Today, you will get to know about leadership and counseling, which may be used to a variety of industries outside of the church.

Tuition Free Online Seminary Degrees; Schools that Offer Free Accredited Online Seminary Degrees.

Why not read on to learn about numerous free online seminary degrees given by approved and respected institutions if you are interested in getting a seminary degree?

The following are the details;

1. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is a free online seminary that offers a free online Christian theology course that consists of 25 lecture videos that last approximately 18 minutes each.

SBTS offers more than 160 online courses, as well as many more in a hybrid approach that includes intensive weekends at their Louisville campus or nine other satellite locations. SBTS offers four online seminary degrees for free.

The Southern Baptist denomination is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Because it is the largest evangelical denomination in the United States, it is at the vanguard of evangelicalism in the United States.

The following are the online graduate degrees;

  • Master of Divinity (88 Hours)
  • Master of Arts in Theological Studies
  • Master of Church Music (67 Hours)
  • Doctor of Ministry

2. Barclay College 

It is respectable accrediting agencies such as the Higher Learning Commission or the Association for Biblical Higher Education that has granted accreditation to the institution. Friends Bible College was the name of the school.

Because Barclay College recognizes that not everyone is called to serve in the same way, its Master of Arts in Theology degree program is structured around a mix of fundamental theology and Bible courses, relevant research, and/or field activities.

The institution’s aim is primarily to prepare students for Christian service and leadership.

The province of British Columbia has nine significant concentrations, including:

  • Practical Theology
  • Missional Multiplication
  • Biblical Translation
  • Sport outreach
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Quaker Studies
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Family Ministry
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Practical Theology
  • Certificate.


The mission of Berea College was established by reformers and abolitionists. Berea College, in the southern United States, was founded by reformers and abolitionists with the goal of spreading Christian beliefs and principles.

BEREA College could not specify the number of seminary degrees it offers.

4. Indiana Wesleyan University; Wesley Seminary

This is a free online seminary that provides students with personalized learning opportunities.

Adult learners will benefit from IWU’s online course curriculum, which is designed to enhance their learning experience. IWU students can receive the same degree online as they do in a classroom. What sets them apart from other students is the platform on which they get their lectures and submit their assignments.

Indiana Wesleyan University offers the following online graduate degrees;

  • Master of Divinity (75 Hours)
  • Master of Arts in Ministry (36 Hours)
  • Doctor of Ministry (38 Hours)
  • Master of Practical Theology (36 Hours)

5. Abilene Christian University

Abilene Christian University is a widely recognized institution that offers free online seminary degrees tailored to working-class folks.

During six- or seven-week terms, you’ll concentrate on one lesson at a time. An authorized free seminary degree online does not require you to be physically present in a class. ACU allows you to be a part of a lively, virtual, and Christ-centered community.

ACU offers a variety of online graduate degrees.


This is a highly competitive university that provides undergraduate and graduate students with free tuition. Curtis Institute of Music has provided free tuition to all students since 1928, thanks to scholarships and merit-based aid.

Curtis students benefit from an extraordinarily in-depth and individualized music education that is focused on the motto “learning by doing,” despite having a small student body (179) and enrolling less than 4% of applications each year.

  • Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (48 Hours)
  • Master of Arts in Global Service (48 Hours)
  • a Master of Divinity (72 Hours)

The following are some of Curtis Institute of Music’s free online programs;

  •  Bachelor of Music and a Master of Music in Opera.
  • Performance diploma program
  • and a Professional Studies
  • Certificate in Opera.

7. Hope International University

Since 1974, this university has been dedicated to preparing individuals seeking a second career, some for effective leadership in their local church or parachurch organization.

As an HIU student, you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of professional development, biblical development, and personal development courses that will prepare you for Christian leadership.

HIU provides a degree that includes 36 units of study, with a minimum of 9 units in each concentration.

You can also finish the courses entirely online or in a hybrid format that combines online courses with on-the-ground training and online follow-up. You have the option of choosing one of the following concentrations as a student;

  • Biblical Studies
  • Christian Leadership
  • Church Planting
  • Intercultural Studies (Missions)
  • Pastoral Care
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Children, Youth and Family Ministry

All of these courses are available entirely online.

8. Calvin Theological Seminary

Calvin Seminary is a fully approved online seminary with six tuition free online seminary degrees to choose from. At CTS, you’ll be taught the Bible in such a way that you’ll be able to educate others as well.

You’ll be trained for specific ministries and encouraged for successful leadership as you prepare for ordained ministry in the church.

The following are their online graduate degrees;

  • Master of Divinity (101 Hours)
  • Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership (39 Hours)
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master of Arts in Bible and Theology (48 Hours)
  • Master of Theological Studies (65 Hours)
  • a Master of Theology (21 Hours)

9. Fuller Theological Seminary

is a free graduate seminary that offers free online seminary degrees. It prepares students for all aspects of ministry. Fuller Seminary equips you for greater ministry by expanding your knowledge and abilities in preparation for your future calling.

Fuller Theological Seminary has a structure that is adaptable. You have the choice of studying entirely online or combining online and on-campus courses to complete your degree on your own time. You may earn a free seminary degree from Fuller Seminary by pursuing one of their six online seminary degrees.

