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10 Free Online Doctorate Degree in Theology

This post will explain the many different free online doctorate degree in theology that are available from various universities across the world, as well as how to apply for whatever program you choose.

The study of God, or theology, has advanced considerably. As a way to impart the knowledge of God to as many people as possible, it has gone from being studied in secret to being studied in public and, more recently, online.

Thus, you can begin learning about how to enroll for any free doctorate degree in theology online right away by reading this page. Please take your time reading this.

Free Online Doctorate Degrees in Theology

Not all universities grant free doctorates in theology through virtual learning programs. You can enroll in special schools to receive this training. We’ll be looking into a few of the universities that provide free online doctorates in theology in this section.

1) IICSE University’s Doctor of Theology (DTh) program

One of the greatest places to get a free online PhD in theology is from IICSE University; a university offering online distance learning without charging tuition fee. This school is tuition free; all students receive books and lecture materials at no cost.

IICSE charges a one-time application fee of 45 USD/Euro and an exam fee of 50 USD/Euro per exam to pay the examination processing costs, allowing the University to continue operating sustainably.

Each course will have one exam. The three-year doctor of theology curriculum is divided into two semesters every year. Students are required to take a minimum of five courses in each semester.

The procedure of getting into the university is simple. The University upholds the broad concepts of age, stage, experience, and qualifications, which permit students to advance through their academic careers at a pace commensurate with their aptitude.

Candidates must not only meet the necessary academic quality but also the overall University and departmental educational standards.

2) ISDET’s Doctor of Biblical Studies

For prospective students who would like to pursue a PhD program in Bible or theology after earning their MBS, ISDET offers a free online curriculum leading to a doctorate degree in theology. Out of all of their PhD programs, this one has the least burden.

The goal is to provide doctoral-level orientation in theology and the Bible. You must have an MBS from any theological school or a secular master’s degree in order to be eligible for this PhD program.

The student will take courses in Essential Apologetics, General Apologetics, Bible, Biblical Backgrounds, Canon, Ethics, History, Practical Life, and Theology while preparing for the PhD program.

There are no tuition fees associated with the program. The program’s required textbooks are all available for free online download in pdf.

No tuition is ever required. All developed countries’ citizens must pay a minor registration fee in order to enter, nevertheless. This would be less than what other colleges could charge for tuition for a single credit hour of coursework.

All graduates, regardless of where they were born, will be required to pay a nominal graduation fee. This sum covers final examination costs as well as the printing and packaging of degree result and transcripts.

3) ISDET’s Doctor of Christian Apologetics program

This online school offers a free online PhD in theology to anyone who wants to specialize in Christian apologetics and do in-depth research. There is a lot of work involved in this program. The course is appropriate for anyone who want to incorporate apologetics majorly into their ministry. Three years is estimated to be the range of time needed to finish the program.

No tuition is ever required. There are no hidden charges. All developed countries’ citizens must pay a small registration fee in order to enroll for the degree if you ask me. This would be less than what other colleges could charge for tuition for a single credit hour of coursework.

All graduates, regardless of where they were born, will be required to pay a nominal graduation fee. This sum covers final examination costs as well as the printing and packaging of diplomas and transcripts.

4) North Central Theological Seminary’s Doctor of Divinity program

This is among the best free doctorate programs in theology that you can enroll in online, and the institution provides full or partially funded scholarships to help you through it. The full scholarships can pay for up to 80% of the students’ tuition, contingent on how well they do on an online biblical assessment exam.

The initiative is anticipated to run for a further 14 to 24 months after that. Prior to applying, the student must also have a master’s degree.

Doctorate students must turn in a twelve-page essay for unsupervised learning after reading the course’s PDF texts.

One page for the introduction, nine pages for critical analysis of the topic, and two pages for summary & conclusion must all be included in the twelve-page essay.

The student must compose a set of twenty-five multiple-choice questions and submit their responses in the form of a question and answer sheet once the essay portion of the test is finished.

Tests must be finished and turned in online for grading. On the other hand, supervised learning carries a $35 late fee for students who fail to finish the test by the deadline.

5) St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary’s Doctorates in theology

With specializations in pastoral theology, evangelism, the new testament, the old testament, and the formation of religious ministries, this university offers free online doctorates in theology.

The graduate degree programs offered by St. Christ University of Theology & Seminary (SCUTS) are career-focused, non-academic, fast-tracked, religious master’s and doctoral degree programs that are strategically tailored to match your area of interest and help you achieve your career goals while studying online and anywhere in the world.

6) St. Christ University of Theology & Seminary’s Doctorates in Divinity.

With specializations in pastoral leadership, biblical languages, theology and apologetics, chaplaincy, and church history, this university offers free online doctorates in divinity.

7) The Esoteric Interfaith Church’s Doctor of Theology program

The Th.D., sometimes known as the theological equivalent of the Ph.D., is intended for individuals who are interested in scholarly pursuits and have a passion for written language, old text, lore, symbols, and alphabets.

Writing a 4,000-word thesis or dissertation on any spiritual subject that interests you is required by the institution. You can send them your paper via email. Don’t worry about the thesis. You will write from the heart if you simply write about what you love.

Additionally, you must write a minimum of one page on your spiritual past, outlining how religion and spirituality have shaped your life from early childhood to the present.

8) Northwestern Christian University Doctorate by dissertation

Another free online doctorate degree in theology opportunity from Northwestern Christian University entitles applicants to a free of charge enrollment and a free online program audit. At graduation, candidates for a 90-day doctorate degree are required to make a minimum suggested donation.

Compared to the tuition for a typical university, this amounts to significant savings. A certified NCU transcript and an officially sealed and signed Northwestern Christian University degree will be sent to you.

9) Trinity Graduate School of Theology’s Doctor of Theology Program

The institution provides graduate-level online learning Bible courses in Christian ministry, theology, and apologetics at no cost.

The ThD is a theological diploma program at an advanced level that delves further into Bible and theological themes. Those with a solid theological background are suited for this course.

In addition to having to finish the course in two years, students should have a master’s degree in any field, though theology is the preferred option.

The institution will send extra course materials (if necessary) to make up for any theological deficiencies if your master’s degree is not in theology.

10) Masters’s Online Doctor of divinity

Senior clergy who meet the requirements can apply for this competency-based upper-level ecclesiastical doctorate degree. Actual accomplishments are the basis for admission to this program. The Old Testament, New Testament, and Theological competency of the candidate will be validated, as well as what is already known and being done, in order to receive the degree.

Requirements for a free doctorate degree in theology online

Most online doctorates in theology require you to have some previously earned degree(s). An ecclesiastical degree is not meant to be a rival to a professional or formal academic doctorate. But the distinct way the degree is obtained distinguishes it from the honorary doctorate and enhances the prestige and significance of the oldest and most widely recognized senior Christian ministry degree in the world.

Here below are some of what is required for a free doctorate in theology online, you should;

  • possess a suitable bachelor’s degree from a recognized university (or its ecclesiastical equivalent)
  • possess Internet access and email
  • Be mature enough to comprehend the course you are studying
  • possess some prior ministry experience, such as serving as a senior minister, assistant minister, elder, deacon, missionary, teacher, or chaplain; this experience must be reviewed and approved; also, you must be able to present credible evidence

In Conclusion

A lot of these schools are designed to provide doctorates in theology and occasionally in divinity to individuals who are interested in learning more about the meaning of the bible. Apply for a free online doctorate degree in theology today.

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