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Top 10 Scholarships in Germany for International Students

Scholarships in Germany for International Students: There are tons of amazing opportunities to pursue higher education in Germany, which is a popular choice for international students. In Germany, more than 2.8 million students choose academic excellence and vibrant culture.

Opportunities in Germany are due to the growth of IT, data science, and other industries. On the other hand, the monthly projected cost of living in Germany is about €934! This is a significant difficulty for students lacking adequate finance or experience.

Thankfully, German scholarships are available to help! We will examine the best scholarships in Germany for international students in this article.

Types of Scholarships in Germany

Scholarships in Germany for International Students

Given that Germany is known for its top-notch educational system, there are many scholarships available there for students from other countries.

Here are three scholarship categories to think about before you begin your application process for Germany’s best scholarships:

1. Government Scholarships in Germany

Government-driven, fully financed undergraduate scholarships in Germany are available to international students under the auspices of the DAAD and Erasmus programs.

While both of these scholarships pay for tuition, certain DAAD scholarships for Germany additionally cover living expenses.

2. University Scholarships for Germany

For overseas students studying in Germany, a number of esteemed universities offer scholarships. Need-based, merit-based, and subject-specific programs are among them.

The tuition, living expenses, and academic costs associated with applying to any of these fully-funded scholarships in Germany can be covered.

3. Foundation Scholarships in Germany

The German government does not provide funding for these scholarships for overseas students. These scholarships are awarded by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Heinrich Böll Foundation, and other private organizations based on merit or social activity.

A number of these scholarships also include networking opportunities and full tuition for studying in Germany.

10 Scholarships in Germany for International Students

Germany is one of the most popular study destinations in the world for international students, and for good reason.

The country offers world-class universities, affordable tuition, and a welcoming culture. Plus, there are plenty of scholarships available to help make studying in Germany more accessible.

From government-funded programs to private grants, there are many ways to finance your education in Germany.

1. DAAD Scholarships

  • Who Can Apply: PhD, ‍Bachelor’s, and Master’s Students
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded, merit-based
  • Offering Universities: University of Humboldt, University of Heidelberg,

German higher education institutions jointly operate the German Academic Exchange Service, or DAAD Scholarships in Germany (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst).

The cultivation of international academic relationships between German educational organizations and universities worldwide is their responsibility.

The DAAD scholarships are given to students who want to study full-time in Germany and are required to finish their degrees in six years.

For you to be eligible for one of the top scholarships in Germany, you must have completed two years of legitimate job experience.

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2. Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships

  • Who Can Apply: Masters and PhD Students‍
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded; merit-based
  • Offering Universities: Universitat Gottingen

Each year, 1200 postgraduate and doctorate students get scholarships from the Heinrich Boll Foundation.

To qualify for one of the highly sought-after international scholarships in Germany, students must additionally demonstrate exceptional academic standing and demonstrate an interest in subjects such as ecology, sustainability, democracy, human rights, and justice.

To be eligible for one of these scholarships in Germany, students must also be active in politics and society.

Non-EU students can also get €100 per month for mobility fees through this program if they are pursuing postgraduate courses.

3. Deutschland Stipendium National Scholarship Programme

  • Who Can Apply: Bachelors, Masters, PhD Students‍
  • Scholarship Type: Partially funded; need-based
  • Scholarship Amount: €300/month to every recipient
  • Offering Universities: University of Humboldt

For international students, one of the top German scholarship programs is the Deutschland Stipendium National Scholarship Program.

This international student scholarship is waiting for you if you can demonstrate remarkable achievement in academics, athletics, and general life.

You can stay ahead of the competition by learning the complete LOR writing instructions by heart, even when thousands of people apply!

Keep in mind that you are evaluated after two semesters, and the worthy applicants are awarded the scholarship after that.

4. RWTH Aachen University Scholarships

  • Who Can Apply: Master’s Students
  • Scholarship Type: Merit Based, Fully funded
  • Offering Universities: RWTH Aachen University
  • Scholarship Amount: €500/per month or 50% reduction of tuition fees

Scholarships from RWTH Aachen University in Germany assist students at various phases of their academic careers.

