars for your premedical courses or 350 US dollars for basic sciences programs. As for higher medical programs textbooks, you may need to own most of them, if not why be a medical student in the first place.

Course Curriculum at WUSOM – Windsor University School of Medicine

As you already know, their medical degree program last for ten semesters, but each year you will likely complete 3 semesters. The first 4 semesters comprise of basic science courses taken at St. kitts campus.

Then the fifth semester is done at St. Kitts except there is any need to go over to one of their clinical training campuses in USA. You can then finish the remaining semesters at the country’s general hospital or hospitals in the US.

WUSOM Accreditation and Recognition

The medical school is accredited by Medical Board of St. Kitts and Nevis; Windsor University School of Medicine is a chartered medical school in Saint Kitts These accrediting bodies are highly recognized in the directory which provides information about recognized accreditation bodies, it is known as FAIMER directory.

WUSOM was yet to gain accreditation from CAAM-HP as at 2017, but was registered in the world directory of medical schools.

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