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Study Abroad in Greece with their Low Tuition Universities; Tuition Fees Stated

Last Updated on October 13, 2023 by Unwana Akpan

Study abroad in Greece today with the cheap universities in Greece for international students; tuition fees, cost of living, admission requirements and deadlines are what we are considering today.

Greece is a good location in Europe for studying. It has a Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunlight, moderate temperatures and minimal precipitation. Athens is Greece’s capital.

Study Abroad in Greece – Cost of Living in Greece

Living costs are very modest and affordable in Greece. Greece is one of the countries with low living costs in Europe.

The majority of foreign undergraduate students in Greece will prefer to live in private accommodation.

So as an average, the cost of living, which depends on the individual, can be set at about Euros 1000 per month and includes expenses such as food, lodging, books, travel, and more.

Tuition Fees in Greece

There is no need for EU students to pay tuition fees at public universities and colleges in Greece. Non-EU students would have to pay small fees to cover the expenses of their studies.

The fee will depend on the course and institution, but as a foreign student, it is estimated that Bachelor’s degree programs will pay about 1,500 EUR per year.

Study Abroad in Greece; Admission Requirements and Deadlines

University education (for EEA students) is offered free of charge and educational programs are primarily in the Greek language.

There are however, several advanced courses (such as Engineering) predominantly offered in the English language at master’s level.

Possession of the Single Lyceum leaving certificate is the fundamental prerequisite for admission to tertiary education and success in national testing is an important factor during admission (some universities might have their own specific tests and requirements).

So far except for such special courses such as MBAs, admission to undergraduate courses and tuition is free. A student visa (type D) from a Greek consulate will be required for foreigners from non-EU countries (with some exceptions) wishing to study in Greece.

Up to the completion of their studies, all students (undergraduate or masters/PhD) get free health care.

If you are applying for undergraduate studies at the University of Greece, your application and supporting documents should be submitted by the end of July or the beginning of August of the same year in which you will begin your studies.

Documrnts like these are also typically required;

  • Two passport-sized photos
  • The original school leaving certificate
  • A certificate to show for your citizenship and origin

To upload your academic papers, visit the Hellenic Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs if you want to.

Study Abroad in Greece – List of Cheapest Universities in Greece for International Students

  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • University of Patras
  • Democritus University
  • National Technical University of Athens
  • University of Crete
  • University of the Aegean
  • National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • University of Ioannina

Study Abroad in Greece – Review of Cheap Universities in Greece with Tuition Fees

1. University of Crete

  • Tuition fees: From EUR 500

The University of Crete is a multidisciplinary academic university situated off the coast of the mainland, on the historic and culturally rich island of Crete. Established in 1973, the university is among the nation’s most influential higher education institutions.

The university has grown into a globally recognized and world-class institution despite its recent inception, which has also been regularly ranked among the world’s top 100 universities. It has become a center for scholars and still retains a good research edge.

The university has been the hub of a student population of more than 19,000 students as of 2019. With its numerous programs that help to make foreign students feel at home, it further aims to sustain a high degree of internationalization.

Academically, 5 schools of research and 15 academic sub-departments, including the schools of philosophy/economics/political sciences, pharmacy, education, science and engineering, make up this inexpensive university in Greece.

Collectively, the university offers more than 60 courses and degrees for its students. The university has further evolved into a world-class academic institution and it has been highly rated by many university rankings tables for its prowess in various fields of research.

2. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

  • Tuition fees: From EUR 650

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (commonly known as the University of Thessaloniki or the A.U.Th) was founded in 1925 and is a government research university. Located in the iconic city of Thessaloniki, which also happens to be the country’s second largest city, it is one of the nation’s leading higher education institutions.

The university, with over 40,000 students enrolled in its study programs, is also one of the largest universities in terms of student enrollment. Approximately 3000 students of this student cohort come from outside the nation.

The university’s academic profile consists of 11 research schools and 36 minor departments representing the university’s academics. Through these, students are offered more than 150 programs and courses of study.

A strong multidisciplinary approach to their education is also maintained by the university. Although the primary language of instruction is Greek, the university runs a variety of courses taught in English and other European languages, such as French and German, which is a major benefit for international students.

Additionally, the university maintains a high academic reputation with a campus that is home to over 200 cutting-edge and research-intensive laboratories.

3. Athens University of Economics and Business

  • Tuition fees: From EUR 500

Athena University of Economics and Business is one of the largest universities located in the capital of Athens. The university was originally founded in 1920, as its name implies, and was developed as a means of providing comprehensive education in trade and business studies.

The university has grown into a world-renowned institution of higher education, despite its existence for just about a century. Academically, it consists of 3 primary schools, namely business schools, computer science and economics.

As various courses offered by the university are taught in English, foreign students at this affordable university in Greece have an advantage, while the majority of the regular undergraduate degrees are taught in Greek. Postgraduate research courses are much more specific and include areas such as Business Mathematics, Heritage Management, and an elite MBA curriculum.

International students are submerged in the heart of Greek customs and history, as the university is also situated in Athens. This university is currently ranked as one of the country’s best 150 business schools, as well as being among the world’s top 800 universities.

4. University of Macedonia

  • Tuition fees: From EUR 400

The University of Macedonia is the next university on our list of the cheapest universities for foreign students. This fine higher education institution was first known as Thessaloniki’s School of Higher Industrial Studies before it acquired its status as the University of Macedonia and is the second largest university in the area after Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University. Currently, with about 6000 active students, the university has a student population of over 16,000.

Academically, it consists of eight main research departments with additional disciplines in the fields of business administration, knowledge sciences, humanities and the arts, concentrating on social, economic and political sciences. In addition, the campus is comprised of several libraries with cutting-edge teaching and student seminar facilities.

5. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

  • Tuition fees: From EUR 800

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (more generally known as the National University of Athens) is a public university that was established in 1837 and is located in the capital city of Athens. It is the oldest of the country’s ‘newly founded’ universities and is based in the Athens municipality of Zografou.

At present, the university has a student enrolment of over 100,000 students and has become the nation’s multicultural and influential academic mega center. About 3000 students are international students out of this undergraduate cohort.

In addition to being one of the country’s leading universities, the university has also put it amongst the world’s top 600 higher education institutions.

The university consists of academic schools that include fields such as science, medicine, law, philosophy, economics, and theology. While the university operates its main campus in Zografou, additional minor satellite campuses are also developed and dispersed across other areas, such as Goudi, Dafni, Ano Ilisia, among other regions, with each focusing on specific departments.

Furthermore the university is renowned for its numerous traditions and rich student community, making this a very enticing choice for any prospective international student.

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