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Top 5 European Schools Offering Online MBA

Because of the current COVID-19 lockdown worldwide, online and distance learning have gained pace and popularity among the Masses, especially online MBA.The top 5 European schools offering online MBA.

Less I forget, these MBA programs are being offered in online mode. An online MBA degree allows you to combine your academic knowledge or academic skills with practical business management with a flexible study schedule.

Even though fully online MBAs do not require students to be present on campus, the business school’s location influences how the curriculum is taught in that particular degree. European Institutions have now been ranked higher in international higher education in comparison to their North American counterparts.

Coming from Distance Online MBA rankings provided by Financial Times, European schools are becoming more popular for Online MBA courses even without work experience.

Here are the top 5 European Schools offering Online MBA

1. IE Business School Online MBA

Even when IE is a private Spanish University is one of the world’s leading international higher education institutions, highly valued for its innovation and learning technologies. The fact is that this is bringing a rare change in distance learning in this ever-changing world. During early 21st century, IE Business School launched the first online MBA in Europe. IE offers distance learning MBA programs ranging from Global MBAs to Executive MBAs.

This programme takes 15 months to complete, based on a blended parameter with a 20% face-to-face ratio. The faculty here uses an intensive practical approach involving multimedia materials such as simulations, games and tutorials.

2. The Open University UK Online MBA

Open Uni is a public distance-learning university in the United Kingdom. It is among one of the popular universities in the country. Even though it is an open university, it has a great campus, where all the research faculties and PhD students conduct their academic work for their theses.

Again, this open Uni is involved in a lot of cultural and aesthetic projects, having done several highly acclaimed documentaries, some of which can be found on the popular digital platform, Netflix.

This University brings your MBA to life in your workplace by applying practice-based learning, which will improve students. Students are provided with flexible options to adjust their curriculum according to their needs. This will help students to improve their skills at their own pace.

There is a strong international emphasis which is essential for developing leaders in a global marketplace. In the world of globalisation, international dynamics plays an important role, and this course will provide you with all the international aspects you need to know for your MBA.

3. University of Birmingham Online MBA

This “red brick” university (meaning a university built in an industrial city) housed and taught some of the twentieth century’s greatest minds.

The motto “Through efforts to heights” is accurate to explain its journey of success through failures. This University holds a long glorifying past to it. An Officer Team is appointed to help students know about Birmingham, with whom you might discuss any issue you face related to campus queries and more.

It is a public institution, so this institution’s degree is recognised worldwide and respected in most job profiles.

This prominent MBA from the University of Birmingham is accredited by leading bodies AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. Presently, it ranks among the top 20 universities that offer distance learning MBAs globally. Its MBA program will help you gain international perspectives of organisations and management theory.

4. Nottingham Trent University Online MBA

It is one of the most prominent universities in the UK. It dates back to the 19th century, with the Nottingham Government School of Design, which exists even today inside the university’s campus.

This Trent university is one of such places in the country for graduate training as it was ranked high in the “Student Choice Awards”.

The webpage of University, they provide an option to interact with students or staff members about university life. It will widen your perspective about distance learning courses in the MBA, and you will get to know more about the university’s culture.

5. MIP Politecnico di Milano Online MBA

This is a not-for-profit School in Italy. The top Italian Business School recently launched a new online-based MBA programme, developed in collaboration with Microsoft.

They provide flexible Executive MBA with easy access to pre-recorded video content and allows students to actively participate in live lessons through an innovative digital learning platform.

However, this opportunity is restricted to those who know the Italian language, so if you are interested in improving your Italian skills while taking business and management classes, this is ideal.

This list goes on as several other elite institutions in Europe where you might consider taking your online MBA course. Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, students are more comfortable opting for distance learning MBA programs due to health concerns. MBA plays a vital role in a student’s life as it provides a trajectory needed for exponential growth in their career. Choosing the right program becomes a crucial initial step in this direction.

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