Since the scholarship’s financing fluctuates according to the program you’re applying to, there are no set requirements for eligibility.

On the other hand, applicants for the M.Sc. Applied Health Informatics & Digital Medicine Program may be eligible for a tuition reduction of up to 25%.

5. Universität Hamburg Merit Scholarships

  • Who Can Apply: PhD, Bachelors, and Masters Students‍
  • Scholarship Type: Partially funded, merit-based
  • Offering Universities: University of Hamburg
  • Scholarship Amount: €1,000/month for PhD, €850/month for bachelor’s & master’s,

Among the top scholarships offered in Germany, the Universität Hamburg Merit Scholarships ranks the top, if you wish to pursue a degree at Universität Hamburg for the period above two semesters.

For Federal Student Loans Programs, no one who is successfully qualified for such is also awarded of this scholarship for international students in Germany. Besides your application for the scholarship, you will have a chance to advance both your academic and career life whilst studying in Germany.

6. Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellowship

  • Who Can Apply: Junior Research Group Leaders‍
  • Offering Universities: Berlin University
  • Scholarship Type: Partially funded, merit-Based
  • Scholarship Amount: €20,000/year for material resources

A fellowship program for leaders of junior research groups that can form and launch their own junior research groups is the Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellowship. A starting grant from the ERC or financing from the DFG is required for a leader of a junior research group.

Only postdoctoral researchers are eligible for financing, and the state of Berlin will determine their pay based on the wage agreement. The funding is granted to the researcher for a maximum of five years, during which time it may only be used for study.

7. Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Scholarships

  • Who Can Apply: Masters and Doctorate Students‍
  • Offering Universities: Universitat Gottingen
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded, partially merit-based

Scholarship Amount: €1,350/month for doctoral, and €850/month for postgraduation,

Among the most sought-after scholarships in Germany, the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Scholarship is given to students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees in any field, with the exception of medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine.

For the duration of their study, students receive stipends from the Federal Foreign Office, which offers this award. In order to assess their performance and growth, pupils will be observed during the first year.

8. Erasmus Scholarships

  • Who Can Apply: Masters and Doctorate Students‍
  • Offering Universities: All top universities in Germany
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded, merit-based
  • Scholarship Amount: €1100 to €1500/month

The Erasmus fellowship is a notable government scholarship available to students studying doctoral and master’s degrees in Germany.

With tuition included, this foreign student grant provides a monthly stipend for living expenses that covers a variety of expenses, such as health care, travel, and installation charges.

You can find out if this scholarship is accepted at the most accessible German universities. Your journey can be smoother if you hold a B1 diploma in addition to a bachelor’s degree.

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9. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships

  • Who Can Apply:  Postgraduate, Master’s, PhD Students
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded, merit-based
  • Offering Organisation: Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

An outstanding mark and a University Degree from an international university with this student scholarship to study in Germany deserve to be of the list of the most needed.

This award differs from the available ones to the student because it identifies those personal features that are essential and how they are connected with the course you are applying for.

Many scholarships place emphasis on ability. The programme is full, and living expenses, tuition, and health insurance are provided by it , thus the scholarship becomes one of the main means of studying in Germany.

10. The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships

  • Who Can Apply: Undergraduates, Postgraduates Students
  • Offering Organisation: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded; merit-based

Students with an eye for social and political participation can apply for this prize, which is among the most coveted in Germany and has no set scholarship value.

The scholarship might provide you with the necessary financial support if you have outstanding grades and a well-written cover letter.

Applying to a public or state-aided university is required for this scholarship for overseas students studying in Germany.


Studying in Germany is an excellent opportunity for international students, and the country’s many scholarships make it even more accessible.

From tuition-free programs to financial assistance for living expenses, there are plenty of ways to make studying in Germany a reality.

So if you’re looking for a high-quality education that won’t break the bank, Germany should be at the top of your list.

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