Free Bible Study Lessons for Adults with Questions and Answers

Click to see and print or download our Free Bible Study Lessons for Adults with Questions and Answers in pdf. They are very concise for various study groups.

Suitable for adults and youths. They are useful as handouts, Bible study materials to answer questions in personal work, as devotionals, and for Bible classes.

All those youths and adult Bible lessons we all need are found here. Lessons on worship, the church, faithfulness, salvation and so on. Just dig in and you’ll find what you need.

Free Bible Study Lessons for Adults PDF

The emphasis here is on “free.”  These lessons are free for the individual who just wants a better understanding of his Bible. They’re free for the missionary who needs handouts for his students. They’re free for the part-time vocational preacher who is pressed for time and needs help desperately. They’re free for the full-time preacher who is doing research for his next sermon. Use these Bible lessons. Share them with your friends and followers on social media.

Check out these Bible study topics and questions

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Topical Free Bible Study Lessons for Adults PDF

Hebrews – Don’t Give Up!

Hebrews’ author exhorts us to persevere and not give up.

Life is hard. May I have a witness? The pressure of our schedules, our circumstances, our worries, our concerns, and our uncertainties cloud our ideas, feelings, and attitude. Is it any wonder that we’re worn out?

Bible Study Lesson on Prayer

And don’t forget to pray regularly! Bible study and prayer go hand in hand. Check out this free Bible study lesson on prayer for some original suggestions on how to improve your prayer life with your loved ones or pupils.

Stewardship Bible Study Lessons – More than Just Money

In addition to being a good steward of our money resources, a friend asked me where I might find some Bible lessons for adults that addressed all elements of stewarding relationships, our gifts and talents, our time, etc.

These eight stewardship Bible teachings were authored by Robert A. Linscheid for the Evangelical Covenant Church. They offer a variety of stewardship subjects in an accessible learning/teaching manner, along with biblical connections.

Walk Through the Old & New Testaments

I’ve been invited to make these free Bible study lessons available to YOU by my amazing friend Jodi Green, who has been a teacher and author of Bible teachings for all ages for over 35 years.

Free download, printing, and usage of the entire document for oneself or a group! Since there is no cost to someone experiencing God’s Word, Jodi maintained all copyrights in order to give these without charge.

Christian Apologetic Studies

We are challenged in 1 Peter 3:15 “But make Christ the only Lord in your hearts. Always be ready to respond when someone asks you to explain the basis for your optimism. However, do so with decency and respect.”

Learn how you can honor our King and be ready to respond by studying the adult Bible lesson on Christian apologetics.

Other Free Bible Lessons for Adults

Bible object Lessons for Adults

Adult Bible object lessons are essentially brief, focused Bible studies that uplift, encourage, and support us in maintaining our focus on Jesus even in the midst of extreme busyness. These can be used for short object talks for adult groups or for private quiet times with God.

We refer to these as “Godprints” because just as our fingerprints uniquely identify us, God has also left His imprint on the world and in our lives in order to draw us to Himself.

These become amazing spontaneous moments in the midst of our hectic day to remind us of God’s presence and purpose in our lives as well as to put into practice the lessons we learn by using commonplace items to serve as a reminder of the biblical truths we have been studying.

Bible Seeker Lessons

Short and useful, Bible Seeker Lessons are made to help us see and know God by relating His Word to our daily lives. To lead us to Him, He has imprinted His distinguishing markings on every aspect of our lives and surroundings. Knowing God requires understanding the Bible.

These quick and easy Bible teachings for adults (or any age) start with a picture of a commonplace item that can serve as a constant reminder of God’s truth and His presence in our lives. Ideas for Bible lesson extensions that you can use with your children and family are also included.

These Bible Seeker snapshot lessons can help you recognize God’s presence and work in the world around you if you’re looking to better understand the Bible and God. God is close by. Jehovah Shammah, one of His names, is a reference to this reality. Do we acknowledge and experience His presence?

