Study Abroad in Kuwait; Cheap Universities and Colleges in Kuwait with Tuition Fees for International Students

\You can study abroad in Kuwait in English language, we have a list of cheap universities and colleges in Kuwait with tuition fees for international students. These schools offer low tuition fee programs; cost of living is also very affordable.

About Kuwait

Kuwait is an Arab country located in North-East of the edge of Persian gulf in Western Asia.

It is surrounded by Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other Asian countries; Kuwait covers a land mass of 17,820 square kilometers. The country is a leading distributor of crude oil due to its large reserve in the deserts.

Why Study Abroad in Kuwait?

  • You will enjoy their rich cultural and traditional heritage
  • You will be trained both theoretically and practically
  • Their objective is also to improve female education in the country
  • Kuwait is an economical hub due to it crude oil business
  • You are very welcomed to study and live in Kuwait after studies unlike some countries that would depot you if you refuse to leave according to visa agreement
  • The government of Kuwait is relentless about educational exploration; in the nearest future, new fields of studies will be introduced in additional to existed ones

Important Points to Note About Kuwait

  • Kuwait is located near Persian gulf
  • It is a leading provider of oil and natural gas in the world
  • The country’s capital is Kuwait City
  • Their system of government is hereditary monarchy
  • Population is about 3 million inhabitants
  • Kuwait uses a currency called Kuwait Dinar
  • Kuwait is a desert country, although it has regions that are a bit tropical

Study Abroad in Kuwait – Higher Education in the Country

The most popular school in Kuwait among international students is the University of Kuwait. A few fine art colleges exist focusing on music, theatre arts, drawings etc; American University of Kuwait is popular for their English-taught programs in the fields of business, languages, education, sciences etc among foreign students.

Their focus of education is to produce skilled workforce for the society. You are trained to work with your hands no matter your program of study; it is compulsory to gain hands-on experience. There are both public and private institutions of higher learning in Kuwait.

Study Abroad in Kuwait on Cheap Tuition Fees

The thing about tuition is that schools have the right to set tuition according to program of study and students involved; for instance, a foreign student will pay tuition in a public Kuwait school that nationals study for free.

But in private schools, all students pay tuition fees, but international students pay higher than Kuwait nationals. For both graduate and undergraduate programs, tuition fees can be between 175 to 200 KWD (Kuwait Dinar) per credit hour ( about 615 to 980 US dollars or more depending on exchange rate) or 4,500 to 6,900 US dollars per semester.

International Student Aids for Supportive Funding to Study in Kuwait

In case you need assistance with funding, let’s look at how you can get financial aids to support your study in Kuwait.

Sources of Funding in Kuwait

A School in Your Country

Many schools do collaborate to send students on sponsorship to study at certain universities abroad; these can be partial or full scholarships. University of Colorado in the US is doing that for students wishing to study abroad in Kuwait.

The Program You Choose

Have you been seeing program specific scholarships? They offer you either tuition aid or full tuition waiver or even full scholarship to study their course. You can’t deviate to study another course.

You Can Find Scholarships Online

A lot of scholarships exist to serve your specific needs, just read my article on scholarships explained in fewer than 1000 words. I have explained the different scholarships any student can apply to whether full or partial with examples and links to the scholarship websites.

Study in Kuwait – Student Visa

Before you can study abroad in Kuwait as a foreign student, you must apply for a study visa and get approval. If there is Kuwait embassy in your country, go there and ask questions about procedure for applying, although you can check out the documents usually required for student visa application.

Part-time study visa isn’t available for foreign students, you need to study for full-time. This may change in the nearest future. You are not allowed to work while studying in Kuwait if you are not from the country.

Study at Affordable Colleges and Universities in Kuwait for International Students – Cost of Living

For you to settle anywhere on earth, you need money to foot certain bills like accommodation, feeding, transport, utility bills etc. This is called cost of living; in Kuwait, this depends largely on the city you reside. Just budget 200 to 570 KWD every month, you will be fine if you spend wisely. That should be equivalent to 650 – 1,700 USD.

Language Requirement to Study Abroad in Kuwait

Arabic is the lingua franca in Kuwait and it is widely used to tutor students. Like I said earlier, some universities in Kuwait offer English-taught programs to attract foreign students to study in the country.

List of Cheap Universities and Colleges in Kuwait for International Students

  • Algonquin College – Kuwait
  • American University of Kuwait
  • American University of the Middle East
  • American College of Middle East
  • Arab Open University
  • Australian College of Kuwait
  • Box Hill College – Kuwait
  • Gulf University for Science and Technology
  • Kuwait College of Science and Technology
  • Kuwait Maastricht Business School
  • Kuwait University
  • College of Aviation Technology
  • The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training
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