The following are the online graduate degrees;

  • Master of Arts in Theology
  • Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies
  • Westminster Theological Seminary
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry
  • Master of Arts in Global Leadership

10. Regent University

Regent University is a free online seminary that is accredited. It is well-known for its adaptability and convenient lessons. Regent is committed to flexibility and versatility.

Every eight weeks, Regent University classes begin.

At Regent University, you can pick and choose how you want to fit each course into your schedule. At RU, there are six seminary degrees available.

Regent University offers the following online graduate degrees;

  • Master of Arts in Christian Spirituality & Formation
  • Master of Divinity
  • Doctor of Ministry
  • Master of Arts in Practical Theology
  • Master of Theology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Renewal Studies

11. Dallas Theological Seminary

“All 66 books of the Bible are without error,” according to Dallas Theological Seminary, and are “useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness.” All of the intriguing online theology courses at Dallas Theological Seminary are available without charge. Among the courses available are:

The Bible’s history, how it was canonized, and whether or not it may be believed as God’s inerrant word.

The Online Graduate Degree;

  • Master of Biblical and Theological Studies (36 Hours)

12. Baylor University

Truett University, in cooperation with Baylor University, offers a number of prestigious and approved degrees.

If you choose a Master of Divinity at Baylor University, you can choose from eight different concentrations, ranging from Spiritual Formation to Sports Ministry. You can choose from a variety of degrees, including:

  •  Master of Divinity,
  • a Master of Theological Studies.

13. Central Christian College of the Bible

Is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious tuition-free online Bible institutions.

Every year, CCCB awards 100 new or transferring students a full-tuition scholarship covering up to 17 credit hours per semester.

CCCB has 200 students enrolled each year.

It offers the following online degrees;

  • Bachelor of Religious Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Biblical Ministry.

Depending on the program, students can spend up to eight weeks in rigorous classes with 15-20 hours of class work per week.

14. Bethel Seminary of Bethel University

Bethel University is a Christian university that provides a strong theology education and encourages students to live out their faith.

At Bethel University, you will be prepared to become a well-rounded and conscientious theological researcher. You’ll also have the opportunity to hone your biblical knowledge skills.

Five free online graduate degrees are available from Bethel Seminary. They are as follows;

  • Master of Arts in Christian Thought (36 Hours)
  • Master of Arts in Theological Studies (51 Hours)
  • Doctor of Ministry (48 Hours)
  • Master of Divinity (78 Hours)
  • Master of Arts in Ministry (51 Hours)

15. Liberty University:

You will be well prepared for professions in a variety of faith-based organizations if you attend Liberty University. Liberty University’s online Biblical courses are completely free.

You’ll gain bible knowledge while also getting hands-on learning experience as you dive into research methodologies and ministry.

Liberty University offers seminary graduate degrees in the following areas;

  • Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (60 Hours)
  • Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics (36 Hours)
  • Online Master of Religious Education (MRE)
  • Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (36 Hours)
  • Master of Divinity (75, 90, 93 Hours)
  • Doctor of Ministry (33 Hours)
  • Master of Arts in Global Studies (36 Hours)
  • Master of Arts in Religion 60 Hours)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Theology & Apologetics (57 Hours)
  • Master of Arts in Sports Chaplaincy (36 Hours)
  • Master of Religious Education (60 Hours)
  • Doctor of Education in Christian Leadership (60 Hours)
  • Master of Arts in Theological Studies (36 Hours)
  • Master of Theology (30 Hours)

16. Multnomah Theological Seminary

Is a seminary institution based in Portland, Oregon, that was founded in 1936. Multnomah University, a respectable institution, provides various totally online degrees as well as a hybrid master of divinity program. Their online classes are quite demanding and last for eight weeks. Multnomah University only offers online graduate degrees in the following areas;

  • Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (48 Hours)
  • Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (48 Hours)
  • a Master of Divinity (78 Hours)
  • Master of Arts in Theological Studies (48 Hours)

17. New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

NOBTS is a seminary dedicated to delivering new services and preparing students for ministry through a unique approach.

The seminaries of NOBTS are modeled after Southern Baptist seminaries. NOBTS, on the other hand, is far more affordable, regardless of whether you are a Baptist or not. Seven free online seminary degrees are available through NOBTS.

NOBTS should be your first choice if you want to be a missionary, youth ministry, educator, counselor, or apologist.

Here are a some of the Online Graduate Degrees available to you if you attend NOBTS;

  • Master of Divinity (84 Hours)
  • Master of Arts: Apologetics (50 Hours)
  • a Master of Arts: Biblical Studies (52-55 Hours)
  • Master of Arts: Theology (52 Hours)
  • Master of Arts in Christian Education (60 Hours)
  • a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (36-37 Hours)
  • Master of Arts in Worship Ministries (42 Hours)

18. Ohio Christian University

Ohio Christian University is the greatest choice for you if you want to provide complete support to your family through your calling and job.

It is associated with the Evangelical Church (Founded for the Churches of Christ). OCU’s Online Associate and Bachelor’s degrees are tailored for working adults.