Bible Study Lessons for Female Adults

Joyful Walk Bible Studies

Twelve separate Bible study series, all of which are free and downloadable, are shared by Melanie Newton. She offers both Old Testament and New Testament studies, as well as courses for ladies who are new to the faith. If you’d rather not print, each study also contains a link to an online version of the Bible study. Melanie explains why she is providing things for free: “Why is it free? We recognize the need to make it as affordable as possible for women to have access to biblical literature so that more women will have the chance to study God’s Word.”

Anne Graham Lotz Series

The daughter of evangelist Billy Graham offers free Bible lessons on Acts, John, Ephesians, and other books of the Bible. For several weeks, these programs offer enough material for Bible study. Additionally, Anne provides shorter devotional-style Bible studies that can be completed in a single sitting.

Here, Anne describes the three-question method for Bible study;

You can find interactive Bible lessons for adults that were written and created exclusively for women by women, whether you need it for your Women’s Ministry, Sunday school class, Bible study class, or just for personal use. Free adult Bible studies from the books of Colossians, I Peter, Psalms, James, Ruth, and other books are also available.

Additionally, there are Bible courses that address issues like strengthening your marriage, influential Bible women, and seeking the face of our Savior. The formats of these free Bible study sessions vary; some are audio lectures and others are leader-guided printable Bible studies.

Some Bible Study Topics for Bible Class or Small Group Discussions

That Little Voice in Your Head, By Kevin Cauley

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” is the famous line from the Wizard of Oz wherein the “wizard” doesn’t want Dorothy and the others to know what is actually going on. Once his “magic” is revealed for what it really is, Dorothy and the others are no longer intimidated by the “wizard”.

“Every Man’s Work Shall Be Made Manifest”, By Mike Riley

A querist asks, “Could someone please explain to me what I Corinthians 3:10-15 means, especially vss. 14,15?”

Grace And Works, By Mike Riley

Some in the church have a denominational view of Ephesians 2:8-9. This writer does not question their sincerity, but their understanding and knowledge. A clear statement of their position is, “We do not contribute one whit to our salvation” (Rubel Shelly, quoted in Yokefellow, vol. 18, no. 4, p. 3). They take the phrase..

The Sin of Lying, By Kevin Cauley

Of all the sins that man may commit, lying is perhaps the most destructive. Lies, per se, aren’t all that harmful; they’re just words, but their consequences are destructive. When people base their decisions on lies, they make bad choices which ends up destroying their and other’s lives. Moreover, lies conceal the truth, which may…

Genesis 1:3-5, By G. E. Watkins

One cannot be sure as to the first questions that the children of Israel might have had about God, but surely the manner in which God created the heavens and the earth would have come up at the campfires with the pillar of fire in view. The absolute power of the God that brought them…

What Being A Christian Means, By Mike Riley

The disciples in Acts 11:26, were first called “Christians” at Antioch somewhere about A.D. 43. They were known to each other as, and were among themselves called, (1) brethren (Acts 15:1,23; 1 Corinthians 7:12); (2) disciples (Acts 9:26; Acts 11:29); (3) believers (Acts 5:14); (4) saints (Romans 8:27; Romans 15:25). Let us ask ourselves this…

Genesis 2:15-17, Labor in the Bible, By G. E. Watkins

From the beginning it was never God’s intention that man be idle. Likely this extends from the nature of God himself. The creator works, so must the creation. The garden of Eden provided, not only provision for man, but an area of responsibility and labor. Today idleness has brought untold ruin on those who have…

Christ – The “Only Savior”, By Mike Riley

Christianity differs from all other religions of the world in that it is the only religion that has a savior. According to Matthew 1:21, this savior’s name is Jesus, “for he shall save his people from their sins.” In referring to Jesus, Peter declared, “Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no…

The Ancient Doctrine of “Once Saved, Always Saved”, By Kevin Cauley

We all know people who believe the doctrine of “Once saved, always saved.” This is the idea that once a person becomes a child of God, there is no sin that they can commit to lose their salvation. Many people today find this doctrine to be of great comfort, because it in essence relieves them…

A Topical Arrangement of Proverbs (1), By Mike Riley

Brother B.J. Clarke, the Dean of Admissions at the Memphis School of Preaching, provides us with a topical, alphabetical arrangement of every Scripture in Proverbs to facilitate our study of this practical and fascinating book of wisdom.

