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The Triple Crown of Education – Top Universities for Equine Studies

Last Updated on January 29, 2024 by Unwana Akpan

If you are a horse lover and you don’t want to take an ordinary path in life, combining your passion and work is one of the best ways to feel satisfied. But in order to be around horses as your daily job, you’ll need education. Here are the Top 6 Universities for Equine Studies.

When we talk about working with horses, there are a lot of different branches to go for. You can center around equine science, and go for becoming a vet, or become a trainer for racehorses.

After all, horse racing is a huge industry, which involves organizing races, taking care of horses and their well-being, breeding, and training.

The list goes on and on and it all comes down to what you feel passionate about. At the beginning, you probably don’t have an idea about your dream job, but as you go through university, you’ll start to narrow down your choices.

Let’s look at some of the colleges that are best suited for equine studies.

Top 6 Universities for Equine Studies Globally

1. University of Guelph – Guelph, Ontario, Canada

This is one of the best universities for equine studies known for its veterinary medicine program, the University of Guelph also boasts a strong reputation in equine science. The Equine Science Program offers a Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management with a specialization in Equine Management. The curriculum covers reproductive biology, nutrition, exercise physiology, and genetics.

2. Colorado State University

As the first land-grant university to introduce a four-year Equine Science course, Colorado State University is a trailblazer in equine research, focusing on lameness, production, nutrition, and orthopedics.

Housed in the College of Agricultural Sciences, the Equine Sciences program provides foundational courses in various facets of the horse industry, including equine behavior, management, training, nutrition principles, and riding instruction.

Colorado State University is a public institution and compared to other universities has a pretty low enrollment rate of over 5,000 bachelor’s degree candidates, which is not a low number, but still far from other equine universities in the USA.

Due to the limited places, Colorado State University is somewhat competitive with an acceptance rate of 82%, which is not that bad.

3. Michigan State University – East Lansing, Michigan, USA

Michigan State University offers an outstanding program in equestrian/equine studies. The Department of Animal Science grants a bachelor’s degree in animal science with an emphasis on equine science, encompassing courses in biology, business, nutrition, management, and breeding.

Michigan State University is a public institution in East Lansing, Michigan, and has an enrollment of over 8,366 bachelor’s degree candidates.

This is one of the toughest equine universities to get into just because of the high competition, and it has an acceptance rate of 71%.

4. Hartpury University – Gloucester, UK

A leading institution in equine science, Hartpury University offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in equine science, equine physiotherapy, and sport horse performance.

Situated in Gloucester, Hartpury University and College houses one of the best equine programs in the UK. As one of the largest equestrian education centers globally, the school features state-of-the-art facilities, including competition arenas, horse riding simulators, equine therapy, rider performance, and research centers.

The equine center accommodates up to 230 horses, with a livery for 150 horses. The school hosts major equine events yearly and invites guest speakers and demonstrations. Hartpury’s equine management programs combine theory and practical sessions, offering students a comprehensive experience in the equine industry.

Students benefit from world-class facilities, including indoor and outdoor arenas, a cross-country course, and a hydrotherapy pool.

5. University of Kentucky

Nestled in the horse capital of the world, the University of Kentucky provides hands-on learning opportunities for undergraduates pursuing equine studies.

The Equine Science and Management courses, under the College of Agriculture, Food, & Environment, emphasize basic science and business concepts applicable to equine production and management.

This is a public university and an institution with an enrollment of over 4,855 bachelor’s degree candidates. With that said, even though the acceptance rate is around 95%, it is a pretty competitive college to get into. After all, it is Kentucky, the state where horse racing is as big as religion.

6. Cornell University – Ithaca, New York

As the last but not the least on our list of top universities for equine studies globally, Cornell University offers both Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Animal Science, allowing students to specialize in various concentrations, such as nutrition and physiology of the horse.

This degree is more theoretical and science-based, suitable for individuals interested in fields like food science and technology, nutrition, and molecular and integrative physiology.

Final Words on Equine Studies

These are some of the best universities for equine studies in the world. Now it all comes down to personal choice and location. Still, before you make a choice, make sure to dive deeper and check out each university and what they offer.

Even though all of them are based around equine science, there are some universities that offer unique branches that might be perfect for your future.

Enrolling in an equine university is a great idea, especially if you love being around these majestic creatures. So, we encourage everyone who has a passion for horses to continue learning about them.

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