At Ohio Christian University, accredited and affordable online programs with no campus visits or residency requirements are available.

Ohio Christian University offers the following online graduate degrees;

  • Master of Arts in Ministry (34 Hours)

19. Portland Seminary (George Fox University)

Students at Portland Seminary are exposed to what we refer to as a “vibrant learning community.” “Threshold Orientation” Portland, when students are sorted into cohorts. Through online dialogue, symposiums, and student-led activities, students in each cohort grow closer.

Their Online Graduate Degrees;

  • Doctor of Ministry in Leadership and Spiritual Formation (36 Hours)
  • Doctor of Ministry in Semiotics and Future Studies (36 Hours)
  • Master of Divinity (84 Hours)
  • Doctor of Ministry in Leadership and Global Perspectives (36 Hours)

20. Reformed Theological Seminary

If you want to learn more about God’s Word through a formal seminary education, you’ve come to the perfect place.

If you are unable to attend a seminary because of your location, this free online seminary degree is the best option for you. RTS offers three levels of study.

RTS’s Global Education program provides a road to high-quality, biblically based education. RTS’s totally online programs present you with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn at your own speed with renowned RTS teachers.

The following online graduate degrees are available;

  • Master of Arts: Biblical Studies (66 Hours)
  • Master of Arts: Theological Studies (66 Hours)
  • a Master of Arts: Religion (60 Hours)

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Tuition Free Online Seminary Degrees – FAQ Answered

Why Study an Accredited Online Seminary Degree?

Obtaining a seminary degree online may be more important to you than obtaining one from a recognized university.

However, you should be aware that there are numerous possibilities available when it comes to online colleges.

Many churches, however, construct seminary programs that give undergraduate degrees with a ministry focus, but their institutes of higher learning are not authorized.

This makes attending an accredited online school all the more crucial, since it helps to retain credibility and ensures that the institution you’re applying to provides a high-quality education that has been approved by accrediting boards or agencies.

What Can You Do with a Seminary Degree?

As we stated at the outset of this piece, obtaining a seminary degree does not imply that you will become a preacher or that you will have to preach in church every Sunday in a suit and tie.

Seminary graduates work and serve in a wide variety of fields.

Some become school lecturers, nonprofit leaders (in both religious and non-religious settings), and authors of spiritual and inspirational literature.

Obtaining a seminary degree does not limit your job options; rather, it equips you to accomplish more than you ever imagined.

Which Body Accredits Online Seminary Degree?

There are a few respectable accrediting organisations that specialize in institutions. These organizations have a solid reputation and have met all of the requirements to become a reputable accrediting body.

The following are some of the well-known organizations that accredit Bible colleges:

The Higher Learning Commission is a non-profit organization that accredits degree-granting postsecondary schools through a panel of peer reviewers.

The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada is a group of theological schools in the United States and Canada (ATS) This is a Christian accrediting agency with over 270 members. This link will take you to a list of online programs that have been accredited by ATS. ATSOnlineDistance Education

TRACS (Traditional Association of Christian Colleges and Schools) is a national accrediting agency that specializes in accrediting post-secondary Christian institutions that offer religious education degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels. TRACs also accepts online distance learning that meets its requirements.

Online religious institutions and colleges are accredited by the Distance Education and Training Camal (DETC).

The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) was founded in order to certify Bible colleges (ABHE). For many years, the Accrediting Board for Bible Colleges and Seminaries (ABHE) has been a well-known institution for accrediting bible colleges.

Approximately 200 seminaries, Biblical / ministerial programs, and Theological Schools in the United States and Canada have been accredited by it.

The ABHE also recommends a few online distance learning programs.

To learn more about ABHE, go to their website.

How Much Does a Seminary Degree Cost?

The cost of a seminary education varies depending on the sort of school you choose and the scholarship you receive.

In certain universities, all students are charged a single or all-inclusive fee at the time of registration for each semester enrolled.

What Can You Do with a Seminary Degree?

What’s holding you back from pursuing a seminary degree? Not everyone who attends seminary feels called to be a church pastor. Following is a list of non-traditional professional paths you could take after college.

Many recording agencies in the United States still encourage Christian music, therefore as a seminary graduate with a music major, you may get hired as a composer, vocalist, or musician.

Chaplaincy: Some seminary graduates work as chaplains in places like hospitals, correctional facilities, and the military.

Counseling: You can work as a pastoral counselor by becoming a youth counselor or a marriage counselor if you have instruction in psychology or a comparable discipline while in seminary.

Education: You might use your biblical knowledge or expertise to pursue an academic career as a religious studies professor in a college or as a conductor.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Free Online Seminary Degree?

The length of time it takes to complete an online seminary degree varies based on the institution that offers it. Some online seminary degrees take anywhere from eight weeks to two years to complete.

Conclusion on Tuition Free Online Seminary Degrees

All of these Free online Seminary degrees have been made available to help you realize your desire of being a person who is well-versed in God’s word.

What’s more, guess what? You can earn these online seminary degrees without paying a dollar from any of the aforementioned authorized colleges from the comfort of your own home.