Prayers of Thanksgiving, By Mike Riley

Prayer and thankfulness are often joined in Scripture (Daniel 6:10; Philippians 4:6; Colossians 1:3; Colossians 4:2; 1 Timothy 2:1). Prayer is an expression of our thankfulness to a gracious and giving God. Genuine prayers of thanksgiving to God will express itself in three categories; we are thankful for what God has done for us, we are hopeful he will do more and we are trusting him to sustain what He has done.

True Brotherhood, By Kevin Cauley

Many people have asked me in the past few weeks, “What do you do on your mission trips, Kevin?” Most of the time I respond by saying that I teach, but I could also say that I ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening as well. I try to understand, in…

The Names Of God (3), By Mike Rileh

Jehovah-M’Kaddesh; The name “Jehovah-M’Kaddesh” is found in Leviticus 20:8. It means “Jehovah who sanctifies.” The term “sanctify” occurs frequently in the Old Testament. Its primary meaning is “to set apart” or “separate”. This idea is most nearly rendered by the words “sanctify” or “hallow”. The word “holy” stands for that which is “hallowed”.

Genesis 3:6-7, By G. E. Watkins

Isn’t it amazing what the human race substitutes for the will of God? Notice some of the reasonings of Eve. Instead of continuing to remember God’s command she reasoned, “That looks tasty.” Instead of remembering the multitude of things that God had freely provided that she was authorized to eat, she thought, “How lovely it…

Parable of the Rich Fool – A Wise Lesson From A Rich Fool, By Mike Riley

Jesus taught great moral truths by using great human tragedies. One such episode is His parable of the rich fool in Luke 12:16-21. Like many of us, this man nobly earned an honest living through hard work and toil, but unfortunately, like many of us, he failed to realize that God was the source of….

Job and Satan – Job 1:6-12, By Kevin Cauley

Job and Satan – Job 1:6-12 Vs. 6 – Who are the “sons of God” in this verse? Whoever they were, they had an appointment to present themselves before God. No doubt these are created beings. A casual reading of the verse seems to indicate that they are spiritual in nature, for Satan himself is…

Bible Study Lessons Free Plans

Above and below every lesson is a “Print Friendly” icon. Using this icon will produce a clean printable Bible study lesson. If you choose PDF, instead of printing to your personal printer, you can get a PDF copy of the lesson.

Free Printable Bible Reading Plans

When it comes to studying the Bible, we all need a little help now and then. To help you dig deeper into God’s word, we’ve put together a list of free printable thematic Bible reading plans. Many of them also feature printable extra study materials.

  • Megan Allen Ministries – Has a really great 12-month reading plan and other study resources.
  • Her Daily Bible – Candice offers a free 12-month Bible reading schedule as well as other Bible resources.
  • His Unmeasured Grace – Find a wide selection of printable Bible studies.
  • Karen Hopkins Online – Karen has a large selection of Bible studies – both topical and chapter-by-chapter – as well as free printed reading plans to download.
  • Raise Your Sword– Erin has some really great (topical) monthly reading plans.
  • Rosevine Cottage Girls – Has a really great 12-month Bible reading challenge to join.
  • Rachel Wojo – Find a great collection of printable Bible studies on various topics
  • Blossom in Faith – This site offers several printable Bible reading challenges covering a variety of topics.
  • Joyful Journey – LaVonda has a variety of free printable resources including 12 monthly Bible reading plans.

Free Printable Bible Worksheets

In order to really comprehend the Bible, it is beneficial to have study aids. These websites offer a wide range of free printable Bible study worksheets to help you get the most out of your Bible study time.

  • Megan Allen Ministries – Find SOAP Study worksheets, Bible Study guides and more!
  • Bible Verses for You – You’ll discover a wide range of printable worksheets and other activities here.
  • Arabah Joy – Sign up for her free Better Bible Study Printable Pack!
  • Raise Your Sword – Erin created a fantastic tutorial on the SOAP Bible Study Method, complete with a free printable worksheet!
  • The Scribes Portion – Worksheets for taking notes and conducting a Word Study, Topical Study, or Character Study in the Bible.
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