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Get to know UCSF acceptance rate for all students. UCSF stands for University of California, San Francisco. Apply for admission at UCSF today!

About UCSF

Founded in 1855, the University of California, San Francisco was known as Toland Medical College. It started as an exclusively male school focused on Jesuit Catholic culture and traditions.

Later, the college became an associate of the University of California and continued as UC’s Medical Department in 1873. However, in 1964, it became an autonomous campus before eventually acquiring its new name six years later. As of today, it is a public research university solely focused on health sciences (and is still part of UC system). We will look at more information about UCSF in this post, including its acceptance rate.

With 6,700 undergraduates, the university hosts about 11,000 students. 73% of the total population is from California, while the remainder is from other areas of the globe. UCFS is generally a highly diverse institution, despite having a limited number of students from other nations. The number of female students is about one and a half times the male percentage of 62 percent. The student to teacher ratio is very impressive (14:1 student to faculty ratio). However, it does have a limited number of full-time teachers (42 percent ). The on-time graduation rate is approximately 62 percent, which is also welcome news for those planning to enter. Read on for more info on the acceptance rate for UC San Francisco, if you are one of them.

There are ten campuses and medical centers scattered throughout the area at UCSF. Parnassus Heights, Mission Bay, Mount Zion, and Laurel Heights are only some of the institutions rendering services. They are all targeted at training new staff and supplying the community with medical treatment. In 20 separate fields (42 majors), students have 53 undergraduate degrees from which they can choose their desired choices. It is worth noting that, regardless of their religious affiliation, UCSF welcomes students from all backgrounds. Most candidates believe otherwise because the school is focused on Catholic culture.

In the U.S., according to News & World Report, University of California, San Francisco is ranked 96th in the 2019 edition of Best Colleges. Forbes ranks the university in the 113rd spot among the world’s best research universities. UCSF falls at number 65 overall in the Best Value Schools list.

UCSF gives you a forum for doing the same by participating in community programs, if you are already inspired to support others. By spending time in UCSF’s high-class leisure facilities like swimming pools, you can also alleviate your tension. The university also maintains a directory of off-campus residences, apart from the campus residence halls, to help you locate the best accommodation.

UCSF Acceptance Rate

Admission to UCSF is not highly competitive, considering its limited scale. With an acceptance rate at UC San Francisco being 65.6 percent , you have a modest chance of being accepted at the university if you meet the threshold. 66 students are accepted out of every 100 applicants and you may be among them if you take into account the following criteria.

Generally, students typically have a high likelihood of good applications in the top 33 percent nationally. In addition, either SAT or ACT test scores must be submitted, have a GPA of at least 3.6, and receive an average grade above B+.

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