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Some people pursue a seminary education because they enjoy theology, while others want to utilize their knowledge to help others. Keep an open mind as we walk you through the different top and highly recognized tuition free online seminary degrees. In general, a seminary is a college or graduate school that offers theological study and educates students to become ministers. However, ministry preparation entails more than merely obtaining a theological degree.

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  1. I am hereby to appreciate the great work you have done and still do to produce leaders who become champions for the Kingdom of God.
    I am a founder and senior pastor of Showers Of Mercy Ministries International. Showers Of Mercy ministries International was born in June 2007 in United Kingdom with more branches established in six more nations as follows; India, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The membership in United Kingdom is around 30 adults, and is the one that is assisting financially for the support of pastors with allowances and rentals for Mission Houses.
    The churches abroad are fast growing that we need to train many leaders who should be serving as pastors, elders and church administrators in the ministry. Financially we are not able to foot the bill as these churches are not yet able to support themselves financially. Some places have big challenges for networks in their countries due to poor electricity problems.
    My primary request is if its possible to have assistance on having teaching material which we can edit and download and produce teaching booklets that we can use during our teaching programs. Helping to build a Bible School in Africa was also going to be great help in our Church.

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